ave enough to eat or wear, but she will not be in danger of dying.


Li Haitang feels that she should adjust her plan.
If she marries into the Qin family, she will have no luck.
She doesn’t need to expect the Li family to take care of her.
If she leaves the dragon’s den, she will enter the tiger’s den.
She may not have the fortune to enjoy a good life.


The most important thing at the moment is to escape before she gets married.
When she has settled down and found a place to settle down, she will find a way to bring her little brother back.
After all, she can’t let him stay with the Li family and suffer.


As soon as she entered the Li family’s courtyard, Li Haitang felt an oppressive feeling on her face.Old Mrs.
Li was standing in the courtyard with her arms crossed, and when she saw them, she started to scold them, “You still know how to go back? Did you go out for a day to drink the wedding wine at Sun’s widow’s house?”


“There’s work all around the house, you let me, an old woman doing it? Liu, I’ll have to talk to the boss.
If I can’t, I’ll send you back to your mother’s house!”


By selling Li Haitang, the family would have money, and Madame Old Li felt confident (know how things stand and feel confident of handling them; be fully prepared for what is coming) that she could find her son, an 18-year-old maiden girl as his wife. 


Liu shook her sleeve and promised to do so, but she didn’t dare to speak out loud, be a yes-man; be blindly subservient to her mother-in-law, for she had married into the Li family and had been living in misery! When she finally gets rich, will she be driven back to her mother’s house? No such way!


Don’t look at the old lady as a tough woman, but how many years can she be alive? She has put up with it now, but the Li family will be her domain in the future.


“Grandma, I’m back.”


Li Haitang, with head hanging—dejected, greeted her and went in automatically.
There were still two days left and time was tight.
We must at least get some money, otherwise we will go out empty-handed or we won’t be able to leave Li village. 


The ideal is rich, but the reality is bleak.
The original owner’s attempt to stir a problem by hang herself already beat the grass and startle the snake—act rashly and alert the enemy.The Li family have worked hard to keep her under guard, and in the two days before the wedding therefore she has no chance to leave the house, and even stealing the silver has become a delusion.


All the money of the Li family is locked in a box, and only the old lady of the Li family has the key in her hand.
Moreover, it was hung around her neck, so Li Haitang did not even have the chance to get close to it, and even when she went to the toilet, she was guarded.


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