Liu quickly reacted and made an excuse, thinking that she would hurry to marry Li Haitang out so that she would not still occupy a room, and that the room would be packed out and given to her daughter Qiu Ju as a lady’s chamber before she got married.


“What about the small parcel that Granny Xu gave me?”


Li Haitang was not surprised at all by the reaction of the Li family, and sneered at the bottom of her heart, she could now take a little bit, yesterday she heard her eldest uncle chattering, those two boxes of wound medicine, worth at least a few taels of silver.bShe had to have these things ready when she escaped into the mountains.


During the two days, Li Haitang did not remain inactive, she stole a dagger

She had a flint, straw paper and a little salt she had stolen from the stove, all of which she stuffed into her sleeve pocket.

If she had medicine for her wounds, she would have been able to survive in the wilderness.


In fact, it would not be impossible to run away again when she gets to town, but for one thing, the big red wedding dress is obvious and she is expected to be caught soon, and for another, leaving the village would mean getting married, and even though she does not value fame, she does not want to disgust herself for no reason.


“This is for you to take it with you.”


The things are all surreptitiously withheld by Liu, that red silk satin, has been made into an undergarment (covering the chest and abdomen), last night lit with incense, and her own man was very affectionate.
She also reckon that the private collection of Xu Granny good use, may not be she can still be an old clam yielding a pearl— having a son born in one’s old age


She was in a good mood after being nourished, and Liu took out a small box of wound medicine and handed it to Li Haitang, “Take it well.”


“Eldest Aunt, did you take the things given by Granny Xu?”


Li Haitang’s eyes darkened, suddenly thought of something, she smiled thinly, her voice was not soft but not hard, but also with a bit of threat, “If I tell Grandma…”


“But don’t…”


Liu’s eyelids jumped, according to the stingy nature of the old lady of the Li family, learning that she was hiding something, she would probably be told to go back to her parent’s house, seeing that the days are good, she definitely must not be caught in the wrong at this critical juncture or moment.



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