afraid that Li Haitang would do something wrong.
She grabbed a handful of melon seeds and sat by the oil lamp.
As she spoke, her mouth spat out the rind of the melon seeds.


There are many non native families in Li’s village, the widow Sun is one of them, Sun Xing, Sun widow’s only son is really the flesh of her heart (her dearly loved person).


It is not easy for the widow to raise a son, she is a tough person, although she is a non native and does not have a clansmen to rely on, she is a tough character that no one dares to mess with.


There are two reasons for this: the widow has a good ear, and she knows all the dirty things about anyone’s family, and if she is offended, she will spread the word.


Although the widow is bold and vigorous, her son is a good-tempered man, tall and thin, with a fair and clear face, who can read and write, and works as a shop assistant in a rice and grain shop in town.




Li Haitang’s voice was muffled as she spoke, rubbing her hand over her heart.
When Liu, her eldest aunt, mentioned Sun Xing, the widow’s son, she immediately had a dull ache in her heart, followed by countless memories flooding back into her mind.


Sun Xing is a gentleman and polite, unlike the mud-legged men of the village’s peasants, he wears a long shirt

even if it was washed white, it was spotless.
His smile was light and when he looked at her, his eyes held a doting look.


The two of them interested in each other

and when the time was right, they asked their parents to make it work, and they dealt with each other according to the rules or law abiding, without overstepping it.


In just a few months, Li Haitang’s parents died one after the other.
At the time of the condolences, almost everyone in the village came, but Sun’s widow’s son was nowhere to be seen.


Immediately afterwards, Li Haitang was betrothed to the Qin Counselor, and with a small bundle on her back, she ran out the door, begging Sun Xing to take her and elope, wherever they wanted to go, as long as she left the Li family.


What she got was a dodgy look, Sun Xing told her that he was going to get married, and that he was asking to marry the daughter of the head of the rice and grain shop.
In this way, he will become the second boss.


He asked Li Haitang to marry there, then conspired with him to conceive his child, so that the Qin Counselor could be a ‘green hat’ turtle, and then swallow the Qin family’s fortune little by little.



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