phrase to the illiterate young man.




Li Haitang almost burst out laughing, with the soundtrack of “A Cut of Plum” playing in the background, imagining Sun Xing as a scum man’s appearance, she rubbed her stomach and told herself to be calm, she didn’t have time to laugh at others now, after all, she wasn’t a free person yet.


“It’s the son of the widow who married the daughter of the rice shopkeeper, and Sun widow’s son is very satisfied.”


Liu is an adult after all, and she could understand these words, which appear so frequently in the opera troupe.


“What does the bride look like? Have you seen her face from the front?”


Sun widow’s son thinks so highly of her, is she more beautiful than her niece Haitang? Liu didn’t quite believe this.


Li Haitang did not look like a member of the Li family, but rather like her dead mother, even more beautiful, even if she wore a dress with a patch, it was hard to hide her beauty.


In theory, such a beautiful daughter should have been married a long time ago.
But the village people are very decent and conservative, and they think that if their son marries a beautiful wife, it will make their son confused and distracted from his family.


Moreover, Li Haitang is dainty and lovely.
She doesn’t look like the person that can work.
If you marry her, it’s like bringing in a big Buddha that you have to provide for her, no family would want to raise a loafer?


“You this kid, why don’t you just talk directly? You tell me,who do you look like?!”


Liu was so anxious that she stamped her foot.
She really wanted to hear the rest of the story, but XiaoZhuZi was so red in the face that she couldn’t find a word to describe it.
She was so anxious that she slapped her thigh, “For example, like me, or like your mother, or …”


“Like… like my dad!”


Xiao Zhuzi tilted his head, thought about it, and finally gave a certain conclusion.


“(Cough, cough, cough)!”


Liu was swallowing and almost choked on her own saliva again.
She smoothed her hand over her chest and then pulled out her ears.
Thinking that she had heard it wrong, she exclaimed, “What? Like your father?”   


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