the Spirit King, we return to [Shuette], the sword of integrity, to the bosom of the earth.
We lift the seal made by the Blood Pact.”


As Franz recited the oath to open the seal that his father had given him in advance, a long sword rose from his wrist.


I looked at the sword in the air for a long time.


A plain looking sword without any decoration from the handle to the blade, it was [Shuette].


It is a treasured sword that anyone with the blood of the Vesta family can swear an oath to.
It is a fraudulent object that allows you to draw and use the sword whenever you wanted and raise the wielder's skill to the limit.


From my father to my grandfather, my great grandfather, to all my ancestors who left a great mark on the family.


Almost all the successors of the Vesta family had increased their skills using [Shuette].


It was only after my father received [Shuette] that I was able to stand in the center of the magic circle.


“Now, Kayla.
Give me a hand to seal [Shuette].”


I extended the back of my right hand.
My father pierced the center of the back of my hand with a dagger to draw blood.


When the spilled blood was sprinkled on [Shuette], [Shuette] began to glow with a blue light.


“Say the sealing oath as I had told you.”


My heart was pounding, I was a little nervous.


I knelt on the magic circle, stretched out my hands to read the sealing oath.


“As those of us who are protected by the Spirit King, I receive its strength with the Blood Pact.
Until the day the blood of Vesta disappears, this pledge will continue, and as an oath, I pledge eternal loyalty to the Spirit King.”.


Because of the oath of allegiance to the Spirit King, the oath ceremony was always held in secret in the basement of the Vesta family mansion.


It was because the imperial family would have had enough to disagree with if they knew.


'It's a spell I don't want to repeat twice because it gives me the creeps.'


When I finished reciting, [Shuette] began to be absorbed by the back of my hand.


My right hand was hot as if on fire, with a dazzling light shining brightly in all directions.


At the moment when I felt I was about to faint from extreme pain, [Shuette] entered my body.


A small sword in the shape of '十' was visible on the back of my hand.
I put my lips on the small cross on the back of my hand and moved it a little.




Then, the long sword that had appeared earlier rose from my palm and settled properly in my hand.


[Shuette] was properly sealed into my body.


I grabbed [Shuette] and shook it lightly.


It was a hand gesture that I often used to warm up my body when I was doing kendo.


The fact that it sticks to the hand is also different from the fraudulent object.



As I deftly twirled the sword with one hand, my father's and Franz's eyes grew large as they looked at me.



'Ahh, right.
It's the first time I've ever held a sword in this life'.



'When did you learn fencing? If I had known this would happen, I would have taught you with the sword sooner.”



At my father's reaction, I coughed and sealed [Shuette] again with the back of my hand.



“Today is the first time I've held that sword.
I guess I have some talent.”



In my previous life, I was an amateur kendo player.



There was a time when I was a member of the old team in high school and won the championship, but even if I say so, it would be the world this family will never know.



“Now it's Franz's turn!”



I brought Franz to the center of the magic circle to change the mood.
The most important thing in today's oath was not that I owned [Shuette], but that Franz would own [Shitsuro].



「You should have owned Shitsuro, not Shuette.
You might have been able to become Master, but no one knew your qualities」.



Obviously, 'Astaire' had said so in the original story.
It must have been the intuition that 'Astaire' had.



If Franz had Shitsuro, he would definitely become a [Master].



An absolutely immortal shield, [Shitsuro].
Like [Shuette], it was protected by the Spirit King, but it was different from [Shuette].



[Shuette] was a sword that could cut anything, but it could not attack the Spirit King.



It was absolutely at a disadvantage if it ever had to fight the Spirit King.



However, [Shitsuro] was an immortal shield that even the creator, the Spirit King, could block.



Then, no one will be able to harm Franz, if he becomes the true [Master] of [Shitsuro].



This time, Franz extended his left hand again.
On his wrist, the wound from taking out [Shuette] earlier was still bleeding.



'The original story will change a lot with this.'



As I looked at Franz and [Shitsuro], my heart began to pound.



My father squeezed the extra blood from Franz's wrist and sprayed it on [Shitsuro].
Then [Shitsuro] began to emit a blue light like [Shuette] and floated in the air.



Franz knelt in the center of the magic circle, as I did, and read the oath.

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