”You only have your family status and the support of the Seok Royalty! ” the distorted handsome face of the Crown Prince with eyes full of disdain looking at her.

”Crown Prince I only did this out of my love for you! ” with her swollen lips and bruised cheeks, she tried so hard to plead.

”Love? What do you know about love? ” In front of her, two motionless bodies were dragged like a sack of dirt, it was the Marquis and her brother.

”The Marquis covered up the evil schemes and assassination of his daughter, while the brother betrayed and broke his oath as a knight while letting the sinner like you escape from the empire. While you stabbed the priest who is also a close family friend. Is this what you call love? ” The people surrounding the platform all gasped upon hearing the deeds of the marquis daughter.

e hopeless… ” The Crown Prince signaled the executor to proceed with the expulsion, the first one was her brother Aries, a knight who lost his limbs as a punishment, before her eyes rolled the same colored head and the red eyes that lost its shimmer.

”The father who became crippled for his evil daughter. ” The Prince of Jeon who guards the saint from a far distance commented.

”How could lady Arissae be so cruel even to her own family!? ” Her shoulders trembled and tears fell, she looked so pitiful as she watched the traitor Schauss family being decapitated.

The kind blue eyes of her father lost its light and tears fell, as his neck met the blade of death, Arissae with her open eyes remained calm.

Soon at her turn, her glorious hair now dirty with blood and dust was cut short, the itchy shape of wood where her neck was placed, and anticipating the quick drop of the blade.

”The sinner Arissae Schauss will be decapitated for the punishment of attempted murder, assassination of the Crown Princess and treason. Any last words? ”

With a proud face she answered back to the Crown Prince that proves hope has given up for her, ”Of course, they did it because they love me. Isn that what family is for? ”

*end of flashback

”Wait Daddy! ” as I reached out to his hand, the glass of wine spilled to me and my hands dirtied.

”Oh dear! ” He immediately called the servant to attend to me, to others it may seem a silly prank of a child, but as my eyes surveyed the surroundings it was clear to me.

”Daddy, Im sorry I just got reminded of something… ” Acting cute and innocent was easy, and Ill take advantage of it.

”Seems like the little lady is a bit clumsy. ” the King took notice.

”Well, my King, it was something I requested from my father for my birthday! ”

”Li-little Ari thats … ” It is true and I have asked this prior to this day and my father was having a hard time.

”Well what is it the Lady wants that this father of yours can give you? ”

”Will you give it to me, your highness? ”

”Of course as long as it is under my wing. ”

”Well, daddy- – I mean father said it is a bit too much… ”

”Just me, little lady, seeing how eager you are it must be very important. ”

”The thing is… I want to have a personal escort! ” The long table and the servants and knights around stay silent. The King with amused eyes laughed at my childishness.

”Of course the lady will have an escort soon, do you have one you fancy? ” It is the cue, soon I removed the bracelet gifted to me. It was soiled by the wine and with a clever smile both Aries and father glanced at me.

”Yes, and if his highness would allow, I would like the Callix knight to be my escort. ”

”The Callix knight? ” Even the Crown Prince retorted at what I said.

”Yes, that fact that they are mostly trained under the command of father and have them recommended as the empires knight, I want to have the privilege to have them too. ” The playfulness with the Kings face was now like a blank stone.

”The lady knows that the Callix knights are meant to serve only the royalty right? ” The Crown Prince started to lecture me.

”Yes I know! ”

”Then Ill just pretend that I have never heard of it. ” The king started to take a sip on the wine glass, soon father did it too.

”Your highness, in fact I have something to tell you as well. ” The subject of conversation was changed and they started to eat dinner, however me, Aries and Daddy did not touch a single cutlery.

”Your highness… ” I did not give up.

”If I were to do something remarkable, will you change your mind? ” this time its a negotiation and not a favor.

”Seems like the lady is really intent to. ” My father slowly reached for his chest.

”Y-your highness, I apologize for what my child, shes still youn–. ” Without a warning my daddy trembled and collapsed on the floor.

”Altan! ”

”M-marquis. ” The royal highness and prince both panicked and I stayed calm.

”Immediately call for a doctor! ” the King ordered, he truly is a friend of my father and he will do anything for his only friend. In the original story of the game, the Seok Kingdom let go of the Marquis so as not to involve them in a dispute against the Nam Empire and other four Kingdom. The king who was close to the Marquis that time must have grieved for his only friend.

”F-father! ” Fear was clearly shown with Aries eyes, soon enough as the servants and knight panic I screamed.

I reach out for my father and standing calm before the King who is executing orders and the worried Crown Prince, it started.

”Seize them! ” in a split of a second, the knights had pointed their swords to the envoy with his royal highness and of some servants in the dining hall and to me and my brother.

”What is the meaning of this?! ” The King tried to hold his anger to ask.

”Your highness! ” Count Zurrock appeared at the dining hall.

”It was a special gift to your highness, but it seems like the poison has worked on the Marquis. ”

”Poison!? ” Their eyes enlarged in disbelief.

”Yes. with this, it will immobilize the Marquis and I can claim your royal highness with my people. ”

”This is a treason count! How dare you? ” The Crown prince refuted back.

”Now that the kingdoms strongest knight is lying on the floor gives me satisfaction he deserves this humiliation! ” Thats right, Marquis Altan is crippled that in the original story, which Arissae is ashamed of. This moment must be the reason why it happened to him.

”Count Zurrock. ” I ended his joyous speech.

”Do you really think you can bring the House of Schauss in ruins with this childish method? ” Not frightened, calm and an air of a mature person, this is what their eyes are telling me.

”Your highness, if we cleared this commotion, I hope youll change your mind! ” With a bright smile, a red aura emerges, soon the Count and the rest of his accomplices tremble in fear.

”H-how could this happen!? ” In a split second, the count was strangled by my father and the rest of the knights came to the dining hall salvaging the rest. Even my brother Aries, who is still young, is fighting with a sword in hand.

”You will yield to me soon, Your Highness! ”

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