Just a few words, instantly washed away the sweetness in her heart.
Like last night's wine, only after the sweetness dissipated did she taste a touch of bitterness.


Tenderness is conditional, coaxing is also conditional, and everything she indulges in has an exchange condition.  She was just a canary, a plaything.


Cheng Suran took a deep breath, accepted the 30,000 yuan, thought for a moment, and returned a cute but not deliberately cute emoji.
Just like her current mood, accepting it peacefully, not resisting, not flattering.


Money is an iron that irons are everything.


After waiting for a while, the benefactor didn't reply, Cheng Suran put down her phone, looked up, and saw the scattered traces on her neck, and couldn't help frowning.


What to do?


She look carefully, the color is not deep, and most of them are distributed in the lower position.  As long as the mark is not too big, it can be completely covered.


Thinking of the origin of these marks, Cheng Suran couldn't help but blush again.


She heard that it would be very painful, but last night she only felt joy, the feeling of climbing a height and then falling to the top.
Once she tasted it, she can never forget  Apart from her limbs, her heart was also relaxed.
She remembered that she was floating and sinking in the dim and hazy space, like drowning.




She covered her face and shook her head lightly.


Don't think about it anymore.


After tidying up and washing, Cheng Suran changed into a round neck and short sleeves.
On the bedside table was the gift from Jiang Yu last night, and the silver paper bag stood there quietly, almost forgotten.


There are indeed skin care products in it, and the whole set costs more than 20,000 yuan.


It is like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, tempting her to touch and try it.
Once she tastes it, the desire in her heart will be magnified, and it will be difficult to return to the past.  She wasn't sure she could control her desire and would rather not touch it in the first place.


People always like high-quality things, but getting used to it is a terrible thing.


Cheng Suran thought for a while, she feels reluctant to give away such an expensive item, it was a bit difficult to return it at the counter, and it would expire if it was left unused, the best way was to resell it – anyway, the benefactor would not care whether she used it or not.


She acted immediately, put the things on the carpet by the window with plenty of light, took a dozen photos with her mobile phone, then opened a second-hand website, edited and published it, and forwarded it to the idle trading group in the same city that she had joined for two years.


Suddenly a phone call came in.


It's her  aunt.


Cheng Suran's face changed slightly, and suddenly she had a bad feeling, her fingers hung on the screen and did not move.
After waiting for a while, the call was rejected automatically.


Before she could breathe a sigh of relief, a second call came in a few seconds later.


She has to pick it up even.if she doesn't want to.


“Hello? Auntie…” She tried to keep her voice steady.


A middle-aged woman's weary voice came from the phone: “Has school started yet? Your elder sister is going there next week to find a job…You stayed with her for two years, you must be familiar.
Help her a little, take care of her, okay?”


Cheng Suran was startled.


Cousin is coming.


“Are you still there? Why don't you talk?”


“I…” Cheng Suran was reluctant, “I have to attend classes and prepare for exams, so I don't have so much time.”


“Does it take you a few hours? Are you that selfish? You think I don't know you're holding a grudge?


“I'm not……”


Your sister will call you then.”




Cheng Suran pursed her lips, and was about to hang up the phone when she heard the woman's voice rise a bit: “Wait—”


“Any thing else?”


“Has your… scholarship been issued?” the aunt asked after a moment of silence.


Cheng Suran's throat tightened, and she answered firmly almost immediately: “No.”




“School has just started, and I haven't applied yet…” She stopped talking halfway, and suddenly realized that such an answer was wrong, but it was too late to change her words, and sure enough, her aunt followed her words.


“Then apply quickly, otherwise, uh, otherwise, what will you do with your meal?”


The voice in the ear turned a corner abruptly.


Cheng Suran's high-hanging heart fell down and hit the soft cotton, feeling dull and indescribable.


It turns out that whether she has food is also a matter worth thinking about.


But she understands, besides her food money, it's about the take home money.
Adults are not so straightforward in speaking and doing things, or maybe they are not pushed to the limit, so they save face for each other.


She has to be worth something for others to love her.


“Ran Ran?”


“I won't be able to apply for this semester.” Cheng Suran lied ruthlessly, with a weak and pitiful tone, “The grades are not enough.
So I can only do odd jobs on weekends.
Meals in the school cafeteria are cheap.
Two vegetarian dishes with rice are only five yuan, which is barely enough.”


“Why are your grades not good enough? Did you study to waste your time, running far…” Her aunt was suddenly emotional and cursed a few words, then her voice dropped again, babbling about how grandma's condition worsened and she had borrowed all the money and so on.


Cheng Suran kept saying “Don't be soft-hearted”, and her lips turned white.


The phone was hung up.


The sun was gradually setting to the west, and the rays of the sun dyed the cirrus clouds orange.




Sitting in the car, Jiang Yu closed her eyes and meditated, a ray of sunlight came in through the gap in the curtain, and fell on her cold face, like dancing fireflies, passing by alternately, taking away the fatigue that appeared between her eyebrows.


This morning's interview went smoothly, but something went wrong in the afternoon's filming, which made her a little tired.


But only when she is busy will she not feel empty.


Ten minutes later, when she arrived at the company, Jiang Yu entered through the side door, went upstairs, and turned the corner.
A tall and thin young girl was waiting at the door of her office.


“Sister Yu—” the girl greeted her with a smile on her face, “You are back.”


A strong smell of perfume followed.


Bai Lu, the company's model.


Jiang Yu glanced at her, suppressed the faint displeasure in her heart, entered her fingerprints to open the office door, and walked straight in.
She put her bag on the table casually, but instead of sitting down, she stood by the window—she had sat in the car long enough.


What was that fight you had with the client?” She cut to the chase.


Bai Lu followed behind her, took a step forward unconsciously, and stood shoulder to shoulder with her.
Hearing this, she turned around, curled her lips and said, “Who told them to pay less money, then gave me a lot to do?”


She is one of the first batch of models signed by the company.
She is a girl who is blessed by God.
She is very talented.
She stood out among many models in less than three months.
The brands, designers, photographers and show directors who have worked with her all favor her, but she is a particularly rowdy girl.


Two days ago, Bai Lu had a deal with a small domestic brand of women's clothing and participated in a medium-sized fashion show.
For some unknown reason, she had a few arguments with the client in the background.
After returning, she stayed in the apartment and refused to take other jobs.
The agent anxious.


This afternoon she suddenly called Tian Lin and said she wanted to see Jiang Yu.


Among all the models, she has the closest relationship with Jiang Yu.


At present, only Jiang Yu can control her.


“Oh, what's wrong?” Jiang Yu looked at her.


Bai Lu was 1.77 meters tall, two centimeters shorter than Jiang Yu, but they were visually the same height standing together.  Her appearance and style are a bit similar to Jiang Yu's, but her brows and eyes are a little more immature, and her temperament is softer.
People in the company call her “Little Fox”.


“It's a small brand, and I was not the main model of the show, yet they made me try on so many sets of clothes…” She complained in a low voice, her eyes seemed to pass over Jiang Yu's lips.


Jiang Yu said, “You are not qualified to select clients now.”


“But I have accumulated a lot of films, and I have won two awards.
I am considered a little famous in the circle, and it is a waste of time to accept such a small brand job, and they pay little.”


“Sister Yu, don't you like me the most? From now on, I have to cherish my feathers.*” Bai Lu pursed her lips and smiled.



Jiang Yu looked at her calmly, and said lightly: “You started talking about cherishing before the feathers grow?”


“This shows that I am self-motivated.” Bai Lu raised her eyebrows indifferently, “In the future, I will go to Paris, and then I will visit all four major universities.
Sister Yu, you are my role model.”


Her fox-like peach eyes are full of ambition.


At work, Jiang Yu likes people like Bai Lu very much.
She is active, capable, and knows how to fight for herself.  She wants to cultivate her, that's why she can ignore her little problems.


“Calm down first.” Jiang Yu patted her on the shoulder, instead of continuing to dwell on this issue, she asked instead, “Didn't you say something happened?”




Bai Lu grabbed that arm, tilted slightly, and leaned against it, “I want to change my manager.”


The strong smell of perfume penetrated into her nose, a little choking, Jiang Yu couldn't help frowning, but didn't speak.
Bai Lu thought she disagreed, so she let go of her arms and hugged her from the side, “Please, Sister Yu, you are the best.”


Her eyes were fixed on her rich and plump lips, and the slightly darker cinnabar lipstick suits her well.


She wants to kiss it.


“Let me think about it.
You have to work normally these two days, otherwise we won't talk about it.” Jiang Yu was so uncomfortable that she took her hands off her shoulders and distanced herself a little.


Bai Lu didn't approach anymore, and said with a smile, “Okay, I will, then thank you sister Yu in advance.”




Then, the door opened and closed.


It's been a while since the girl left, but the office is still filled with the strong and greasy smell of perfume, which becomes more pungent and pungent, making people almost lose their sense of smell.
Jiang Yu had to open the window to breathe.


She doesn't like strong fragrance.


Closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths of fresh air, she missed the sweet smell of milk on her little friend's body.




The last ray of sunlight disappeared into the sky as the night fell, and the street lamps lit up with cold white light one after another.


A black car drove through the city lights, approaching the underground parking lot of Yunjin Lihua Hotel, and the speed gradually slowed down.  Jiang Yu sat in the back seat and looked out the window.
Seeing the hotel approaching, thinking of the delicious little canary waiting for her, she couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement.


Her memories were full of last night, but she couldn't get enough.


As the car turned a corner, Jiang Yu was about to close the curtain when she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure…




The girl came out from the hotel gate, carrying two or three silver paper bags in her hand, looked up, ran to the flowerbed downhill, said a few words to a woman with long curly hair waiting there, and handed the paper bag to her.


“Stop.” Jiang Yu said to the driver.


The car stopped immediately.


The woman with long curly hair took out the contents of the paper bag and looked at them carefully.


Like checking.


Afterwards, she picked up her phone and clicked a few times, then scanned the code of Cheng Suran's phone, and left from another direction.


The kid turned around and entered the hotel gate.


Jiang Yu looked at her disappearing back, her eyes darkened.


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