The night was dark and the car was parked quietly beside the entrance of the basement.
Jiang Yu stared at the brightly lit hotel gate with a cold light in her eyes.
It wasn't until the person entered for a while that she slowly looked away.


“Let's go.”


She drew the curtains.


After the driver parked the car, Jiang Yu didn't get off immediately, but sat quietly for a few minutes.


The silver paper bag is very familiar, it was a gift she gave to the kid yesterday.
In the scene just now, if she guessed correctly, the kid should have resold the item to someone else.


It's obvious.


She sneered.


The elevator went up to the twenty-seventh floor, and when the heavy platinum door was opened, warm yellow light leaked out.
The suite was very bright and empty.


The sound of dripping water came from the bathroom of the second bedroom.


There is a small half bowl of leftover fruit salad on the dining table, and beside it is an old laptop computer with peeling paint, and two books, one is the Chinese version of “Madame Bovary” and the other is the original French version.


The document page is displayed on the computer, a large paragraph seems to be translated by Cheng Suran herself, and there are notes on the small notebook. The handwriting is clean and beautiful, just like the person.


Jiang Yu turned two pages, put them down, and walked towards the second bedroom.


The bathroom is large, with a large bathtub and a separate shower room, separated from wet and dry, and the details cannot be seen from the outside.
Just listening to the sound of water splashing on the ground makes people think about it.


“Are you ready?” Jiang Yu knocked on the door twice with a cold face, without even addressing her.


The sound of water stopped abruptly.


After a few seconds, the kid's trembling voice came: “I'm almost ready, sister, let me rinse the foam.”




Jiang Yu couldn't help smiling, but soon the coldness returned to her eyes.
She turned sideways, looked around the room, walked to the bed and sat down.


Not long after, the sound of water stopped again.


There was a rustle.


Jiang Yu got up, stepped forward and knocked on the door again, and said softly, “You are not allowed to wear nightgowns.”


It was completely quiet inside.


One second, two seconds, three seconds…
The bathroom door opened a crack, and then slowly widened.


Cheng Suran walked out nervously, raised her eyes, and met the woman's cold gaze impartially, her nerves tensed immediately, and raised and lowered her hands to cover herself.


The wet hair was still dripping, and transparent drops of water slid down the ends of the hair, and a small pink face was beautiful and pleasant.


“Take those away.” Jiang Yu ordered.


Cheng Suran's eyelashes trembled slightly, she hesitated for a few seconds, and then slowly let go.


Jiang Yu looked down at her, stretched out her hand to wrap the person in her arms, lowered her head slightly, and put the tip of her nose close to her ear, but she didn't smell her favorite milk smell.


“Sister…” Cheng Suran tightly grasped the corner of his clothes with both hands, “I, I haven't dry my hair yet.”


Jiang Yu paused, then let go of his hand, “Go get the body lotion and the hair dryer.”




Cheng Suran went back to the bathroom to get something, and stood in front of Jiang Yu with her head bowed.
Her cheeks were hot and red.
She felt Jiang Yu's straightforward scrutiny, but didn't dare to lift her eyes.


“Blow-dry your hair yourself,” Jiang Yu said calmly, picked up the bottle of milk-flavored cream, squeezed a pump and melted it in the palm of her hand, “I'll apply this.”


After speaking, she pulled her over to face her sideways.




Cheng Suran obediently plugged in the socket, pushed the switch, and the hair dryer buzzed.


There was a sudden heat from behind.


The temperature of Jiang Yu's palm melted the cool frost, and it seemed that there was a torrent rushing wherever it went.
Her hand trembled and she almost dropped the hair dryer.


The hum drowned out a whimper.


Jiang Yu didn't seem to notice it, her expression was focused, as if she was caring for a finely crafted work of art, she wiped the lotion as long as the hair dryer was on.


After finally drying her hair, Cheng Suran's feet were so weak that she could hardly stand.
Just as she put down the hair dryer, a strong arm hooked her, and then fell into the land of tenderness.


“Are the gifts I gave you yesterday useful?” Jiang Yu brushed the hair from her ears, closed her eyes, and sniffed lightly with the tip of her nose.
The sweet smell was intoxicating.


Cheng Suran was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly became nervous, and said in a low voice, “I haven't started using them yet.”


“Why not?”




Jiang Yu opened her eyes, straightened up, and looked at the girl calmly, “Can't you use it?” She raised her hand and stroked Cheng Suran's chin, with a slight smile on her lips, “Come on, sister will teach you.”


Cheng Suran was forced to look at her.


Her eyes are not brown like most people's, but are very deep and pure black, with a large proportion of pupils, which look deep and energetic, like a cold pool, which can see through people's hearts.


Even though she was smiling at the moment, there was a sense of coldness, like a poisonous snake locking its prey.


“Okay…” Cheng Suran blinked, flustered, “But I left it at school, let's use up my own first.”


Jiang Yu stared at her for a while, then suddenly loosened her jaw, nodded with a faint smile, “Okay.”




Cheng Suran let out a sigh of relief.


Perhaps it was because she did “something bad”, she always felt that something was wrong with her sister today, but she couldn't tell.
Those eyes, the more she looked at them, the more flustered she became.
She was afraid that she would be exposed if she looked at them for another second, so she pretended to lower her face naturally.


“Sister, why did you come back so early today?” She took the initiative to hug Jiang Yu.


“I missed you.”


“I miss sister too.”


Jiang Yu smiled, “Really?”


Cheng Suran nodded obediently, and was about to kiss Jiang Yu's face, when suddenly she was pushed back by a force, and fell on the bedding unexpectedly.
She exclaimed, “Sister, um—”


The force of the storm blocked her lips.


Jiang Yu just kissed her, let go of her, stood up, glanced at her condescendingly, and said coldly, “Come here.”


Saying that, she turned around and went out…


Cheng Suran stared blankly at the ceiling, slowed down for a while, got up, went into the bathroom, put on her nightgown, and followed in a hurry.


The light in the master bedroom was dim, with only a small floor lamp on.
The dim yellow light illuminated the slender figure of the woman in front of the window, projected on the warm coffee-colored wall, hazy, like a ghost.


“Sister—” Cheng Suran approached cautiously.


Jiang Yu turned around, scanned her from head to toe, and frowned slightly: “Have I allowed that?”




Listening to her icy tone, Cheng Suran shivered, immediately grabbed off her nightgown and threw it aside, holding her breath as she looked at her.


The air seemed to freeze.


“Go up.”


Jiang Yu pointed to the side of the pillow.


Seeing that the girl's eyes seemed watery and meek, she eased her face slightly and walked to the bedside table, pulled open the drawer and took out a small box.


As the night deepened, everything was silent.


It was pitch black outside the window, and the lights in the bedroom were dim.
The girl lay in the shadow of endless light, sobbing and muttering softly: “Sister, I'm so tired——”


Jiang Yu sat beside her, watching her quietly, without the slightest warmth in her eyes.


There is a subtle buzzing sound in the palm of her hand.


It was harsh in the silence.


At this moment, over and over again, as if she wanted to vent something, she let the little friend grow from shouting tired to hoarse, without stopping.
Then she also grew tired, but she didn't want to let it go.
So she changed the machine to replace herself.


Until now.


The girl was paralyzed beside her, motionless, her eyelids drooping heavily, and her breathing was long.


Jiang Yu turned off the little thing.


Looking at the tired sleeping face of the kid, she sneered, only feeling uninterested and extremely disappointed.
She just got this canary a week ago, but the surging freshness was gone.


They're all the same.


All the lovers she had raised over the years were all found by her according to the semblance of her ex-girlfriend, and they were all hot-tempered, lively and cheerful without exception.
She would spend money for them, not so much, but she would give them presents, and they would resell what she gave, she never cared.


Eventually, she completely got over her ex-girlfriend, and was no longer interested in girls of the same type, so that night, she saw Cheng Suran, a girl who was completely opposite to her past, at the nightclub.


This is a choice she really made from her heart.


She personally showed her the agreement, gave her a high price of 100,000 yuan, bought her a car with a driver, and took precautions for her.


She didn't perfuse her with the luxury goods that the brand sent to her as a gift.


She thought that she could keep her fresh longer.


What a pity–




Jiang Yu stood up, turned around and wanted to leave, when she reached the door, she stopped suddenly and looked back.


The girl was sleeping in the dim light, as white as glazed porcelain jade.


She turned back again, lifted the other half of the quilt to cover the kid, turned the lights to the darkest, drew half of the curtains, turned up the temperature of the air conditioner, and then closed the door and left…

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