“Huh?” Qi Yan was stunned.


Jiang Yu was also taken aback for a moment before she realized it and changed her words: “She's my little sister.”


Qi Yan was even more puzzled, and said, “When did you have a younger sister? I haven't seen her before.”


“Are you sure you want her to continue shooting?” Jiang Yu calmly changed the subject, lifted her gaze from the screen, put down her phone, and looked sideways at Qi Yan.




“I'll talk to her when I have time.”


“Tsk——” Qi Yan's expression was subtle, and her slightly raised peach eyes slightly narrowed, “Is she really a little sister? A real sister? Or…
a new girlfriend?”


Looking at her gossiping eyes, Jiang Yu snorted lightly: “Is this important?”


“Of course, if it's Madame Jiang's wife, I have to be careful not to offend her.
If not, then——” Qi Yan deliberately put it off.




“I'd be casually bullied.”


Seeing that this person was joking, Jiang Yu ignored it.
Except for Tian Lin, no one around her knew that she had countless lovers over the years.
And Qi Yan, the ex-girlfriend she has let go of, has always known that she likes younger girls, and she can guess when she sees one.


She gave Qi Yan a cold sideways look: “Gossiping at my place after work, be careful kneeling on the washboard* when you get home.”

*to kneel on a washboard, means punishment (if you are made to kneel) or repentance (if you took the initiative to kneel).
read Yanyan and Lu Mama's story if you still haven't in There Are Always Teachers Who Want To Ask Out Parents)


“Oh, then remember to tell your little sister that I'm going to pick up my daughter and hug my wife~” Qi Yan shrugged, stood up indifferently, and left the office, trembling.


Jiang Yu stood where she was, eyes falling on the orange-red paper box, lost in thoughts.


She turned and walked to the window.


The sky is a faint watery orange, the sun quickly set, and the thin clouds are blue-gray, one after another, opening up the blue of the night.


Jiang Yu quietly looked out of the window.
There was a lot of traffic and lights, and her lonely shadow was gradually engulfed by the night.


The kid's eyes and nose that were red from crying came to mind.


Reminded her how she begged for mercy that night…


After a while, it became completely dark.


Jiang Yu turned on the lights in the office, picked up her phone, and sent a report message to the kid for the first time:


[Not coming over tonight ]


The child quickly replied: [Okay, I'll say goodnight in advance, sister.], another cute emoji.


She ignored it.


The next day was the weekend, and Cheng Suran was going to pick up her cousin at the High-speed rail station.


Wearing her oldest clothes and carrying a small backpack, she asked the driver to take her to an entrance of a subway station along the line, and then took the subway to continue on. When she arrived at the South Railway Station, she received a call from her cousin and hurried to the exit that the other party said.


Among the crowd coming and going, she immediately saw her cousin, Zhao Yihan, who was wearing knee high boots.


She has dyed brown hair, light makeup, a thin jacket and short skirt, and is delicate from head to toe, like a little girl in a Korean drama, which is very common on the street.


Her cousin is two years older than her.
She is the only child of her aunt.
Studied in a university in the provincial capital city of her hometown.
She just graduated in June this year and went to Jiangcheng to look for a job.
During the two years of studying in Jiangcheng, Cheng Suran never went home, so she didn't see her aunt and cousin for two years.




“What took you so long?” Zhao Yihan frowned and muttered, looking at her while pushing the suitcase over, “I'm exhausted, take it.”


She unloaded the suitcase as she spoke and gave it to her.


Cheng Suran habitually wanted to pick it up, but she stopped halfway took off her hand, and said flatly, “Take the suitcase yourself, I don't have that much energy.” She took the backpack and turned around.


Zhao Yihan was stunned, showing a surprised look, and quickly followed with the suitcase, “Is there anything to drink? I'm thirsty, go and buy me a bottle of drink.
I want to drink the water-soluble C100 lemon flavor.”


Cheng Suran stopped, took out an unopened bottle from her backpack, and stuffed it into her hand, “There's only water, don't drink it if you don't like”




Zhao Yihan rolled her eyes, unscrewed the water and drank a couple of sips, it was tasteless.
When she looked up, she saw Cheng Suran walking towards the subway station ahead.


Hey, don't you want to take a taxi? I'm exhausted from the seven-hour high-speed train ride, and I have to squeeze myself in the subway, huh?”


“I have no money.” Cheng Suran dropped the words without looking back.


“Can I take a taxi myself?” Zhao Yihan was irritated by her attitude, stood still, took out her mobile phone to check an app, and found that it would cost one hundred yuan to take a taxi from South Railway Station to Jiangwai.


And the subway transfer costs only five yuan in total.


She still couldn't click “call a car”, she raised her eyes and saw Cheng Suran stopped, waiting for her by the side of the road, gritted her teeth, and followed her fate.


There were a lot of people entering the station, Cheng Suran finally slowed down, and took Zhao Yihan to buy a ticket, pass through the turnstile with ease, and even grabbed a seat, which was naturally given to her.


The two cousins did not speak along the way.


About forty minutes later, they arrived at Jiangcheng University of Foreign Studies.
Zhao Yihan followed Cheng Suran out, tired and hungry, and couldn't help asking, “Where are we going to eat?”




“Ah? This is my first time in Jiangcheng, won't you treat me to some delicious food? Like special dishes? What can I eat in the cafeteria? I have been eating in college for four years.”


“I have no money.”




Zhao Yihan stopped, and suddenly pushed the suitcase forward, “Cheng Suran, are you doing this on purpose?”


The huge suitcase slid out and bumped into Cheng Suran.
She staggered and nearly tripped.
She stabilized her figure, turned her head, and looked straight into Zhao Yihan's eyes.


Don't be cowardly, don't be afraid.


With a sullen face, she pinched her palm tightly with her fingers, and said word by word: “All the money I saved was used by aunt to treat grandma.
You should know that I don't have any money.”


“Either go to the cafeteria to get food, or you can go to a restaurant outside to eat by yourself, choose.”


“You…” Zhao Yihan's lips trembled, and she couldn't say a word for a long time.


After a stalemate for a long time, her face turned blue and white, silently grabbed the handle of the suitcase, and reluctantly uttered three words: “Lead the way!”


Cheng Suran turned around and continued walking.


This time she walked very fast, as if trying to get rid of the person behind her.


There was still a short distance from the school gate, Zhao Yihan gradually couldn't keep up with her, so she took a few steps with the suitcase and took her arm, “Why are you walking so fast?”


Cheng Suran struggled twice, trying to pull out her arm, but Zhao Yihan hugged her even tighter.


“Let go.”


“I won't, don't try to get rid of me, I'm not familiar with this place.”




She frowned and was about to speak when the phone vibrated in her pocket.
Swallowing her words, she took the phone, and unlocked it.


It's a message from the benefactor.


Sister: [Who is the person next to you?]

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