As soon as the words fell, Cheng Suran immediately came back to her senses, choked her throat, gripped the sofa tightly with her palms down, and forced herself to calm down.


“I'm fine.” She bit her lower lip and smiled.


In an instant, her lips turned slightly white, and soon returned to pink, like a shining cherry.
Jiang Yu lowered her head and kissed, her heart was hot.




Cheng Suran closed her eyes, and couldn't help shaking again.
Her fingers dug deep into the sofa, her nails were sore, but her limbs didn't listen.


The memory of that night is like a movie playing in her head, frame by frame is imprinted with incomparable clarity.


Sister is really fierce.


She was scared.


She thought that after so many days, the emotions had long been forgotten, but as they got closer to each other, all the shadows buried in the bottom of her heart surged out, like a beast, crazily gnawing at her.


But she couldn't refuse.


The long kiss squeezed out the air, they stopped for a moment, and turned into dense raindrops falling on her eyes and nose.


Cheng Suran trembled more and more.


Jiang Yu stopped again.


“Is it cold?” She brushed the hair from the girl's sideburns, her eyes were filled with fiery tenderness, her voice unconsciously carried a hint of pity, “Shall we go back to the room?”




Dim lights, humming sounds, helpless sobbing.
She thought of all kinds of things and felt afraid.


“I, I like this place better——” Cheng Suran squeezed out a smile, the two small dimples were stiffly punctured, but her hands and feet were still twitching.
She didn't know that her eyes were already red.


Until tears flickered and sour water vapor filled the air.


She blinked quickly.


Jiang Yu looked down at the girl with deep eyes, not knowing what she was thinking.
Suddenly, she helped her up, “Are you scared?”


“No.” Cheng Suran shook her head repeatedly.




“Really no…”


Before she finished speaking, tears fell.
She was startled, turned her face away in a hurry, and wiped them away with her hands covered by her hair.


Sure enough, she is a lying kid.


A trace of helplessness flashed in Jiang Yu's eyes, and her heart became a little heavy.
She thought of that night.
Although it had been several days, she vaguely remembered the child's painful whimpers.


At that time, all she could think about was the pleasure of domination and control.


It's like a little bird in the palm of your hand.
When she is happy, she can look at the beautiful feathers of the bird and listen to its crisp singing voice.
She likes it very much.
When she is unhappy, she just needs to close her palms and use force to end the life of that bird.


She used to love seeing little canary scared.




Did she take it too far?


There was a sudden heat on her lips, and Jiang Yu came back to her senses.
At some point, the child turned around and kissed her.


“Sister,” Cheng Suran put her arms around Jiang Yu, and blew into her ear, as if trying to take the initiative, “I'm not afraid, I think the sofa is pretty good.”


It's a pity that she has too little experience, and her clumsy appearance makes one laugh.


Jiang Yu couldn't help curling the corners of her mouth.
Her heart softened a little, patted her on the back, and said softly, “Go to sleep.”




“Be good.”


Hearing her coaxing tone, Cheng Suran's heart softened, she straightened her back, and mustered up the courage to look at her, “Sister——”




“I didn't do it on purpose.”


“I know,” Jiang Yu smiled, and wiped away the wet tears from the corners of her eyes, “Sister is also tired today, so go to bed early.”


Those eyes are too deep, like a deep pool, and only a shallow layer with warmth can be seen on the surface, and further down, there is unfathomable solid ice.


Cheng Suran stared at it for a moment, trying to find something out of it, but it was in vain.


She didn't know what she was expecting either.


Will her sister coax her?


Will she coax her as gently and patiently as the first time?


She is easily satisfied, whether she is afraid or wronged, no matter how many emotions there are, as long as someone coaxes her, everything will be fine.


Even if the next time is still not a long memory, the cycle repeats.


But how could one expect the patron to coax her? Obviously she should take the initiative to please her instead.


She shouldn't feel wronged either.


Everything she endured that night was the price she deserved to pay.
Whether her sister will forgive her is still unknown, but she gave her a good face, and she forgot the lesson.


“What's the matter, kid?” Jiang Yu scratched the girl's nose.


Cheng Suran shook her head and whispered, “Nothing.”






She withdrew from Jiang Yu's arms without saying good night, and went back to the room silently.


The room became silent.


Jiang Yu sat alone on the sofa, like a sculpture, motionless, the crystal ceiling light illuminated her lonely figure, and the warm color lost its luster.


After a long time, she raised her hand and rubbed the center of her eyebrows, then got up and left.


The next day, Cheng Suran was scolded by her aunt on the phone.


The white-eyed wolf, who doesn't know what is good or bad, who doesn't know how to be grateful…
are all words that have been said countless times.
From childhood to adulthood, as long as she disobeyed a little, she would scold her head and face, and sometimes she would be beaten.


Now that she escaped, her aunt couldn't hit her, so she could only vent her anger by swearing on the phone.


She listened quietly, numbly, without defending or refuting, and let the other party scold to her heart's content, then hung up the phone, got up and took a shower.


Sunday, cloudy, gray light suffused with coldness.


Jiang Yu is not there.


On the table was a computer with unwrapped paper, ribbons and gift paper scattered beside it, and a flat rectangular box standing alone.


Cheng Suran stared at it blankly, stepped forward, and put her hand on the place where Jiang Yu's hand lingered yesterday, as if she could still feel the warmth.
Jiang Yu's words rang in her ears again.


Being more efficient saves time, and time is a real precious commodity…
study hard.


She chews repeatedly.


Is sister thinking of her?


The day before yesterday, she apologized to her sister in the office.
She was emotional for a while and couldn't control herself.
She said a lot about what she did and what she didn't.
After crying, she regretted it.
She shouldn't be pretentious in front of the benefactor.
The benefactor doesn't need to consider the little pet's idea of ​​what gift she wants to give, and it's not her place to dictate.


However, when her sister tapped the computer and told her to study hard, she didn't care if she was thinking too much.
She just felt that her sister didn't seem to think about it.
In fact, she not only listened to her hypocritical words, but also put her mind into it.


She picked something she needs, has long-term value, and has investment attributes.


Are small pets worthy of such care by the sponsor?


Cheng Suran couldn't help but think wildly again.


Recalling all these days, there is a trace of conflicting emotions in her heart.
She couldn't fathom her sister's temper.
Sometimes she was cruel and fierce, and sometimes gentle and meticulous.
All her thoughts were just her own speculations and couldn't be counted.


Still, she should not think too much about it.


She put away her thoughts, opened the paper box, took out the laptop, read the manual first, then turned it on, and followed the instructions step by step.


After setting up the program, she took a photo and sent it to Jiang Yu.


[Sister, I've set it up it.]


[Thank you.]


After breakfast, Cheng Suran went to school with a new laptop on her back.


In the past weekends, she had to go out to work part-time to make ends meet, and she was always exhausted.  But now, she can make arrangements freely, so she cherishes it and spends the whole day in the library.


The cloudy evening came early, and the sky began to darken after five o'clock.


Cheng Suran came out of the library, looking at her phone while walking.  Penguin* is very lively, there are ninety-nine messages in class groups, department groups, and various part-time groups, but there are not many people active on WeChat, and it is dead silent.

*QQ-it's logo is a penguin, WC's sibling SNS app


The message sent to Jiang Yu in the morning was still lying alone in the chat box.


She must've upset sister again yesterday.


She sighed, put her phone back into her bag, and walked towards the school gate.
Within two steps, she saw a few classmates she knew coming towards her.


Her two roommates were among them.


“Ranran—” Ding Yuan saw her first, and waved her arms to say hello, “Where are you going?”


“I'm going… to eat.”


“We're going to eat too, let's go together.”


A few classmates didn't speak, and looked at her peacefully, as if it didn't matter is she joins or not.


Only Li Meiling frowned.


Cheng Suran is sensible, she knows to get a clue, so she smiled lightly, shook her head and said, “No, I have to go to the bank first.”


“Oh, I see.”




The group went ahead.


The cool wind was blowing a bit cold, Cheng Suran quickened her pace, and walked out of the school gate, she habitually walked towards the corner, did not see the car, and walked a little further, only to see the small white car parked by the side of the road.


She opened the back door and got into the car.


Behind the telephone pole, one arm quietly raised a phone…

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