Chapter 19



As soon as these words fell, the room fell into silence again.


Jiang Yu looked down at the girl with a dull expression, which was hard to fathom.


There was a long silence.


Cheng Suran then realized that she was staring at those snake cold eyes, and when she came back to her senses, she realized that she had asked such an outrageous question.


Sister is just her benefactor…


Do you have any other lovers? How many? Are they prettier than her or more sister-like than her? These are all private matters of the patron, and it's not her right to ask them.
She's only been a cute little canary for a few days, and she's starting to be ignorant again.


Cheng Suran lowered her eyes and bit her lip.


She was wrong.


She hopes sister doesn't think she's annoying.


Suddenly, there was a chuckle in her ear: “What did you say?”


“I…” Cheng Suran raised her eyes, fixedly looked into Jiang Yu's eyes, and pretended to smile meaninglessly, “That is sister's privacy, it has nothing to do with me.”


“Don't you really want to know?”


“Not at all.”


Two small dimples appear.


Jiang Yu stopped talking, just smiled lightly, and looked at her quietly, with a playful look in her eyes.


She suddenly approached the girl's ear, her red lips parted slightly: “Are you jealous?”


Cheng Suran was startled.




Dim emotions welled up in her heart, as if walking through a fog, only a blur could be seen.
She seemed to be hit by something, and there was a buzzing in her head.


The girl's eyes were dull, her small mouth was half-open, and she looked soft and cute.
Jiang Yu hugged her and lowered her head to kiss those lips.




Warm and moist, like a sweet fudge.


With her eyes closed, countless little lovers flashed through her mind, each face was blurry, only the sound of “sister” left traces in her heart, but they were just piled up, and she couldn't tell whose voice was whose.


Lovers should not be jealous.


Lovers don't deserve to be jealous.


Lovers only need money.


Lovers only deserve money.


However, she really hasn't felt this kind of emotion for a long time, and the last time was when she was seriously in love.
In her heart, the wasteland that had been lifeless for a long time poured into a stream of sweet spring, which gave her stimulation and pleasure.


She is someone who needs freshness and excitement.


“Um sister—”


“Do not talk.”


Jiang Yu deepened the kiss.


Fierce enthusiasm engulfed Cheng Suran, she was snuggled into Jiang Yu's arms, firmly restrained and could not escape, her heart was shaking violently in her chest, it was unclear whether it was because of the air being squeezed out or because of inexplicable throbbing.


The scene before her eyes suddenly flashed back…


A rush of hot blood rushed to the top of her head, she was dizzy, her whole face was hot, and the corners of her eyes were red.


She wanted to suppress the bitterness with the good memory of last night, but before she had time to recollect it carefully, Jiang Yu let her go, and then poured a basin of cold water down her head.


“You violated the terms of the agreement today.”


“I won't be lenient next time.”


Cheng Suran breathed out with slightly parted lips, leaning on the sofa like mud, the light in her eyes dimmed, “Well…
I'm sorry, sister, I will pay attention to it in the future.”


She squeezed out a cute smile.






“Is there class the day after tomorrow?”


“I have two classes in the afternoon.”


Jiang Yu caressed the girl's fair face with one hand, hooked the girl's back with the other hand, exerted a little force, and pulled her closer to her, “There will be a rehearsal for a fashion show the morning after tomorrow, do you want to go together?”


Giving a slap and a sweet date.


She is very good at it.


Cheng Suran's lashes trembled slightly, and she said in a daze, “I…
can I?”


“Of course.” Jiang Yu lowered her head and pecked at her ear, exhaling faintly, “Sister likes you.”


There was a gentle smile in those narrow and cold eyes.


Cheng Suran's heart skipped a beat.


Like a thundering cannon; gorgeous fireworks exploded in her mind, but in just a few seconds, the trajectory disappeared, and the small world returned to darkness.


She's just a canary.


Just as she was about to speak, the phone rang again.
Jiang Yu let go of Cheng Suran in her arms, took the phone, got up and went to the window to answer it.


Two or three minutes later, Jiang Yu hung up the phone and returned to the sofa, the mischievous expression just now was gone, and replaced by a poker face.
She said: “Go back to the hotel, I will pick you up at eight o'clock in the morning the day after tomorrow.”


“Sister, won't you go back?”


“Go home.”




Hearing the word “go home”, a certain corner of Cheng Suran's heart was pricked, and there was a look of envy in her eyes.
She stood up and put on her bag, “Okay, good night, sister.”


After two steps, she suddenly remembered something and turned back.


“What's wrong?” Jiang Yu raised her brows.


Cheng Suran looked at the coffee table drawer, bit her lower lip, and said a little shyly: “Sister, can I take the snacks home?”


She didn't eat a bite.


Seeing her greedy look, Jiang Yu couldn't help smiling.
Turning around, she walked to the cabinet and took a plastic bag, squatted down, put all the snacks in the drawer into it, and handed it to her, “If you like it, I will buy it for you every day in the future.”


“Thank you sister.”




The day after tomorrow is sunny.


The rehearsal location for the big show is in Jiangcheng Art Museum, which is located along the riverside and close to the city center.  The white-painted domed marble building, twelve arched gates, each carved with different patterns, looks like an ancient castle.


This is the landmark building of Jiangcheng.


At 8:30, a car stopped at the side entrance of the art gallery, and Cheng Suran got off behind Jiang Yu, next to Assistant Tian and another assistant she didn't know.


A group of people passed through the main hall through the side door after verification.


The main hall is the show venue, and the lighting, scenery, T stage, seats, etc.
have been properly arranged.
The ice-snow ocean style is dominated by blue and white tones, and the dreamy atmosphere has a great sense of design.
Due to the rehearsal, there were only a few staff members who were adjusting the equipment in the hall.


Cheng Suran had never seen such a scene before, she was a little nervous, trying to show a natural look on her face.


Backstage, most of the models are there.


All of them are 1.8 meters tall, with long legs and excellent proportions. Among them are well-known super-A models, and there are also newcomers who have stood out in the past two years.


Everyone looked at Jiang Yu in unison.


Jiang Yu greeted them casually, turned around, and went into the next room. She pointed to Cheng Suran and said to her personal assistant: “Xiao Zhou, take her to the seat.”


“Okay.” Xiao Zhou nodded, “Miss Cheng, come with me.”


Cheng Suran glanced at Jiang Yu, and obediently followed Xiao Zhou to leave.


There were more people in the main hall than before, and there were a few men and women in neat suits standing on the side of the show talking, walking backstage while talking.
The big background screen displays the brand name and trademark – Yiweier.




Cheng Suran knew this brand since she was a child, and she had the impression that it was expensive, very expensive, and an ordinary windbreaker cost several thousand yuan.
It was the kind that she wouldn't go in if she saw a store in the mall.


“Miss Cheng, let's sit here.” Xiao Zhou led her to the middle of the second row facing the show.


“Oh, okay.”


The two sat down, and there were people chatting beside them, whether it was the staff or the onlookers.
After listening to a few words, Cheng Suran turned around and asked quietly, “Sister Zhou, what is a 'main show model'?”


“The first or last model to appear.”


“Then sister is the main show model today?”


“Yes,” Xiao Zhou nodded, and added, “Ms.
Jiang is not accepting the lead shows of non-big brands.”




“It's a waste of time.”




Cheng Suran couldn't help thinking of the information on the encyclopedia.


She almost forgot that her sister is such an excellent person…


At nine o'clock, the rehearsal began.


The models appeared one by one, wearing their daily clothes, and walking on the stage.
There is no lighting rendering, no clothing modification, only music nodes, and the skill of the stage steps is clear at a glance.


Expressionless faces flashed past Cheng Suran's eyes.


Jiang Yu was the last one to come out.


She was wearing the white V-neck blouse she wore when she came here, long sleeves and half pull-ups, crab shell green high-waisted trousers, a wide dark brown belt around her waist, and ten centimeter high heels, making a stunning appearance.


Like a high-ranking queen and a charging warrior, she has a cold expression, but there is a confident and unruly temperament in her brows and eyes, as if she is in control of all living beings, exuding a sense of sophistication casually and effortlessly.


She stepped on the music nodes steadily, step by step, with a strong aura.


Cheng Suran was astounded.


Holding her breath, her heart beat faster and faster, she bit her lip and let it go, opening it slightly, until she was a little out of breath, and then slowly exhaled a deep breath.


There is no need to set a fixed point for walking, Jiang Yu conveniently landed without stopping, turned around, and walked back.


Cheng Suran snapped back suddenly.


She forgot to take a photo!


She hurriedly raised her phone, but it was too late, and only a slender and upright figure was left in the camera.


Next, there will be the second and third rounds.
Cheng Suran has a long memory, staring at the show stage intently, and took more than 30 photos in a row.
In the final round, the models changed into clothes from the brand.


She switched the camera to video mode, silently counting the models while waiting.


Suddenly, the phone vibrated several times.


Three penguin messages.


Cheng Suran frowned, lowered and raised her head, looking at the show stage worriedly, lowered her head again, and clicked on the penguin.


It was a message from her roommate Ding Yuan.


[Ranran, look at the school forum!]


[Someone posted about you!]


[Link: Class 1 of the French Department, Su Ran is being raised*, click for the real hammer**——]


*being raised – being sponsored, since she has become a pet to be raised.

**real hammer – evidence, the origin of this term is unclear, although it’s possibly related to the scenario in which a judge bangs a gavel against its wooden striking base before announcing a verdict.

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