Chapter 20



Cheng Suran's  fingers froze then clicked on the link.
The page jumped to the school forum.
The loading was delayed for two seconds.
She held her breath, her heart hanging in her throat.


The post is displayed, the host ID is “Little Xiami”, and the time of posting was past nine o'clock last night.


First post: The old rule is not to spam, so wait for me to put the hammer down slowly.


Second post: [photo][photo], she stayed at school during the summer vacation, and often went in and out of this nightclub, just ask anyone who has stayed in Jiangcheng for more than three months, who doesn't know the patron traffic of this club.
And a nightclub, what kind of people go to nightclubs? I don't need to say more, see it yourself.


Third post: [Photo], she often takes this car after the school started, don’t tell me about online car-hailing, it’s impossible for her to take it every day.
She’s not a local, it's unlikely for a family member come to pick her up, besides, if it's a family, she should've taken the passenger’s seat.


Fourth post: [Photo][Photo], here comes the important point.
A few nights ago, this car drove to the small road next to Yunjin Lihua Hotel, only a few meters away from the underground parking lot, and the hotel gate is in front, tsk tsk tsk.


Fifth post: [photo] [photo], she is in the library, her laptop is new, this brand model is more than 10,000. Can someone on a stipend afford this?


Sixth post: By the way, she hasn't returned to the dormitory once since the beginning of school.
Combined with the photos I posted earlier, she suddenly became abnormal.
You smell it, have you thought about it carefully?


There are only a few posts, which are very harsh.


Cheng Suran looked at those photos and words, her hands and feet were cold for a moment, and she felt a firework exploding above her head, making her whole body numb.


The surroundings seemed to quiet down, no rhythm of music, no whispers.


Her mind went blank for a few minutes, and the only thought that flashed through her was that she had caused trouble, and then she realized later, who is the original poster? How did she get these photos? What is she going to do?


Sliding down, many people left messages and threads.


[The front row sells melon seeds and peanut, and mineral water*]

*melon – gossip, melon seed eaters/sellers – gossipers, not sure about peanut and mineral water, but they probably denote the same.


[Wow, the one in our class who's quite aloof, usually elusive, I didn't expect she has this kind of melon*?]


[Isn't she the department flower* selected in the poll last time]

*most beautiful in the department


[This thread post is just for OP's boring self-entertainment, there are few photos, and the department flower can't be seen, just take a look]


[Shouldn't a luxury car pick you up if you are sponsored? This car is too shabby]


Most of the people were eating melons to watch the excitement, and some people speculated that the original poster had a grudge against Cheng Suran.


Cheng Suran lowered her head, her fingers scrolled faster and faster, tears rolled in her eyes, and her vision was so blurred that she couldn't see the words on the screen clearly.  Finally, she backed out.


As soon as her cheeks became hot, liquid slid down.


She was pulled back to the real world in an instant, the sound of music and the conversation around her came back, she raised her hand and quickly wiped her face, lowered her head, tapped the screen of her phone randomly with her fingertips, and opened a software, pretending to be watching.


Don't cry, don't cry.


Cheng Suran held back her tears and calmed down a little.
After a while, she looked up at the runway.
All the models had finished the last round, including Jiang Yu.


The catwalk was empty.


Her eyes were dull, frozen like a sculpture.


She didn't know how long it took, Xiao Zhou called her: “Miss Cheng, it's over.”


Cheng Suran's eyes regained clarity, she answered “Okay” slowly, lowered her head, and exited the camera that was set to video mode.
She stood up like a machine, following Xiao Zhou like a machine.


The backstage was noisy, and Jiang Yu was having a good chat with the person in charge of the brand in the small booth.


She changed back into her own clothes, facing the door sideways, with one hand in her pocket, her thick black half-curly long hair scattered casually, her tall and thin figure made the men and women in suits opposite her look a little shorter.
Her aura was overwhelming.


Cheng Suran paused, froze at the door and dared not go in.


She got into trouble.


The last time she was just arguing with her cousin at the school gate, she was reminded and warned.
This time the matter was obviously more serious.
If her sister knew about it, she would definitely dislike her for causing trouble.
Then terminate the contract directly.


This is a choice that every cold and realistic financial backer will make.


Cheng Suran frowned, her heart seemed to be dragged down by a hand, she was unwilling to do so, she clenched her fists and developed a force to fight against it.


She should never let sister know about this…


Just a few photos can't explain anything, as long as she ignores it, time will dilute all traces.
After another two years, after graduation, no one will remember.


She took a step forward.


Assistant Tian was packing up things, and Xiao Zhou stepped forward to help, but she stood beside her like a log, absent-minded.


At this time, Jiang Yu and the person in charge of the brand turned around and walked out talking and laughing.
She glanced at Cheng Suram, froze for two seconds, and moved away quietly.


The two passed by.


“It's time to go, Miss Cheng.” Tian Lin followed behind to remind.


Cheng Suran's eyelashes trembled slightly, and she lowered her head to follow.


The sun was shining outside, and the black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle was parked at the side door.
The group said goodbye.
Jiang Yu got into the car first, followed by Cheng Suran, and Tian Lin and Xiao Zhou sat in the back row.


The car slowly drove out of the gate of the art gallery.


Jiang Yu closed the curtains, unscrewed the mineral water and took a sip, picked up her phone, and replied to her messages one by one.
She lowered her head while typing and said to the people behind her, “Tian Lin, call Bai Lu's manager and ask her about Bai Lu's arrangements tomorrow afternoon.”


“Okay.” Tian Lin found a number named Mina in the address book and dialed it.


Mina is the company's chief broker.
She has worked in this industry for nearly 20 years.
She is much older than Jiang Yu regardless of age or circle age.
She was recruited by Jiang Yu with great effort and high price.
She is currently the director of the brokerage department, in charge of all brokers.


The conversation between them has always been concise, and the work is completed in a few sentences.


“Sister Yu, a client will come to the company to interview models tomorrow afternoon, and Bai Lu will also go.”


“Push it off.” Jiang Yu said flatly, “After the big show tomorrow, we're going to have dinner with the brand owner.
I'll take Bai Lu to introduce her.”


Today is the rehearsal, and tomorrow is the official show.
This time, Jiang Yu was invited to come as the main show model, not only for the show, but also to discuss long-term cooperation with the brand.


Yiweier is an old brand of women's clothing in China.
It takes the mid-to-high-end market and occupies a considerable share.
The selection of models for each fashion show is very strict.
For new models, being able to cooperate with them is to add a beautiful touch to their careers, and the two sides complement each other.


Bai Lu is still a newcomer now, she has just emerged and is gaining momentum, and the follow-up resources must keep up, so as not to waste her superior innate conditions due to lack of stamina.


Jiang Yu thought so.


“Okay.” Tian Lin didn't ask much, just followed suit.


Jiang Yu thought about work for a while, turned her face, and saw Cheng Suran sitting motionless like a puppet, with her back straight, as if traveling in the sky, and realized that she had forgotten her existence.


“Are you hungry?” She put her arm around the girl's shoulder and pressed her cheek against it.


Cheng Suran's body froze, her lips moved, and just as she was about to say she wasn't, she heard her stomach growling, and said shyly, “A little bit.”


While speaking, she unconsciously leaned into Jiang Yu's arms.


Jiang Yu smiled, hugged her, and rubbed the tip of her nose against the small earlobe, and said softly, “I'm still busy, so I'll take you back to the hotel first, and eat by yourself.
Remember to take a nap before going to class.”


Hearing this tone, Cheng Suran's heart trembled.
With every tremor, the sourness surged up.


How could she be so careless and cause big trouble for her sister.


“What's wrong?” Jiang Yu scratched her nose.


Cheng Suran squeezed her dimples out her cheeks, and she nodded nonchalantly: “Okay, sister, don't worry, go get busy.”


It felt wrong to say it.


How can the patron be worried about the little pet? These kind of words are not what she can say, and the meaning is not what she can guess.
It seems that she used the wrong word, and it seems that she became too sensitive.


She carefully observed Jiang Yu's face.


Jiang Yu only thought that she was very well-behaved, and pressed a kiss on the edge of the shallow pear dimple, but felt that it was not enough, so she pecked her lips again, as if tasting sweet and soft fruit candy.




Cheng Suran snorted softly, and suddenly remembered that there were two people sitting in the back row, so she blushed and dodged, “Sister, there are people.”


Sitting in the back row, Tian Lin and Xiao Zhou didn't change their expressions.


Can't see, can't hear.


The boss is always accompanied by a young lover, but she is careful in heart, at most she will tease and kiss a few words outside, but she will not do anything more outrageous.
However, occasionally, Tian Lin goes to the hotel to deliver toys to Jiang Yu, and hears voices in the bathroom in the living room.


She is used to it.


“Why are you absent-minded?”


“I'm not…”






Cheng Suran was flustered, afraid of being seen, lowered her eyes, and said in a low voice: “Because I didn't take your picture in the last round.”


This is not a lie, she did miss to videotape her sister because she read the post, she didn't capture anything, and she felt regretful. But–


She was going to secretly take pictures!


How can she say it out loud?


Cheng Suran tensed her nerves.


“Are you so sad that you didn't take a picture of me?” Jiang Yu blew in her ear, teasing her with a smile.


Cheng Suran raised her eyes, was fascinated by the gentle smile, nodded in a daze, “Yes.”




“Because…” Seeing Jiang Yu's face slowly fade, she suddenly woke up and swallowed the words that came to her lips, “Because sister is pretty.”


She couldn't explain why either.


Maybe it's because she looks good.
Who doesn't like good-looking people?


Jiang Yu noticed her evasive look, frowned slightly, her eyes showed a sense of scrutiny, and after a long time, she hummed lightly and said, “There are many on the Internet.”


Cheng Suran didn't dare to speak rashly, but nodded slightly.


They became silent along the way.


Ten minutes later, Cheng Suran arrived at the hotel, she was about to open the door and get out of the car, when she suddenly remembered the post, those photos…
must be taken by someone following her.


Outside is the hotel gate, maybe there are people staying nearby now.


She struggled for a while, then turned to look at Jiang Yu, and said, “Sister, I want to take the elevator up from the underground parking lot, is that okay?”


“Go to the parking lot.” Jiang Yu said directly to the driver.


The car moved again, turned around in front, and entered the underground parking lot, the old location.


Cheng Suran was still a little worried, leaned on the window and looked outside and opened the door carefully, got out of the car, looked around cautiously, then waved to Jiang Yu, turned and entered the elevator.


The girl's slender figure disappeared into the elevator door.


Jiang Yu looked in that direction thoughtfully, a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes.


Back in the suite, Cheng Suran slumped on the sofa, as if her bones had been pulled out, softening into a ball of mud.


She obviously didn't do anything that consumed energy, but she felt an indescribable sense of exhaustion, welling up from the bottom of her heart, and flowing through her limbs bit by bit with anxiety.


She breathed out with her lips half-opened.


Her stomach growled continuously, and her hunger couldn't be ignored.
She lay down for a while, then sat up, and ordered lunch with her tablet.


The menu page is colorful, and there are all kinds of delicacies.
There is no recurring menu after eating for more than half a month.
Cheng Suran scrolled her fingers on the screen, one dish after another, seeing the price of hundreds of yuan, her throat suddenly choked.


How can she actually have the money to eat these things?


It's because she's being taken care of, and all consumption is recorded in the account of the benefactor.


The moment she saw the post, she didn't have the anger of “being rumored” at all, because that was the truth, she was being taken care of by others, and even ordinary emotions such as anger couldn't arise because of a guilty conscience.


She is just afraid.


Afraid of being exposed, afraid of being criticized, afraid of facing her own heart.


She is a person who betrays herself, a person who is willing to “degenerate”, and a person who has no shame.
Not to mention that others look down on her, and she also looks down on herself.
She has never enjoyed all this with peace of mind, and is suffering every moment.


It's just that most of the time this suffering is covered by the light brought by her sister.


Cheng Suran clenched her lips, shook her head, randomly chose a noodle from the menu, waited for it to be delivered, and ate it hastily.


She didn't have the habit of taking a nap, but she still lay down on the bed like a ghost and closed her eyes.
It is probably because something was on her mind, so she couldn't fall asleep, she just closed her eyes and rested her mind for half an hour.


In the class at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Cheng Suran packed her backpack, called the driver and said that she doesn't need to be driven to school and then went out to take the subway.


She entered the classroom three minutes before the bell rang.


Everyone's eyes swept over in unison, and there was an indescribable awkwardness.
Cheng Suran didn't seem to notice, she calmly walked to the seat by the window and sat down, flipping through the book as usual.


Those gazes were withdrawn one after another.


The phone vibrated in her pocket, Cheng Suran took it out and put it under the table to read, it was Ding Yuan who sent her a message:


[How are you?]


She raised her head, looked around, and inadvertently bumped into a few prying eyes, who flinched back in a hurry.
She saw Ding Yuan sitting in the third row, and the other party looked back at her, not sure if she really cared or just wanted to gossip.


She can't be guilty, and she can't show timidity.


Cheng Suran blinked nonchalantly, then lowered her head and replied: [Rumors stop at wise men.]


 ——People who believe in “rumors” are idiots.


Ding Yuan: [You may have offended someone]




At this time, the professor came in. Cheng Suran put away her phone, then raised her eyes, Ding Yuan smiled at her.


She smiled back lightly.


In the first and second year, some incidents happened in the dormitory, which was very embarrassing, and finally ended with another classmate moving out. Among the remaining three people, Ding Yuan stayed out of the matter and didn't know the specific situation.
Only she and Li Meiling maintained a superficial peace.


The experience of these two years made her never trust anyone easily.


Even if Ding Yuan really didn't know, cared or gossiped, she didn't want to say anything more.
Only in this way can she protect herself.


Suran listened absent-mindedly to this lesson.


In the second period, when the classroom was changed, Cheng Suran walked in front with a book in her arms, and Ding Yuan caught up from behind, “Ranran, do you want to talk to the counselor? Or call the police.
Malicious spreading of rumors is against the law.”


She lowered her voice and took her arms.


Cheng Suran glanced at her sideways, and said with some reservations: “It's okay, don't bother with the clown.”


“But that post has gone up many pages, and people reply every minute.
There are still people from other schools watching the excitement today.
If it continues to develop, you don't know what it will become.
However, you must not underestimate the power of public opinion.
Some people, alive, can be said to be dead, and dead can be said to be alive…”


“And I feel that the OP must know you, even the places you often go to during the summer vacation, not only knowing, but also staying to take pictures.
The most suspicious thing is, how does she know that you haven't returned to the dormitory?”


“If we use the method of elimination.
There are two situations.
First, the person asked your roommates about you, that is, me and Meiling.
Second, the person is close to our dormitory.”


“I can guarantee that no one has asked me about you, and it is unlikely to ask Meiling, because if the OP ask this way, he will be exposed directly, so now there is only one possibility, living near our dormitory, who can see us, in and out.”


Ding Yuan frowned and analyzed it carefully.


Cheng Suran listened quietly, as if she had no interest, but her heart was filled with huge waves.
She has been immersed in self-blame and fear, but neglected the most important two points.


Who is the OP?  Has she ever had an issue with her?


She has no idea.


“That makes sense.
I'll think about it when I go back.
Thank you.” Unknowingly walking to the classroom for the next class, Cheng Suran thanked her politely and distantly, without changing her expression.
She withdrew her hand and wanted to sit by the window alone.


It is not without reason that others say that she is cold and withdrawn.


Ding Yuan hurriedly grabbed her again: “Hey, don't sit by the window, sit beside me.”


This class is French literature.
Cheng Suran thought that Ding Yuan meant to choose a good seat to facilitate listening, so she politely refused: “I prefer to be by the window.”


“Idiot——” Ding Yuan whispered, “you cannot be left alone especially at this kind of time.
There are people in our class in the post, waiting to see your blunder, but don't let them see it.”


Cheng Suran looked at her, with a complicated look in her eyes, she couldn't refute or refuse for a while, and let her drag her to the second row.  It wasn't until the two of them sat down that she came back to her senses.


There is a warm current rippling in her heart, this feeling seems to be the same as the one her sister gave her last time.


But soon it dissipated again.


She and Ding Yuan don't have a deep friendship, but the other party is cheerful, has many friends, and is a little sweet and innocent who grew up loved by her family.
She is friendly to everyone, undefended, and can tell her a few words.


Now she is in the center of the vortex, unable to tell whether the people around her are friends or foes.
Ding Yuan helped her so enthusiastically, maybe she was just trying to get some words out of her mouth, and even——


A thief shouting, “Catch the thief.”


Cheng Suran was taken aback by this thought, and drove it out of her mind, only to realize that she could be so dark…


With a sense of guilt, she became even more upset, and she wasn't able to listen much to the class.
When the bell rang, Ding Yuan wanted to take her to have dinner with her.
But she remembered that she hadn't finished the review questions she was going to do today, so she refused.
She went to the supermarket alone to buy a piece of bread and secretly brought it into the library.


Her sister didn't send her a message, so she probably won't be going to the hotel tonight.
She stayed in the library until ten o'clock at night, catching the last subway back.


And when she pushed open the door of the suite—


The woman was leaning on the sofa, her long legs crossed, her posture was lazy, and her face was covered with a thick dark green mud-like mask.
When she heard a sound, she opened her eyes, and looked at her quietly.


“Where did you go wild?”


Thin lips spat out cold words, and her eyes showed dissatisfaction with her coming back only now.


Cheng Suran was stunned for a moment, and immediately felt mixed feelings, surprise, guilty conscience, fear…
and a little bit of grievance.
She bit her lower lip and whispered:


“In the school library, there are a lot of questions today.”


The two looked at each other in silence.


She saw a flash of remorse in those cold and charming eyes.


“Go take a shower.” Jiang Yu looked away, pointed to the master bedroom, then got up, went into the bathroom to wash her face.


Cheng Suran understood that she was asked to go there after taking a shower.


The bedroom was very dark, and the dim light shone on two overlapping shadows, projected on the wall. A pure scent filled the air, drowning out whispers.




“Sister likes you the most.”


Jiang Yu said what she had said to so many girls so many times, and she easily coaxed the little friend into submission.
Cheng Suran's ears were red and her heart was sore, she had already forgotten the shadow of that night.


But she always thought of the scene she saw in the office.


When she was in a daze, two voices echoed in her ears repeatedly, one said “sister likes you” and the other said “you are just a toy”.


Thoughts flew elsewhere.


Seeing her absent-minded appearance, Jiang Yu was a little displeased, and said in a calm voice, “What's the matter with you today?”


Cheng Suran came back to her senses.


“Huh?” Jiang Yu lowered her eyes, looked down at her condescendingly.
Her eyes were sullen, “Do you want me to teach you how to write the word 'concentrate'?”


“No…” The girl shook her head again and again.


Those clear and black deer eyes were filled with watery light.


Jiang Yu's heart suddenly softened, her face softened, she lowered her head and kissed her ear, and as if she had never said anything serious, she coaxed gently: “If you don't concentrate, sister will be angry.”




The night is getting dark.


Afterwards, Jiang Yu ignored the kid and went to the bathroom by herself.  She has a slight obsession with cleanliness and has to take two baths before and after.


Cheng Suran lay motionless, her thoughts were in a mess.


The way her sister changed her face repeatedly flashed in her mind, so fast and so unpredictable.
Because she is just an insignificant little pet, she can change her once she gets tired.
So sister will not consider her emotions, her state, or why she is distracted.




It's best not to care.
That way she wouldn't know she is in trouble.


Cheng Suran laughed at herself, turned sideways, picked up the phone and turned on the screen.


It's half past eleven.


She unlocked it, slid her fingertips unconsciously, and couldn't help but click into that post again.
As Ding Yuan said, the thread is noisy, and six pages have been turned in 24 hours.


The first two pages of replies were full of onlookers, and most people were skeptical.
On the third page, some people began to discuss her appearance, personality, grades, and even clothing.
As a goddess, they felt a pity on the one hand.


At the end of the fifth page, someone made a dirty joke.


[Not cheap at first glance]


[In the end, the honest man wasn't turned over.
Whose family grave did the honest man dig?]


*original expression was: honest man, who did you provoke, to have your grave dug out?/ comment was saying CSR turned out not the honest man but the gravedigger – meaning she deserves the hate (?) i'm not really that sure about the meaning.


[Goddess of the poor, pot of the rich]


The dirty words stung Cheng Suran's eyes, and penetrated deeply into her heart.
In an instant, the blood all over her body rushed to the top of her head, and her hands trembled uncontrollably.


Not cheap……


She is indeed not cheap.


That's right, that's right, that's right at all!  She just isn't cheap! That's who she is!  No one wronged her.


Tears welled up in an instant.


The mobile phone fell on the carpet, and she heard a muffled “boom”, trembling in fright, gasping for breath like drowning, arched her body, and curled herself up.


Why is her life so difficult? Her peers are still enjoying their youth under the protection and care of their parents, but she has to crawl forward with a heavy burden alone.
Even though she had already lowered herself so low, she was still pricked by her conscience and tortured by reality.


What did she do wrong that fate continued to punish her for more than ten years?


Her fragile self-esteem, her concealed self-esteem, was shattered at this moment.


Cheng Suran bit her lip tightly, buried her face in the pillow, her curled up body was like a hollowed out hill, crumbling.


After a while, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped.


Jiang Yu went back to the bedroom in her nightgown and saw the girl lying on her side trembling in the faint light.
She couldn't help frowning, and walked over with light steps.
She didn't hear the slight and suppressed whimpering until she reached the bedside.


“Little friend?” she called softly, reaching out to pull the quilt away.


A small tear-stained face came into view.


 Both of them froze for a while.


Cheng Suran panicked, wiped her face indiscriminately while pulling the quilt to wrap herself up, turned over, turned to the other side, with her back to her.


Jiang Yu didn't move, just sat silently.


The time passed by every minute and every second.


It was almost twelve o'clock, usually she would never allow herself to sleep so late, but today, the sleepiness was not strong, and her intuition told her that something must have happened.


The kid didn't want to be seen crying.


She gave her time.


After a while, Cheng Suran poked her head out cautiously, turned around, and met Jiang Yu's gaze unexpectedly.
The tears on her face had dried up, and the dimples were rippling away: “Sister, it's time for a beauty sleep.”


“Aren't you going to tell me?” Jiang Yu stared at her.


Cheng Suran pretended to be stupid: “Ah? What?”


Just as Jiang Yu was about to speak, she bumped into something at her feet.
She lowered her head and picked it up.
It was the kid's mobile phone, with the back facing up, the screen was on, and it was silently playing advertisements for cheap web games in a loop.


“Why did you drop your phone on the ground?” She was about to return it to Cheng Suran, but her fingertips accidentally touched the screen, the game advertisement page exited, and she returned to the post interface.


The title flashed in front of her eyes.


Jiang Yu's expression was slightly startled, her outstretched hand retracted, and her eyes fell on the screen.


Cheng Suran took a breath, stood up and rushed to Jiang Yu, slapping her hands to snatch it, “Give me—”


Jiang Yu stood up holding her mobile phone, and took two steps back.


“Don't look…” Cheng Suran burst into tears, tripped out of bed, and knelt down on the carpet with a “boom”.  She didn't care about the pain and got up to grab the phone.


Jiang Yu held her back with one hand, while the other thumb bounced on the screen, turning the post back to the homepage.
She read things very quickly, and read all the pictures and texts posted by the host in ten seconds.


The cold white light shone on her expressionless face.


“Sister…” Cheng Suran choked up and called her, lowered her arms, desperate, “I'm sorry, I…
I will deal with it myself, and I will solve it as soon as possible.”


Jiang Yu turned her face and raised her eyebrows: “How will you deal with it?”


“I'll just ignore it.”


“It's useless.”




Cheng Suran was at a loss for words for a moment.


 From morning till now, all day long, she has been a little numb.
Compared with how others see her, she cares more about her sister's attitude and choice.


Thinking of this, she couldn't help feeling sad again.


They were both silent.


Jiang Yu looked down at her, her eyes darkened, and after a while, she locked the screen and took the girl into her arms with one hand, “Don't be afraid, it's fine.”


Cheng Suran raised her head in shock.


 “You don't have to do anything, continue to let the driver pick you up in the morning and evening, do whatever you want, and leave the rest to me.” Jiang Yu said lightly, patting her on the back one after another.


The night outside the window melted into those eyes, and a chill burst out from the dark pupils.


Cheng Suran asked in a low voice: “Sister, don't you blame me?”


“Why should I blame you?


I got you into trouble.”


Jiang Yu chuckled lightly, lifted her chin with her slender fingers, and said in a half-blame tone, “Why do you always take the responsibility on yourself?”


“Because—” Cheng Suran hesitated to speak.






She shook her head, breathed a sigh of relief, hugged Jiang Yu back with both hands, and leaned her head on her shoulder, feeling very at ease for some reason.


Jiang Yu didn't ask any further questions.


The two hugged each other, only the sound of each other's breathing in each other's ears.


Jiang Yu's attitude gave Cheng Suran a reassurance.


She went to class as usual, completely ignoring the eyes of the people around her, and the driver sister still picked her up, as if nothing happened.
After calming down so much, she understood that the more actions she made, the more guilty she would appear, and it would be true.


It's just that sometimes, when she think of those dirty words, she will feel sad from her heart.


But she is not so angry anymore.


Actually, all she really cares about is her sister's attitude, right?  When her sister said those words, her gloomy world immediately brightened up, the boulder weighing on her heart disappeared, and her walking pace became brisk.


She chose to be the canary in Jiang Yu's hands, lost her self-esteem, but gained another emotion.


A sort of……


Hazy and unclear emotions.


The post continued to ferment, and more than 600 comments were built in three or four days, which once became the hottest topic in the school forum


Jiang Yu followed the trend of public opinion and told Tian Lin about it.


The two sat in the hotel suite and chatted over dinner.


“These children are so childish.” After reading the post, Tian Lin shook her head and put down her phone.


Jiang Yu sipped her wine and said carelessly, “The day after tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, tomorrow the school should be closed, drive the car to her dormitory, then go up to help her change the quilt, then go back together downstairs, drive back to the house behind the hotel, remember to go to the path from the side door and the middle of the underground parking lot.”


“So that's what that house is for, without this incident, I thought you were going to use it to raise mushrooms.” Tian Lin teased with a smile.


Jiang Yu also smiled, and said, “Prevent problems before they happen.”




Be very cautious.


Tian Lin looked at Jiang Yu with a bit of bitterness in her smile.


Her boss, her friend, Ms.
Jiang always treats everything around her so cautiously and rationally, just because in this way, she can try her best to control everything in her hands so as not to lose control.


So much so that she often appears morbid.


To put it nicely, she is thoughtful and meticulous, but to put it badly, she is suspicious and neurotic.
She didn't want her to go on like this forever.


“Then from now on, I will be Miss Cheng's 'little aunt'.”


“Aunt Tian.”


“Don't call me that.”


“Okay, Aunt Tian.” Jiang Yu teased her seriously.


Tian Lin lowered her face, and said seriously: “Don't even think about eating Xiaolongbao.” After speaking, she stretched out her chopsticks as if to pick up the only Xiaolongbao on Jiang Yu's plate.


This is her favorite food.


For more than ten years, in order to maintain her figure, Jiang Yu seldom touches things high in sugar and oil, and she also listed Xiaolongbao in this range.
Sometimes when she can't resist the temptation, she will take it as a reward for her hard work.


She eats one at most at night.


Jiang Yu grabbed her wrist, “Sister Tian.”




Both of them laughed.


After eating and talking about work, Tian Lin was about to leave when the door opened with a “beep” and Cheng Suran came in from the outside.


Her small face looked plain and her hair was a bit messy, headphones hanging around her neck, wearing a simple and fresh coffee-colored long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and carrying a large canvas bag.


She greeted obediently: “Sister, Assistant Tian.”


“Come here.” Jiang Yu beckoned to her.


Cheng Suran put the canvas bag aside and walked over.
Since there was a third person, she felt ashamed sitting on her lap, so she moved to the side and sat down next to Jiang Yu.


Tian Lin stood up in time, “Sister Yu, I'm leaving first.”




Cheng Suran: “…”


The door closed again, and the room fell into silence.


Jiang Yu stared at the girl for a moment, hooked her with her long arms, and wrapped her in her arms, tightly entangled like a snake on the prowl.
She asked in a low voice, “How was school today?”


Cheng Suran was startled, flattered and said: “Very good.”


She said it meekly.
She just completes her study tasks every day at school, which is neither good nor bad.
It's just that something like that happened recently and she was talked about, and she felt a little bit stressed.




Jiang Yu nodded and said nothing, not knowing what she was thinking.


Cheng Suran quietly looked at her.


Her front face is good-looking, and the profile is even better.
Her nose is tall and straight, with sharp lines.
Her skin is as cold as porcelain white under the light, and there is no trace of markings.


Even without makeup, she still has an air of grandeur that makes people unable to take their eyes off it.


She leaned over like a ghost…


Before her lips touched that face, Jiang Yu suddenly turned her head, “Isn't the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday starting tomorrow afternoon?”




Cheng Suran stopped dangerously, with a look of embarrassment in her eyes, suddenly, as if realizing something, she looked at her suspiciously, “Sister, how do you know that we have a holiday tomorrow afternoon?”


Someone in the forum said.  “


“Have you read our school post?”


“Hmm,” Jiang Yu looked at her tenderly, raised her hand, and straightened out the messy hair, “I've been paying attention to her for the past two days.”


Cheng Suran bit her lip.




Her heart beat suddenly, and she didn't know what happened, but felt a bit of indescribable joy.
She curled the corner of her mouth, the small pear dimple sunken uncontrollably.


“I discussed it with Tian Lin, tomorrow…” Jiang Yu revealed the whole plan.


Tomorrow afternoon is the most crowded time in the dormitory.
Tian Lin drove the white car into the campus as an aunt, went to her dormitory, helped her change the sheets and quilts, and brushed her face in front of her roommates and nearby classmates.


She has already arranged to reverse the “PR”.


“It happens to be the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.
It is more in line with human logic for family members to do these things at this time.
Otherwise, if you do it right after the post is posted, it will be too deliberate and it will have the opposite effect.” Jiang Yu patiently explained to her.


“You are not from the local area, so a young unmarried aunt is more suitable than the roles of parents.”


Cheng Suran listened quietly, silent for a long time.




“What's the matter?” Jiang Yu raised her chin, “You can tell me if you have other ideas.”


The two looked at each other.


Cheng Suran looked at Jiang Yu with complicated eyes, with mixed emotions in his heart.  She shook her head: “No.
I think this is too much trouble for you, Assistant Tian…”


She can leave her alone.


Is the little pet worthy for such a big sister to go to war? She's afraid it's not just for her, but she can't help but have some expectations.


“This is what I should do for you.” Jiang Yu said softly.




“Sister likes you.”


Author's Note:


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