The inexperienced girl was coaxed into ecstasy, with a shy smile on her face, and her two dimples seemed to hold a bend of rippling water.


“I like sister too.” Her eyes lit up.


Jiang Yu smiled faintly, avoiding the girl's eyes without a trace.
While rubbing her small chin with her fingertips, she changed the subject: “Have you observed your classmates these days? Is there anyone you suspect?”


“Yes.” Cheng Suran restrained her thoughts and became serious, “I think my roommate is the most suspicious, but I have no evidence yet.”


She thought that Jiang Yu wanted to know more about it, and she organized some words in her mind, how to better express her assumptions.
But Jiang Yu just lowered her eyes and remained silent.


Is she waiting for her to continue talking?


“I…” Cheng Suran had just uttered a word when Jiang Yu interrupted her:


“Handle this yourself.”




“The top priority is to quell the turmoil and not let this matter continue to ferment.
If there is any problem between you and your classmates, it is your own business.” Jiang Yu raised her eyes, with a lazy smile on her mouth, and raised her fingers casually to brush the girl's hair.


Considering herself, it is best to let things be resolved quickly and within a controllable range.
As for who is behind the scenes, she is not interested in any conflicts between the kid and her classmates.


She is very busy.


Cheng Suran stared blankly at her for a while, moved her lips, and finally managed to utter two words: “Oh, okay.”


Her heart deflated like a ball, and the delicate flowers in full bloom withered in an instant.


She became a little lost.


But at least her sister is willing to help her, and didn't kick her away for being troublesome.
She didn't have to face the storm alone.
She was content and couldn't trouble her sister any more.


A burst of warm breath slowly fell on her lips.


Cheng Suran closed her eyes to cater.
She is not proficient enough, but she is not as clumsy as the previous few times.
She wrapped her arms around Jiang Yu's neck and her heartbeat gradually accelerated.


Just when she wanted to be more active, Jiang Yu let her go.


“Sister?” She opened her eyes in confusion.


Jiang Yu looked at her, with wildfire blazing in her fiery black eyes, as if she was enduring something.
She patted the girl's face, and said softly: “Tian Lin will call you tomorrow morning.
Talk to her on the phone on how you'll go through with the plan.
I have to leave early so I'll go to bed first.”


After speaking, she pushed Cheng Suran away, and got up in a hurry.


Before Cheng Suran could speak, Jiang Yu disappeared outside the door.


The next day, while having breakfast, Cheng Suran received a call from Tian Lin.


The two set a specific meeting time, how to do it, how to say it…
Tian Lin even prepared a script and sorted out the “plot” like a rehearsal.
But they were not familiar with each other after all, Tian Lin was used to being cautious with Jiang Yu for many years, so she asked her some more questions.


“How is your family situation? Are you on good terms with your father or mother at home?”


Being asked this, Cheng Suran turned silent.


“Miss Cheng?” Tian Lin called her.


She held the spoon tightly, mechanically stirred the porridge in the bowl, and said in a low voice, “I don't have parents, and I have always lived at my aunt's house.”


Now it was Tian Lin's turn to be silent.


But it didn't take long, Tian Lin skipped the topic, and continued to ask other questions.
She didn't know if it was an illusion, but her voice souded softer than before, and her tone was not as formulaic as before.


Finally, when she mentioned the house near the hotel, Cheng Suran came back to her senses, “What house?”


“After the boss signed the agreement with you, she rented an ordinary two-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood near the hotel.
She said it was a precautionary measure, and now it can really come in handy.”


So, did her sister think everything through?


The calm and steady driver sister, unobtrusive small car, a house near the hotel…thoughtful, meticulous, proper, everything, in consideration of her.


If only, her biological parents are just like this.


Cheng Suran softly groaned, and there was steam in her eyes.


It was a full class in the morning.


Different majors and different classes, some students who have no class in the afternoon can have a holiday at lunch, but Cheng Suran's class has an intensive reading class in the afternoon, which is not until after four o'clock.


According to the plan, she will go back to the dormitory at noon to simply pack up her things.


After lunch, Cheng Suran came out of the cafeteria.
She couldn't hold back the temptation and bought a cup of milk tea worth 6 yuan.
She drank it while walking with mixed feelings of guilt and pleasure.
There were students coming and going with their suitcases everywhere along the way. 


A private car with a local number plate is parked downstairs in the girls' dormitory.


A well-dressed girl came out of the building door with a suitcase, looked up and ran to the car happily.
The girl held out her hand.




“Isn't this box too light? Have you packed all the clothes you need to change into?”


“Just a few, I washed them all at school.
Hey, shall we go to that shop to eat grilled fish at night? I wasn't able to enjoy eating them last time.”


“Greedy cat.”




Cheng Suran stopped at some point, listening to their conversation, and watching them get into the car with envy in her eyes.


It wasn't until the car drove away that she came back to her senses and threw the empty cup in her hand into the trash can.


She went upstairs and pushed open the half-hidden door of the dormitory.


It was empty.


There was a mobile phone on the table by the door, with its screen on.
Cheng Suran froze for a moment and looked towards the balcony.
The toilet door just made a locking sound, someone just went in.


That is Li Meiling's bed.


In the past two days, she has been thinking about who the original poster of the thread was.
Analyzing and analyzing.
At first, she focused on her classmates, but she usually walks alone, and most of her classmates don't know her specific situation at all.


Then, she suspected that it was Ding Yuan, a local, who was in Jiangcheng during the summer vacation, maybe that's why she ran into her going to a nightclub.
But the two of them had no grievances or enmities, and the motives were really insufficient.


Li Meiling, on the other hand, not only had conflicts with her, but also knew her better.


Now she just needs to look at her phone to verify…


The sound of flushing came from the toilet, and Cheng Suran's mind froze, and before she had time to think about it, she grabbed the phone and sneaked out of the dormitory.


Avoiding people's sight, she took the stairs down to the corner of the third floor, turned to the window, picked up Li Meiling's mobile phone and looked at it, the page was Weibo.


She clicked on running in the background, swiped the main menu with her fingertips, turned the page, and then turned the page again, and found the Tieba* software.

*Baidu Tieba – search engine/online community forum similar to reddit


Her heart is beating violently in her chest, as if it would fly out of the throat in the next second.


Click on the post bar, personal homepage——


The id is “Come over here for a while”, registered five years ago, following some celebrity posts.


Cheng Suran's nerves relaxed, she was a little discouraged but unwilling to give up.
She had read that the OP's information was a small account that had only been registered for half a year, and this was obviously a large account.


She clicked into “Account Management” with the intention of trying it out.


Little Xiami*!

*little shrimp


Just below the main account switch!


It really is her…


Cheng Suran took a deep breath, but she didn't feel very angry, as if all of this was expected, it was just a matter of time – revenge from Li Meiling.


Some images flashed in front of her eyes like a movie.


She is disgusted.


After a while, Cheng Suran settled down, picked up her mobile phone, turned on the camera, took a picture of the page, and then switched to video mode, while operating Li Meiling's mobile phone to click on the penguin, and record the video to prove that “Little Xiami” is  Li Meiling.


Then she flipped through Li Meiling's penguin chat history.


Among them was a temporary conversation from a part-time job group.
The records showed that Li Meiling did not go home during the summer vacation, but worked in an electronics factory in the eastern suburbs of Jiangcheng.




She wiped the sweat from her forehead, took a picture of the chat history, then switched Li Meiling's phone back to the Weibo page, locked the screen and put it in her pocket, then turned and went upstairs as if nothing had happened.


Back in the dormitory, Li Meiling was rummaging through boxes and cabinets searching for something.
She saw her come in, but only glanced at her, and buried her head in the closet again.


Cheng Suran calmly walked to her desk, put down her bag, pretended to tidy up, and took advantage of the open closet door to block her view, and quickly stuffed the mobile phone into the gap between the two beds.


Now is not the time for a showdown.


The dormitory door opened again, and Ding Yuan came in from outside humming a song.


“Meiling, are you going home now?” She saw Li Meiling picking through the cabinets, thinking she was packing her luggage.


“No…” Li Meiling raised her head, “My phone is gone, it was still on the table just now.
Oh, right, can I borrow your phone to make a call?”


Ding Yuan took out her phone and unlocked it for her.


Not long after the call was made, there was a ringing sound from the bed.
She followed the sound to find it, bent down and took out her mobile phone from the gap, “Why did it fall here…”


Hanging up the phone and returning it to Ding Yuan, she patted the dust on her phone with a suspicious expression on her face.


“Did someone come in just now?”


“Me.” Ding Yuan blinked, “Oh, I'm here to get the book.”


“I mean before you…” Li Meiling looked at Cheng Suran as she spoke, her eyes stayed on her for a while, but she didn't see anything, and then retracted with suspicion.


Ding Yuan was puzzled “Huh?”




Cheng Suran turned sideways to them, tidying up the safe unhurriedly, pretending not to feel the gaze.
Right then, Tian Lin's call came in.


“Hello? Auntie…”


“I'm packing up, there's another class in the afternoon.”


“Okay, when you arrive, go directly to the dormitory, my room is in 732.”


She spoke a few words smoothly, then casually hung up, breathed a sigh of relief, and continued to pack her things. After tidying up her locker, she climbed onto the bed and removed the quilt cover.


“Wow, Ranran, you're finally going home?” Ding Yuan had already held the book in her hand, looking up at Cheng Suran.


Even her, who doesn't go back to the dormitory often, knows that Cheng Suran never goes home on holidays.


But the specific reason is not clear.


Cheng Suran was startled, and it took her a while to react, and shook her head with a light smile: “No, my aunt will come over this afternoon to help me change the quilt.”


“Hey—” Ding Yuan pointed her index finger on her lips, and frowned suspiciously, “Isn't your home in Lingzhou? It seems quite far away.”


“Yes, I'm from Lingzhou, but my aunt has been transferred to work in Jiangcheng this year, and I'll be staying with her.
I'll move the quilt over to dry during the holidays.” Cheng Suran lied without blushing.


Ding Yuan blinked, and suddenly realized: “I thought your aunt flew over from Lingzhou and then will fly back…Oh my god, I was stupid in class, I'm sorry.”


A funny expression of “I'm so stupid, please ignore me”.


Cheng Suran was quite amused.


At 4:10, Tian Lin drove to Jiangcheng University of Foreign Studies, registered with the gate guard, entered the campus smoothly, and stopped downstairs in the girls' dormitory.


There are still ten minutes before class ends.


She came early.


Before going out, Tian Lin changed into a “one piece” skirt according to Jiang Yu's instructions, her hair was put down and slightly curled, she looked like a mature woman with a successful career.


Now she is the aunt of a twenty-year-old female college student.


After a while, the students came out one after another.
Tian Lin got out of the car, leaned against the door, looked down at her watch, and looked up again, graciously welcoming others to look at her.


She is quite tall, her off-white dress is elegant and delicate.
She has a high-end temperament that has been in the fashion circle all year round.
Just standing there is enough to attract people's attention.


Cheng Suran saw her from a distance.




As she approached, she trotted forward happily, and the two little dimples sank sweetly, “Have you been waiting for a long time?”


Tian Lin showed a gentle and kind smile like an old mother: “No, just a few minutes.” She opened the back door and took out a silk quilt.
“Let's go up.” She said, holding the girl's shoulders.




Cheng Suran subconsciously wanted to take it and carry it by herself, but soon realized something, then she lowered her hands obediently.


The two entered the dormitory building under the watchful eyes of everyone.


The elevators were busy, non-local students wanted to go home, and the local students wanted to go out and play.
Going up and down, it had to stop on every floor for a long time.
The whole building is quite lively.


Cheng Suran naturally leaned on Tian Lin's shoulder, and the two chatted in low voices all the way to the door of the dormitory.


Girls from the same class who lived nearby walked behind them.


Cheng Suran took out the key to open the door, and led Tian Lin in.
There was no one in the dormitory at the moment, she pointed to her desk and said, “Put it here, have a seat first.”


“The environment of your dormitory is good.” Tian Lin looked around, nodding and commenting, like a parent visiting their child's dormitory for the first time.


As soon as the voice fell, the half-hidden door was pushed open.


Li Meiling and Ding Yuan came in one after the other holding books.


Four people facing each other.


Ding Yuan was the first to react and greeted warmly: “Hello, Auntie.”


“Hello, Auntie…” Li Meiling said, feeling uncomfortable.


Tian Lin nodded generously and smiled at them: “Are you Ranran's roommate? Hello.”




Hearing this random nickname, Cheng Suran's heart trembled inexplicably, her eyes gazing at Tian Lin's gentle smile.
For a moment, she couldn't tell if it was her acting skills that were too good, or she was thinking too much.


She took off her shoes and climbed the ladder to her bunk.


They put the changed sheets into a bag.
Cheng Suran made the bed on top, and Tian Lin responded from below.
They didn't talk much, but they cooperated very tacitly, and they were done in just a few minutes.


“Won't you be wearing your summer clothes? Take them home, wash them, dry them, and put them away.”




“Let's stop by the supermarket later.
Didn't you say you wanted to eat lamb chops last time? Let's buy some and cook it ourselves.”


“Um, I'm hungry now.” Cheng Suran smiled at Tian Lin coquettishly.


Tian Lin reached out and poked her on the forehead, “Little greedy cat.”


She suddenly remembered the mother and daughter she saw earlier.


The light in her eyes dimmed.


The sun gradually sank to the west, and the afterglow dyed the sky red.


There are a few more private cars under the dormitory building, Cheng Suran and Tian Lin walked out of the building side by side.
At a glance, the white car is not significant, but at that moment, it felt extraordinarily welcoming.


It was as if she actually had her parents pick her up.


Cheng Suran opened the passenger door and sat in.
Tian Lin also got into the car, started slowly, and left the campus against the sunset.


In the past, she would be very envious of her classmates who had a home to go back to, during holidays.
She also wanted to feel that…
the joyful feeling that she couldn't wait to rush back before class was over.
She would stand by the window upstairs and watch one car after another coming and going, watching other people pull their suitcases away gradually.


Sometimes it's hard to understand, can going home really make people so happy?


But today she seemed to feel this emotion.


Even if it's acting, even if it's not actually going home, it somehow makes her happy.
As a result, a little greed spread to the bottom of her heart.


It's not bad to experience this once.


She thought.


“Assistant Tian…” Cheng Suran looked at the woman in the driver's seat.




“Thank you.”


“You're welcome, I'm just doing what my boss tells me to do.”


Cheng Suran smiled wryly.


That's right…


She is just a canary.
In the eyes of people like Assistant Tian, ​​she has no dignity and can be looked down upon.
Everything is for the benefit of the benefactor.
She suddenly felt that she had made a joke and was extremely embarrassed.


The car stopped at the red light at the intersection.


Tian Lin turned her head and saw the girl lowering her face, looking depressed, as if she had read her mind.
“Miss Cheng, you did nothing wrong.”




“What you like and what I want, the pros and cons outweigh the right and wrong.
Don't set too high a moral bottom line for yourself.”


After speaking, she gave her a relieved smile.


After a while, the green light came on, and Tian Lin looked away and continued driving.


Cheng Suran seemed to understand, but after a long time, she suddenly recalled that this was telling her that she did not look down on her because of “support”, and there was no need to belittle herself because of it.


A cell phone ringing interrupted her thoughts.


Tian Lin took out a Bluetooth headset and put it on, then pressed a button on the steering wheel, “Sister Yu.”


Sister's call!


Cheng Suran held her breath.


It's going well.
We're on the way back.” Tian Lin responded simply, and suddenly glanced at the passenger seat, “She's okay, her mood is stable.”


“Do you want to talk to her?”


With just a few words, as she listened, Cheng Suran couldn't help but wonder if her sister cared about her.
Before she could think about it, a bluetooth headset was handed over:


“The boss's call.”


She couldn't wait to pick it up and put it on her ears, but she didn't know what to say, and said in a low voice: “Sister——


“Hey, go back and have a good dinner, take a comfortable bath, and don't think about anything.” Jiang Yu's gentle voice came from the earphones, probably peeking into Cheng Suran's emotions the moment she opened her mouth.


Cheng Suran bit her lip tightly, her nose was slightly astringent.






“Sister is busy here, I won't drop by tonight, go to bed early.”




Then the phone hung up.


Cheng Suran reluctantly took off the earphone and put it in the palm of her hand.
She seemed to have swallowed a whole fruit.
She couldn't tell what it was like, but it slowly took root inside…

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