At that time, Cheng Suran didn't know that gentleness could be an illusion, and her clumsy and immature heart was hit with a bang.




Cheng Suran nodded, but changed her mind and said: “But sister, don't you have to accompany your family?”


“I want to accompany you more.” Jiang Yu whispered in her ear.


The girl bit her lip and smiled, her little dimples sank even deeper, without realizing how excited she was.


Jiang Yu kissed her cheek fondly, then straightened up and took out the presents from the paper box.
There were three gifts in total, and she put them on the table one by one.


A black handbag, off-white dress, a set of scented candles.


“This tote bag is Bottega Veneta's new style this year.
It is purely hand-woven and has a simple and low-key design.
It is characterized by no obvious external trademarks.
It looks ordinary and has a large capacity.
It can hold a lot of things and meets your current needs.”


“A designer friend of mine made the dress himself, and he asked me to give it to the person I like the most.” Having said that, Jiang Yu paused for a moment, and turned her gaze to her.


“Sister likes you the most.”


Cheng Suran looked at her, heart throbbing slightly.


Jiang Yu quickly looked away again, and continued: “This is one size fits all, I measured your size by hand and I think it fits right, you can wear it.”


“Measure by hand?”




“How can your hands…” Cheng Suran looked down at herself, and suddenly understood and blushed.


Jiang Yu picked up the skirt and gestured twice in front of her, showing a satisfied smile: “It looks good.”


Fresh and elegant off-white, V-neck three-quarter sleeves, hand-embroidered designer initials on the left cuff.
The drape and tailoring of the fabric are particularly good, no matter how hard you grab, knead and pull it, it will return to its original shape in a second.


She put down her skirt and picked up a scented candle.


“This is a scented wax.
You can use this day and night.
I chose a fig scent for you, it's a little lighter than other scents, and has a calming effect.”


The aromatherapy box was written in English that Cheng Suran didn't understand.


“Do you like them all?” Jiang Yu looked at her with a smile.


Every gift is carefully selected, fully considering her needs.
It took thought and time.
As far as the sponsorship

between them is concerned, she is the one who should do this.
Only a lover pleases the benefactor, but no benefactor has ever pleased a lover.


It's the same as sending her a laptop last time.


Cheng Suran's cheeks turned hot, she nodded subconsciously, then shook her head again: “Sister, don't waste your money.”


“How is giving a gift to a kid wasting my money?”


“But I didn't even prepare a gift for you as well–“


Jiang Yu lowered her head and kissed Cheng Suran's lips, wrapped her two thin and strong arms around her waist, her warm breath spreading under the tip of her nose, then let go with just one touch, muttering: “Aren't you the best gift ever?”


Cheng Suran snuggled into her arms, her heart beating like a drum, and her already red cheeks became even redder.


Is this an illusion? Sister seemed to be a different person tonight.
Her eyes and smile blurred the cold and realistic relationship between them, and they got closer to each other.
There was an emotion that she had never experienced, festering like ants, crawling and tickling across her palms.


She couldn't help but wonder, could it be that sister deliberately didn't reply to her messages, just to surprise her?


Once caught in the emotional vortex, it became difficult to get out.
She forgot the relationship between them, forgot Jiang Yu's previous cruelty, and she was willing to sink.


“I'll take you somewhere.”




“Follow me.”


Tonight, the hotel has an event; guessing lantern riddles and releasing river lanterns in the large garden on the east side of the inner courtyard.


From the elevator, Jiang Yu led Cheng Suran through the hall and corridor, and stepped onto the red carpet.
From a distance, she could see rows of red lanterns hanging beside the lake, and there was melodious music.


Many people are participating in the event.


There is a large sign at the entrance with the rules of the game written on it.


There are no more than two people in a group, and mobile phones are not allowed in.
Every time you guess a lantern riddle correctly, you can get a number card.
After collecting all the number cards, you can freely exchange them for gifts.
The time limit is 15 minutes.


The prizes include pens, small speakers, tablets, projectors, etc., all of which are practical and expensive.


Cheng Suran stared at the pen, her black eyes sparkled slightly: “I want that…”


“Do you have confidence in yourself?” Jiang Yu asked softly.


Cheng Suran froze.


As if–


She turned her head, blinked shyly, twitched for a while, and then whispered: “Not really.”


When she participated in a guessing activity before, she and her classmates formed a team of three.
Everyone else guessed the last question, but she was still stuck on the fourth question.
At that time, the questions were not difficult, and the prizes were all gadgets, but today the prizes are so expensive and valuable, the questions must be difficult.


Jiang Yu encouraged: “Sister has confidence in you.
Let's go and try.”


“Mm!” Cheng Suran nodded vigorously.


The two walked to the entrance, registered their room number, and handed their phones to the waiter.


There is an electronic display under each lantern.
Players answer questions on it.
After answering correctly, the lantern will automatically spit out a number card, and then change the question, waiting for the next group of players to answer.


Cheng Suran couldn't wait to walk towards the first lantern.
Before she took half a step, she suddenly remembered that she was holding her sister's hand, she hesitated for a moment, and then withdrew her foot again.


Jiang Yu let go of her hand and said, “Go.”


“What's wrong?”


“Let's go together.” Cheng Suran tentatively took her hand, not paying attention to the angle, and accidentally interlocked their fingers.


Jiang Yu said yes with a smile, and calmly pulled out her finger, putting it on the back of her hand.


Cheng Suran didn't realize it.


The two walked side by side to the first lantern, and there were only four words on the display: Four seasons are like spring.
The parentheses at the end read “Guess the name of the place in Taiwan Province”.


“This…” Cheng Suran was stunned, “I've never been to Taiwan.”




Without a mobile phone, she cannot search.


Sure enough, it won't be easy for people to get the prize.
She was discouraged by the first question.


The light of the lantern shone on her face, as if she had applied rouge, her little face was flushed and slightly puffing due to confusion, which looked a bit cute.


Jiang Yu looked at her quietly.


Observing what the kid will do.


After a while, still having no idea, Cheng Suran muttered dejectedly: “I can't solve the first lantern riddle.
It seems that I won't get the prize today…I'm so stupid.”


Jiang Yu didn't speak, reached out and tapped the on-screen keyboard, and quickly typed two words:




The answer is correct!


A number card dropped out from the bottom of the lantern with a “click”.


“Huh?” Cheng Suran opened her eyes wide and looked at Jiang Yu amazed.
Before she could ask, Jiang Yu took the initiative to explain.


“Let's continue playing.”


 Jiang Yu smiled faintly, patted her on the shoulder, “Next question.”




The second question and the third question were to guess the object and the name of the person respectively.
Jiang Yu knew it well, but kept silent, watching the kid racking her brain to no avail, and finally answered.


The fourth, fifth…Jiang Yu answered the nine consecutive questions correctly.


Cheng Suran felt extremely frustrated for a moment.


Strictly speaking, the topic is not difficult, but it is difficult for her.
She has never been exposed to many things, and she has seen too little, so she doesn't know where to start.


It was also in these short few minutes that she realized that there was such a big gap between herself and her sister.


“Moonrise scares the mountain birds…” Jiang Yu read out the last lantern riddle softly.


“Guess the word?”


She looked at Cheng Suran.


Cheng Suran came up with the answer almost instantly – cuckoo.


This lantern riddle is too simple, is it possible? The first few questions were hit one after another, she couldn't believe herself a little bit, she frowned, her fingers were hanging on the screen and she didn't click on it.


“Sister, do you know?”


Jiang Yu shook her head.


This time she really doesn't know.


Cheng Suran bit her lip, her eyebrows frowned even tighter, thinking of making a gamble, she typed the word “cuckoo” on the screen.




Her mouth gaped incredulously.


Jiang Yu gave her a thumbs up and praised in a warm voice: “Good job.”


Cheng Suran smiled.


After collecting all the number cards, the two walked to the prize redemption table.The kid was thinking about the beautifully packaged pen, but she couldn't see it at a glance.


The waiter apologized and said that the pen was already exchanged by other players who cleared the level.


“Then…” Cheng Suran was a little disappointed.


“Why don't you look at other prizes?”


“All right.”


The next best thing, she chose a small speaker.
The shape of the pink pig is very cute.
It just so happens that she also likes to listen to music.


Jiang Yu looked at her silently.


After the game was over, the two did not go back to the room, but went upstairs.


There is a leisure viewing terrace on the top floor with more than a dozen wide and comfortable sofa chairs.
For tonight, it is a good place to enjoy the moon and drink wine.


There are no clouds tonight, and a huge full moon hangs in the sky, and the silver light is as cool as water.


Jiang Yu reclined on the sofa, looking lazily at the figure of the girl by the fence.
From behind, she looked very thin, but she knew that it was very comfortable to hold her in her arms.


Unknowingly, she narrowed her eyes slightly.


She was giving, giving companionship, tenderness, and…
patience to a girl who is “homeless” like herself.


A canary, with a knot in her heart, couldn't concentrate on serving her.


The agreement is less than a month old, and she still has a strong sense of freshness.
If this incident leaves a shadow on the kid and can no longer please her, then it will be a loss to her, a heavy loss.


How can she do a losing business?


This is all for herself.


“Sister——” the girl turned around and trotted forward, the voice interrupted her thoughts.


“It's really high from the top down, but it doesn't feel like it in the room.”


She knelt down on one leg, her eyes sparkled with excitement, her black hair was blown by the wind, and passed over her eyelids, her little face was beautiful and lovely in the gloom.


Jiang Yu smiled, didn't speak, and stretched out her hand to wrap the girl in her arms.


At this time, the waiter came over with a tray, put down half a glass of red wine and a glass of juice, said 'please enjoy' and left quietly.


“Sister, why is mine fruit juice?” Cheng Suran stared at the glass in surprise.


Jiang Yu lazily raised her eyes and said, “Kids should drink less.”


She took a sip of her red wine.


Cheng Suran paused, remembering that last time she drank a few sips of sweet red wine, she suddenly became dizzy, her face was hot and so was her heart.
It was really embarrassing.
She couldn't help wondering if her sister was accommodating her.


“I can have a drink with you.”


“Be obedient.”




She obediently picked up the juice and took a sip.


The surrounding lights are dim, and there are occasional whispers.
Jiang Yu curled up one leg, her body curves and undulates like a snake, her cold and charming eyes are dim, like a hunter lurking in the dark and waiting for an opportunity.


Cheng Suran raised her eyes to look at the moon, and then at her, only saw the cold outline, for a moment, couldn't help but say: “Sister——




“Can I ask you something?”


“Go ahead.”


“In our school forum, there are several ids…”


Before she could finish speaking, Jiang Yu interrupted quietly: “My people.”




She guessed right.


Cheng Suran didn't know whether her heart was sweet or sour.
It was a bit complicated.
She sighed, buried her face in front of Jiang Yu, and sniffed this familiar and favorite fragrance.


“Thank you, sister.”


“Thank you for what?”


“For helping me.”


As soon as these words fell, the air was quiet for a few seconds, and a cool breeze blew past.


Jiang Yu's chuckle came beside her ear.


“I said, these things should be done for you, and it is my duty to protect you.” She lowered her head and kissed the tip of the girl's nose, her tone calm.


To protect the kid is to protect herself.


She will always be true to herself.


But to Cheng Suran's ears, what she said was full of tenderness.


Due to family reasons, she used to have low self-esteem and never dared to take the initiative to communicate with others.
Later, when she was in college, she forced herself to take part-time jobs that required frequent communication with people, such as hotel front desk, recruiter, and voice customer service.


Eventually, her problems improved, and she no longer had social fright outside, but she was almost beaten back to her original shape because of this posting incident.


Fortunately, there are more good people than bad people in this world.


She could believe in the beauty of the world again.




Cheng Suran hugged Jiang Yu, closed her eyes and savored the joy.


A light kiss fell on her lips.


She opened her eyes.


Warm breath rushed over, as if scratching an itch.
What was thought to be a superficial kiss, suddenly deepened, and swept her like a storm, taking away all the air.




Cheng Suran closed her eyes again.


Gorgeous fireworks exploded in her mind, and a rush of excitement filled her up.
Unlike the tension every time before, this time, she clearly felt the throbbing in her heart, wanting more.


Time flies by here.


Cheng Suran reached for Jiang Yu's collar and accidentally loosened the third button.


In an instant, she was pushed away.


“Elder sister?”


“It's getting late, go back to sleep.”


Jiang Yu sat up without any emotion in her voice.
She buttoned up and picked up the goblet and drank it in one gulp, got up and walked to the elevator.


Cheng Suran froze in place, and it took her a while to realize, then she hurriedly followed, but missed the same elevator.
When she sat down and returned to the suite, she opened the door, and there was no one inside.


Gone again?


She doesn't even know why.


— beep


The back door opened.


She looked up.


Jiang Yu came in, holding a beautifully wrapped rectangular box in her hand, and handed it to her.


It's that pen.

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