Isn't the pen exchanged by others?


Cheng Suran took the box and looked at Jiang Yu suspiciously.


“This kind of prize is usually in stock.
I asked the hotel to buy one.” Jiang Yu stretched out her hand and brushed the slightly messy hair on her forehead.


Cheng Suran's heart trembled, she castigated herself but it continued throbbing.


She let her sister spend money again.


Jiang Yu seemed to know what she was thinking, raised her lips and smiled, and said, “The important thing is that you like it.”


“Thank you, sister.” Cheng Suran didn't want to be shy anymore, and accepted it generously.


“Actually, it's because I usually like to write in a notebook.
When I'm tired, I just copy something for fun, and…
I'm a member of the Aesthetics Association.
Hahaha, this pen is super beautiful, so I fell in love with it.”


Her two sweet little dimples sank happily.


“Then—” Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows, trying to tease her, and lowered her head slightly to ears, “Member of the Aesthetics Association, do you think I look good?”


Cheng Suran nodded seriously: “Sister is the most beautiful in my heart.”


“Why does it sound so insincere?”


“It's true!” The kid was anxious, “You are tall and have a good figure.
You look good in anything you wear, yes, and you have a great temperament.
Anyone who stands by your side will be instantly killed!”


She was so anxious that she blew a long series of rainbow farts.*”



Jiang Yu couldn't help laughing, raised her hand and scratched her nose, “Just kidding.”


“Do you want to eat moon cakes?”


Cheng Suran shook her head: “I don't eat sweets at night.” After speaking, she felt that her sister was disappointed, so she added: “I want to keep it as a snack during the day.”


“Okay,” Jiang Yu nodded, “Go take a shower and sleep.”


It's half past ten.


Cheng Suran grabbed her wrist, “Are you going to leave?”


Jiang Yu lowered her eyes, saw reluctance and hope in those eyes, and saw her own face.
She was silent for a moment, then said lightly, “I won't.”


A happy smile appeared on the girl's face.


The two went to take a bath separately, Cheng Suran was a little faster, she applied perfume all over her body, got into the master bedroom, and rolled on the big bed.


Not long after, Jiang Yu came in.


She was wearing a red silk nightgown with loose ties, and her long thick black half-curly hair hung down her shoulders, a little disheveled, and indescribably charming.


Cheng Suran was distracted, and when she sat down, she rolled over and hugged her, “Sister…”


“Aren't you going to sleep?” Jiang Yu patted her hand.


Cheng Suran didn't speak.


She had a bold idea——


The phone vibrated, there was a new email, Jiang Yu picked it up to read it, and let the kid hug her, lifted the quilt with the other hand, put her legs in, and sat on the head of the bed.


Cheng Suran tentatively grabbed the tie.


Pulling it out quietly…


Her hand was suddenly grabbed.


“What are you doing?” Jiang Yu's deep voice came from beside her ear.


Cheng Suran looked at her, hesitated to speak, and pouted her small mouth slightly, as if both wronged and unwilling.


Jiang Yu put the phone on the bedside table, “If you don't say anything, you'll go to sleep.”


I saw in the short video, uh, no party is always active, so…” Cheng Suran bit her lip, with a hint of shame in her eyes.


“You can't always take the initiative, can you?”


Jiang Yu slyly looked at her for a moment, leaned forward, the tip of her nose brushed against her face, closed her eyes and gently spat out a few words: “Little friend learned to be bad.”


“It was you who taught me to be bad.” Cheng Suran thought this was her agreement, and became proud.


The thin strap was easily pulled away, her hands were shaking a little, she was inexplicably excited about what she was going to try for the first time, seeing that Jiang Yu was just looking at her without any reaction, she couldn't help being bolder.


She went to lift the neckline.


Jiang Yu grabbed her wrist, her whole face sank, and she exerted a little strength, her deep pool-like eyes radiating coldness.


Cheng Suran couldn't help shaking, and murmured: “Sister…”






She nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.


Jiang Yu let go, and Cheng Suran immediately shrank back, obediently got into the bed, she felt aggrieved for a moment, she turned over, with the back of her head facing the person behind her.


“Good night sister.” muffled voice.


Jiang Yu turned her face to the side, staring at the girl's black hair.
After a long while, she turned off the light and lay down.
She hugged Cheng Suran from behind and said softly, “Good night.”




The remaining two days coincided with the opening of Paris Fashion Week, and Jiang Yu went to the show.


The temperature rose slightly, cooler in the morning and evening, hotter at noon, even worse than in August, and the sun still made people's scalp numb.


Cheng Suran wore the skirt Jiang Yu gave her, to class.


She doesn't know what kind of fabric it is, but the tailoring fits her body very well.
No matter how she changes her posture, it will not wrinkle or bulge.
The texture is so good that she dare not touch it too much for fear of damaging it.


It had a very ordinary style, without any extra lace embellishment, but on the way to the cafeteria and classroom, there were always strange girls asking.


The little vanity of this age was greatly satisfying.


After the three-day holiday, the popularity of rumor posts has dropped a lot.
The voices praising Cheng Suran kept coming and going, which was on par with the voices attacking “Little Xiami”.


But there was one more thing left undone.


After lunch, Cheng Suran returned to the dormitory.
As she expected, only Li Meiling was there.


She put down her backpack, took a deep breath, took out the prepared recording pen from her bag and pressed it, put it in her pocket, turned around and walked to Li Meiling's side.


“I have something to tell you.”


Li Meiling was scrolling through Weibo with her mobile phone in her hand, and raised her head when she heard the sound, frowning: “What for?”


Cheng Suran took out her mobile phone, clicked a few times, called up a video, held it up to her eyes, “Look at this.”


In the video, a black mobile phone with the screen turned on appeared, and the page was Tieba’s personal account, and then an index finger appeared, swiping the screen, jumping from the main menu to Penguin, and entering the profile page.


Ten seconds quickly finished playing.


Li Meiling opened her eyes wide and gritted her teeth: “I just said why the phone suddenly disappeared that day.
So it was you who was the thief here?”


“It doesn't matter.” Cheng Suran remained expressionless.


“So what do you want?”


“If you want to state objective facts, you, Li Meiling, maliciously spread rumors about me, that I was being sponsored, leading the public to abuse me online.”


The two stared at each other in silence.


Li Meiling felt a little guilty, she looked away, and said with a sneer, “I'm spreading rumors? Is that what everyone thinks about those photos of yours? At most, it's a misunderstanding.
Besides, who knows if I really misunderstood you.”


She is a little shorter than Cheng Suran, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, with deep eye sockets, long eyelashes and a round face.


When she first entered freshman year, there were four people in the dormitory, Cheng Suran, Li Meiling, Ding Yuan, and another roommate, Shen Zhi, who had moved out.
At that time, they were not familiar with each other, and just walked together to eat and go to class.


Cheng Suran is used to being alone, and she often has to go out to do part-time jobs, so she became alone again as time went by.
Ding Yuan is a local who doesn't often live in the dormitory and only reserves a bed, so Shen Zhi and Li Meiling have the best relationship most of the time.


At first, the relationship in the dormitory was relatively harmonious.
Li Meiling and Shen Zhi joined different departments of the student union.
They were busy signing in for meetings and running errands for the teachers every day.
Later, for some reason, the two began to fight openly and secretly in the student union.


Cheng Suran leaves early and returns late, and has never noticed that the atmosphere in the dormitory is not right.
One evening after class, Li Meiling took her to have dinner with her.
After eating, she took her to the playground for a walk and to chat.
She talked about her family's misfortune, her difficulty in studying, and being bullied by her old friends at school.


The old friend was naturally Shen Zhi.


At that time, Cheng Suran was naive and simple, with a lonely heart under her cold shell.
She believed in Li Meiling, and firmly believed that Shen Zhi was two-faced and did many things that she regretted.


Li Meiling secretly squeezed Shen Zhi's facial cleanser, poured biscuit crumbs on Shen Zhi's bed, spit in Shen Zhi's drink…
and so on.
Although she didn't do it herself, she was also an “accomplice” who watched and did not stop Li Meiling.


Later, she happened to participate in an event with Shen Zhi, only to find out that the other party was not the person Li Meiling said she was.
She broke down, blamed herself and panicked, and apologized to Shen Zhi the next day and confessed everything.


A “war” broke out in the dormitory.


Later, when Shen Zhi moved out, Li Meiling hated her for defecting, and said she was not a human being inside and out.


Making friends with her is a lie, and soliciting and taking advantage of her is true.
Her sincerity is nothing but a deceit, in exchange for manipulation.


Since then, she isolated herself from others and never trusted anyone.


“I don't want to argue with you about the nature of this matter.
In short, the fact is that you spread rumors about me and caused me harm.” Cheng Suran said word by word.


Li Meiling's face was full of dissatisfaction, and she pointed to her nose and said, “You secretly took pictures of my mobile phone, which is an invasion of privacy! I can sue you!”




“Do you think you understand the law?” Cheng Suran sneered, and slapped Li Meiling's  hand away heavily.


“Then let me tell you that spreading rumors and slander is against the law.
I can call the police directly, and the police can find you along the network cable.
I don't need to show the things I took on my phone.
In addition, I also want to sue you for infringing my right of reputation, so that you can eat your lawsuit, and then things will be more than what they are now, you will be more famous than me.”


“Maybe you will go to jail, and when you come out with a criminal record, life will definitely be difficult.”


She was also guilty of saying this.


Sponsorship is a fact, and from a legal point of view, Li Meiling did not defame.
She just wanted to deter the other party with this, rather than really taking this step.
After all, it was difficult to guarantee that the trouble would not affect her sister.


But if Li Meiling doesn't cooperate, this is her last resort.


The small room was so quiet that only the sound of each other's breathing could be heard.


The air instantly condensed.


Li Meiling's face changed slightly, she stared at her intently, her lips were pursed into a straight line.
After a long time, she said bitterly: “What do you want?”


At that moment, Cheng Suran breathed a sigh of relief.


Thankfully it worked.


“Take a video showing your face and post it, publicly apologize to me, and then delete the rumor post.”


“Then what if someone scolds me?”


“You deserve it.”


“You—” Li Meiling stepped forward.


Cheng Suran resisted the thought of retreating, stood still, straightened her back, “After you post, I will follow up and say that we have reconciled privately, and let you delete the post after a while, and this matter will be over.
All grievances will be written off, and the well water will not violate the river water from now on*.”

*they'll be minding their own business


“Either make a public apology, or see you in court, choose.”


Once the public apology is made, Li Meiling will definitely be mocked, and with a previous record, it will be difficult to target her in the future.


Kindness with choice is kindness, kindness without choice is cowardice.


Li Meiling frowned and hesitated for a while, “How to record a video?”


“You write the manuscript first.”




There was no class in the afternoon, so Cheng Suran went to the company.


Previously, she made an appointment with the photographer for the photoshoot, twice a week, and the filming will be completed in three and a half weeks.
Today was her first shoot since she officially agreed to be a print model, she didn't have to meet Assistant Tian, ​​so the journey went smoothly.


The studio is busy, and everyone is busy preparing for work.


When Cheng Suran came in, she immediately saw Qi Yan – the beautiful photographer sister.


She tried her best to restrain the discomfort of being in a crowded place, greeted everyone politely, and walked straight to Qi Yan.
Before approaching, the other party raised her head and saw her.


“Little sister, come—” Qi Yan smiled and waved to her.


Cheng Suran walked over at a faster pace, and greeted obediently: “Sister Yanyan.”


Qi Yan put on light makeup today, with a thin oval face, red lips and white teeth, hair as black as ebony hung behind her, and her eyes were radiant.


Looking at beautiful people makes her feel better.


“Today we have a lot to shoot, and time is a bit tight.
Let's go in and have a chat first, and then you can change your clothes and put on makeup.” Qi Yan pointed to the small room in the corner.




Want to chat first?


Cheng Suran was puzzled, but still nodded cooperatively: “Okay.”


She followed Qi Yan into the small room.


The place where she changed clothes during the last shooting was a combination sofa, a round table, and a water dispenser.
Qi Yan pointed to the single sofa, motioned for her to sit, and then poured a glass of water and placed it in front of her.




“You're welcome,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “How old are you this year?”


Cheng Suran answered truthfully: “Twenty years old.”






“Where is your hometown?”




“Which school do you study in? What major?”


Cheng Suran paused, feeling vigilant: “Why do you ask this?”


“Don't be afraid, this is just my professional quirk.
Before shooting with a new model, I will chat with her to understand the basic situation, I won't do anything.” Qi Yan explained patiently, looking at her with a hint of curiosity.


The last time was not a formal shooting, the little sister only left her a first impression.


Pureness, like that of a white lotus; desire like that of a rose.
Extremely malleable.


That scumbag Jiang Yu has always had a good eye.


She is only twenty years old, still at the age of an ivory tower*.
She had not experienced much in the world, and she doesn't know people well, so she just fell into the hands of trash…
Qi Yan's eyes showed a trace of regret.

*sheltered and separated from the realities of life


If it wasn't for her lack of position, she really wanted to remind this little sister – Jiang Yu is a scum.




Cheng Suran nodded and said softly: “Jiangcheng University of Foreign Studies, Department of French.”


Perhaps it was because of Qi Yan's beauty, she slowly let go of her guard, and remembered that when she was in her sister's office, the photographer seemed to have a good relationship with her sister, so she should be able to rest assured.


At that time, she didn't know that one day in the future, she would be so jealous of Qi Yan like crazy.


The two chatted for about ten minutes, and Cheng Suran went to change clothes and put on makeup.


There are seven outfits for today's shoot.


With the previous experience, Cheng Suran is not so nervous facing the camera this time, but, after all, she has not received professional training, so her expressive ability is slightly inferior.


When it came to the sixth set of clothes, the door of the studio suddenly opened.


A slender figure stepped in.


“Jiang…” The assistant makeup artist saw her and was about to shout when Jiang Yu made a shushing gesture.


A chair was placed in front of the curtain, and the girl sat on it with her legs curled up.
The swimsuit-like skirt had too little fabric, and a large area of ​​white skin was shining brightly.
She seemed a little reluctant to let go and her expression was very stiff.


It's more like tired.
Her brows and eyes show fatigue.


“No, no, the eyes should be a little lazier.”


“It's good to touch the left toe on the ground, don't exert force…
Hey, what's going on? I mean don't use force, as soon as you exert force, your calf will stretch out.”


After filming all afternoon, they got stuck on the sixth set of clothes and went back and forth more than ten times, but still couldn't find the feeling that fit the theme.
Qi Yan gradually ran out of patience, and her voice raised unconsciously.


She walks around the camera.


Grabbing the girl's ankles, she poses her as if she is carving a work of art, with a passion for perfection in her eyes.


Cheng Suran was manipulated like a puppet.
Four hours of continuous shooting made her exhausted, her shoulders were sore, her neck hurt, and she couldn't help shaking when she tiptoed on the ground.


“That's it, hold on, don't move.” Qi Yan stepped back in satisfaction and returned to the camera.


Finally, it was done.


“Next set.”


“Qi Yan—”


Jiang Yu came out of the darkness, looked at Qi Yan, and asked indifferently: “How long have you been filming?”


Everyone was shocked.


She stood under the light, with her arms crossed, her figure upright, her black suit casually draped over her shoulders, and the avocado green waist-tight dress inside, a very simple and elegant color, blending a bit of gentleness into the coldness.


Cheng Suran looked at her in surprise, her eyes sparkling.


Sister is back!


“The filming started at one o'clock, and it took about four hours.” Qi Yan had already gotten used to her elusiveness, so she lowered her head and fiddled with the camera after speaking.


Jiang Yu glanced at the girl's face, and ordered lightly: “That's it for today.”


“No, it's the last set, soon.”


The shooting progress of the whole series is not in a hurry, but Qi Yan likes to do things from beginning to end.
This issue has started to be filmed, and she must finish filming it before stopping to do other things, otherwise she will feel uncomfortable all over.


“She's a person, not a tool.” Jiang Yu said in a deep voice.


Qi Yan stopped fiddling and turned her head with a serious face.
She was just about to say that she also has her own principles, and if she wants to stay here, she has to follow her rhythm.


But she had never seen Jiang Yu's face so ugly.


The words came to her lips but got swallowed.


“All right.”


Jiang Yu turned around silently and waved at the girl.


Cheng Suran couldn't wait to step forward, “Sister, don't you want to shoot?”


“It's time to rest.” Jiang Yu restrained her expression, a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, and her slender fingers picked up a strand of her hair, “Are you made of iron?”


The girl pursed her lips and smiled, her cheeks suddenly turned pink, and the two small dimples were also dyed pink.


“Let's go back to the office.”




Jiang Yu held Cheng Suran's shoulders, turned around and took two steps, as if she remembered something, let Cheng Suran go first, and turned back by herself.


“Qi Yan.”




“Here, I have given you the greatest freedom, but I also hope that you can respect me and my people.”

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