Jiang Yu left the studio under the white eyes of the people behind her.


Back in the office, the kid was sitting upright on the sofa, with her shoulders hunched, her hands placed neatly on her knees, her legs felt very tight, like a sense of restraint that she couldn't let go of.


The skirt is thin and see-through, and the design is quite avant-garde, as if it will disappear if she moves  casually.


Hearing the sound, Cheng Suran turned to her, her watery black eyes sparkled: “Sister…”


The small face was covered with makeup, it was so light that it was almost invisible, the delicate and lively eyes like water apricots were full of light, her lips were slightly parted, and the corners curled up in a slightly sweet arc.


The immature and pure appearance, wearing this sexy and hot skirt, contrasted to the extreme, making one daydream.


There are not only photographers in the studio, but also six or seven men and women.
The kid is thin-skinned and has no professional training.
Of course, she wouldn't be comfortable being exposed to the camera like this.


Jiang Yu's eyes darkened slightly, a trace of regret floated in her heart, and she cursed Qi Yan secretly: Rogue!


“Did you just come back today?”




Jiang Yu closed the door with her backhand, walked over calmly, took off her suit jacket and put it on Cheng Suran's body, and gathered the front to cover her inner skirt.


Cheng Suran watched her movements, lowering and raising her head, inexplicably feeling a strong possessive desire.


Sister won't be angry, will she?  She was dressed like this…Sigh, although it was necessary for filming, she forgot to change and came out.
Sister definitely didn't want her to be seen again.


“I came back yesterday afternoon.” Jiang Yu sat down and wrapped her long arms around her waist.


Cheng Suran let out a muffled sound, and unconsciously pursed her small mouth.


She's been back a long time ago.


Jiang Yu had a panoramic view of her slightly disappointed expression, like a feather sweeping across her heart, causing a burst of itching and soothing the boiling emotions just now.


“I've been jet-lagged since I came back.
I didn't get up until noon today, and then I did some work.
I came here when I knew you were filming at the company.” Jiang Yu explained patiently, and lowered herself down to kiss her hair.


Cheng Suran was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly realized, she lowered her eyes in embarrassment, leaning her head against her collarbone.


As soon as she got up, she came to find her.


“Kid, are you a fool?”




Jiang Yu stretched out her index finger and tapped her forehead, and said with a stern tone, “Say it when you're tired, it's your legitimate right, and blindly patiently satisfying others will make you only be taken for granted.”


“I…” Cheng Suran hesitated to speak.


This is a problem she was born with.
She was too embarrassed to ask, too embarrassed to refuse others, so she endured it and endured it.
Everything can be “it doesn't matter”.


She hated herself like this, so she took a lot of effort to change.


But she didn't expect to be seen through at a glance.


“Okay, I'll work on it,” she whispered.


“By the way, sister, I have found the one who posted about me and it has been settled peacefully.
You and Assistant Tian don't have to worry about it anymore.
Thank you.”


Jiang Yu raised her brows and asked with great interest, “How did you solve it?”


“I told her to apologize publicly.”


“Tell me the story.”




Cheng Suran hesitated for a moment, took out her mobile phone from her bag, clicked on a recording file and played it.


Two girls' voices came out, one was clear and the other was thin, the former was Cheng Suran, and the latter…
was the host of the rumor-mongering post.


Jiang Yu listened quietly.


The recording is not long, three to five minutes.


After playing, Cheng Suran swiped the screen with her fingertips, exited the file, put the phone aside, and turned to observe Jiang Yu's face.


Jiang Yu lowered her eyes and remained motionless.


Suddenly, she met the girl's eyes, her deep brows were tinged with surprise, with a look of scrutiny, and the line of her lips curved slightly.


She couldn't imagine Cheng Suran's expression when she said those words.


In just half a month, the kid has been well-behaved and obedient in her eyes, with a beautiful face and a soft and innocent personality, like a harmless little white rabbit.


Now she finds out she was wrong.


Under the girl's seemingly weak and obedient appearance, there is a heart full of power, not necessarily pure and easy to deceive, but soft and deceitful.


It is the first time she misjudged someone.
Her heart began to grow a tinge of curiosity about the kid.
“Sister…” Seeing that she didn't speak, Cheng Suran got a little nervous, and clasped her fingers together, “I just want to scare her first, and it's best if we can resolve it peacefully.
Otherwise, I am afraid that this will affect you.”


The smile on the corner of Jiang Yu's mouth gradually widened.
She stretched out her hand and gently pinched her ear, “What should I do, kid, sister likes you more and more.”


Cheng Suran opened her eyes wide.




She stared at Jiang Yu without blinking, her slender eyelashes fluttered like a pair of cicada wings, her eyes glistened with water, and her small mouth with light pink lipstick opened slightly.


The throbbing in her chest became more and more intense.


Many years later, Cheng Suran recalled when she was tempted, and this scene flashed in her mind.


Jiang Yu's eyes, Jiang Yu's tone.


It's just that she doesn't know it yet.


This small face was so delicate and beautiful, Jiang Yu looked down, as if admiring a vivid watercolor painting, she embraced her with one hand, lowered her head and kissed that piece of lips.




Cheng Suran tilted her neck slightly, and hugged her with both hands naturally.


The heat on her lips spread little by little with the palpitations.
She was not yet proficient, but just catered to her instinctively.
There seemed to be lightning sparks in her soul, clamoring wildly, wanting Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu noticed something unusual, but she couldn't think about it.
She has been waiting for too long these days, and she wanted to give the kid a little buffer time, and minimize the impact of public opinion on the kid's heart—every bad word is the truth.


Waiting until now is enough, she can't wait any longer.


“Sister, this is the office…” Cheng Suran was a little flustered when she realized her intention.


Jiang Yu ignored her, picked up the blanket on the back of the sofa to cover her legs, then hugged her and put her on her lap, then took a small box from the coffee table drawer, and smiled at her while tearing off the package.


After watching too many learning videos, Cheng Suran immediately understood the meaning of this sitting position, and immediately blushed with embarrassment.


But she didn't understand why a blanket was used.


“This skirt is high-end, I just bought it, and I don't want to get it dirty.” Seeing through her doubts, Jiang Yu explained casually.


Cheng Suran blushed and said oh.




Afterwards, Jiang Yu threw the discarded blanket into the trash can, packed the box, and went to the studio to get back the kids clothes, “Okay, go back.”


She walked around the desk and sat down.


Cheng Suran silently carried her clothes into the bathroom to change, and when she came out, she saw Jiang Yu talking on the phone, speaking English.
She understood after listening to a few sentences, it was a work matter, and somehow she felt a little lost.


Isn't sister switching persona too fast?


A few minutes ago, she hugged her and coaxed her softly, but now…She thought it would be like in the video, at least for a while.
But there was nothing.
She felt like a doll, and as soon as it was over, the mission was done.


She was a little bit reluctant, and dragged on until Jiang Yu hung up the phone, and asked in a low voice, “Sister, are you going back tonight?”


“I have work to do.” Jiang Yu shook her head, “Why haven't you left yet?”


Cheng Suran didn't speak, picked up her bag and left silently.


Later that evening, a black commercial vehicle drove into the basement of the complex and stopped near the gate of the building.
A tall woman with a ponytail got out of the vehicle first, looked around vigilantly, and said to the person in the car: “Tongtong, it's safe.  “


After speaking, she reached out for her.


The woman sitting in the car was wearing sunglasses and a mask, and her long brown hair was slightly curly, so she couldn't see her face clearly.  She deliberately avoided the hand stretched out in front of her, and got out of the car without saying a word.


The parking lot was silent and empty.


Pei Chutong strode ahead, and Ruan Mu followed behind her.


The two entered the elevator one after the other.


As if granted an amnesty, Pei Chutong quickly took off her sunglasses and mask, revealing a delicate and charming face.
She was holding something in one hand, and raised her other hand to comb her hair.
Innately arrogant.


“I'll hold it for you.” Ruan Mu stretched out her hand.


Pei Chutong didn't speak, and dodge her hands aside.


Ruan Mu withdrew her hand silently.


On the forty-second floor, Pei Chutong took the first step out of the elevator, pressed the smart doorbell, and after a while, the door opened.


Jiang Yu's figure appeared in front of her eyes.


“Coco*—” She smiled and hugged Jiang Yu passionately, “I miss you so much.”

*it's actually Kěkě which means cocoa (可可), pronunciation sound similar to coco (not kiki or kei kei or keh keh, more like kk without the vowel sound.)


Ruan Mu's eyes dimmed from behind.


Jiang Yu hugged back, patted the girl on the back, and said with a smile: “Me too, you said you would come back at the beginning of the month, and now it's the end of the month, do you really miss me or just pretend to miss me?”


“Don't mention it, it pissed me off enough.”


“Let's talk about it inside.”




Jiang Yu took out two pairs of regular slippers, smiled at Ruan Mu, and loosely let go of Pei Chutong's hand.


Her so-called “work” is to entertain friends at home.


If “connection resources” is used as the standard for friends, Jiang Yu's friends are almost all over the world, too many to count.
But despite this standard, there are only a handful of close friends around her.


Pei Chutong was one of the few.


She is three years younger than her and was born in a red family*.
She is a genuine “three generations of red”.
Her grandfather's generation was a meritorious soldier who went to the battlefield, and her father's generation was engaged in scientific research or business.
In her generation, her siblings either inherited the mantle of her father, or went abroad for further studies.


*red family refers to the family that has made great sacrifices/contribution for the Chinese revolution and construction.
They either engaged in political work, or the elders of the previous generation have participated in the Anti-Japanese War and served as officials.
They are viewed highly in society.


Only she entered showbiz.


She has liked acting since she was a child, and  applied for the Capital Academy of Drama in the college entrance examination.
In her sophomore year, she collaborated with a famous director on her debut film.


Because of her strong family background, Pei Chutong is clean in the circle without any scandals.


—Who will dare to touch her?


By the first half of the year, Pei Chutong had won two Best Actress trophies, and the next one would be the veritable “Triple Gold” Movie Queen.


The three walked from the entrance to the living room.
Jiang Yu was about to sit on the single sofa, but Pei Chutong took her arm and sat her down next to each other without even looking at the person behind.


Jiang Yu: “…”


Ruan Mu sat on the single sofa quietly.


“I will no longer cooperate with a traffic coffee*.”


*I'm not sure about this one, but it's probably a character stereotype like a spoiled internet sensation or something.
I could be wrong though, if anyone knows, please correct.


“What's wrong?” Jiang Yu withdrew her gaze from Ruan Mu, and looked at the person beside her.


Pei Chutong sneered: “This time I went to Greece for half a month to film a scene.
In the first 12 days, I couldn't even see the shadow of the male lead but the double and I got along very happily.
In the last three days, he came, and he didn't recite a single line.  When we were acting together, his assistant held the script and read the lines beside him, and then he lip-synthesized, I…
how good-tempered can I be for not hitting him?”


“The filming of that part should have been finished a long time ago, but it has been dragged on until now, and the progress has been delayed.
Although the crew burned money, my time is also precious.
The schedule is not so tight because I have to give myself a vacation.
Now, the filming couldn't be finished within the original schedule, and my vacation was wasted.”


She shook her head and hugged Jiang Yu.


That's why she came back a month late.


The two made an appointment to go to Paris to watch a show at the end of the month, but Jiang Yu went alone in the end.


Jiang Yu sighed, both amused and helpless, patted her on the shoulder comfortingly, and said, “It's okay, charge it to experience, and there will be more holidays later.”




Ruan Mu looked at them and lowered her eyes.


The nanny came over with two glasses of water, one was placed in front of Ruan Mu and the other in front of Pei Chutong.


“Drink some water.” Jiang Yu held up the cup for her.


Pei Chutong nodded, took the cup, and was about to drink, when suddenly a hand stretched out to stop her, “It's cold.”


“I'm going to pour hot water.” Ruan Mu took the cup from her hand.


Jiang Yu was startled, and asked suspiciously: “Tongtong, have you started drinking hot water?”


The temperature is thirty degrees today, the entire Jiangcheng failed to enter autumn, and it is hot outside.


“It's not…” Pei Chutong's expression changed, and she seemed to hesitate to speak.
Suddenly, she got up and caught up with Ruan Mu, snatched back the cup, and drank all the cold water in one go.


Ruan Mu's expressionless face finally showed a trace of anger.


She was the bodyguard next to Pei Chutong, half a head taller than her, with a hard-lined face, but soft features, a short ponytail tied behind her head, wearing ordinary short sleeves and black overalls, looking refreshing and heroic.


Pei Chutong ignored her, went straight back to Jiang Yu and sat down, putting the cup away.


Jiang Yu looked at the two of them, didn't ask much, and changed the subject, “What's the good thing you said on the phone?”


“Almost forgot.” Pei Chutong picked up the phone nonchalantly and called up a file, “Look at this.”


The content of the file is a variety show project.


Probably some selected female stars forming a pair to go to the farm for a week.
During the period, there will be activities such as expeditions.
It is very rich and it is a big project.
The sponsors are all famous companies.


Jiang Yu watched it all over, and raised an eyebrow at her: “You want me to participate in variety shows?”


“It's you and me.”


“Is there a difference?”


Pei Chutong knew that she was going to make that set of remarks again, “I'm not a star, I don't mix in the entertainment industry and variety shows have nothing to do with me”, so she persuaded her earnestly: “Student Jiang Coco, the fashion industry and the entertainment industry intertwine, and you may not be a star, but you are a celebrity, and being on variety shows can increase your popularity, which will be of great benefit to your career.”


“For us, proper marketing is the icing on the cake, it doesn't have to be exclusive.”


Jiang Yu looked at her quietly.


Pei Chutong looked at her, was silent for a moment, and finally couldn't help laughing: “Okay, okay, I just want you to accompany me, okay? I've already reserved a spot for you.”


“Wouldn't it be better to tell the truth in the first place?” Jiang Yu laughed out loud.




Ruan Mu sat back at some point, keeping her face down, as quiet as a lifeless sculpture.


Hearing the laughter of the two, she raised her head and took a look.


“The filming location is in the southwest…Lingzhou?” Jiang Yu carefully read the content of the document again, and her eyes fell on those two words.


Pei Chutong nodded: “Well, the scenery over there is nice.”


The city name is somewhat familiar.


Jiang Yu stared at the word “Lingzhou”, the face of Cheng Suran flashed in her mind, and finally remembered that it was the kid's hometown.


“How about it?”


“Let me consider it.”


At this time, the nanny aunt came over and said that dinner was ready.


“Let's eat first, I'm hungry.” Pei Chutong took back her phone, put it down, and pulled her up.


Just as Jiang Yu stood up, the screen of her mobile phone on the table lit up.
She asked Pei Chutong and Ruan Mu to go first, and squatted down to see that it was a link message from Tian Lin.


[Sister Yu, did Miss Cheng do this?]


Clicking on the link is a girl's apology video.
It was played quickly for more than forty seconds.


Jiang Yu stared at the screen with calm eyes.
After a long time, she typed and replied:


[Mm, I underestimated her.]

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