At night, there are thousands of lights outside the window.


There are a lot of dishes on the table, and Jiang Yu has no taboo tonight, so she can eat and drink as she likes.


She and Pei Chutong sat face to face, Ruan Mu wanted to sit next to Pei Chutong, but before her butt touched the chair, the young miss glared at her, she went around and sat down beside Jiang Yu silently.


Jiang Yu: “…”


“Coco, shall we go to 'NOTTE' after dinner? There is an event tonight.” Pei Chutong withdrew her gaze and picked a piece of ribs for Jiang Yu.


“It just so happened that I haven't visited for a long time.”


She is the boss behind “NOTTE”.


Jiang Yu resisted the urge to wash the ribs in the water, and asked with great interest, “What event?” She took a bite after speaking.


For a moment, the aromas overflowed on the tip of her tongue, and it attracted her taste buds.
It was probably the fascination with fat engraved in human genes, and she hadn't eaten this kind of food for a long time.


Once self-discipline is relaxed, it is easy to indulge.


“My studio's newcomer sister turns 20 today.
I will hold a birthday party for her.
She invited a few classmates.
They are all girls in their early twenties who are learning to act.
They are definitely good-looking.” Pei Chutong faced Jiang Yu blinked, hinting clearly.


When Jiang Yu heard that she is twenty years old, Cheng Suran's face unconsciously appeared in front of her eyes, the corners of her lips curled up, she shook her head and said, “No, I have a little friend.”


“Oh?” Pei Chutong was taken aback, “When did it happen?”


“Last month.”


“You're just sharing this with me, when you are dating for a month now.”


The smile on Jiang Yu's face faded a little, and said, “It's not dating, it's…
raising a little bird.” After a pause, she added, “I found her in your bar.”


“Could she be my fan?” Pei Chutong suddenly realized, “Let me meet her.”


“No, she doesn't chase stars.”


Speaking about the kid, Jiang Yu felt relieved.
The girls she likes should be like this, not chasing stars or worshiping idols.


She thinks that star chasers are childish and superficial, and those who love to gossip about the entertainment industry are even more empty-hearted, and are often the easiest to indulge in “milk music”*.


*aka tittytainment…refers to low-cost, physical and psychological means that provides instant gratification and a numbing effect that demobilize human brains, any diversions from real life frustrations like TV dramas and other form of media entertainment, alcohol, drugs etc…like how a baby gets pacified everytime it gets breastfed.


“Why didn't I think of adopting it…” Pei Chutong murmured to herself.


“For my lover, I don't have to worry about giving and maintaining the relationship.
She will take the initiative to please me, follow me, and meet my needs.
No matter how bad it is, at least she won't be angry with me.
Say, how good is it?”


After finishing speaking, she sneered and glanced at Ruan Mu from the corner of her eye.


Ruan Mu lowered her head and ate quietly.


Her pace unknowingly slows down.


Pei Chutong continued calmly: “I can pick one tonight.
A senior gold master* and the junior lover is nothing in the circle.
I can give her resources and praise her, as long as she…”


*a benefactor


“I'm going to the toilet.” Ruan Mu suddenly stood up, turned and left.


The voice stopped 


Jiang Yu looked at Ruan Mu's leaving back, turned her head to look at Pei Chutong, with deep meaning in her eyes, and finally couldn't help asking: “You…
what's going on?”


Pei Chutong stopped her chopsticks, “I have a showdown with her.”


“Then what?


“She said she couldn't disappoint my grandpa.”




Jiang Yu frowned, not knowing what to say for a while.
She is aware of the relationship between these two people, as a bystander, she has no position to express any thoughts.


“She's a dead piece of wood*!” Pei Chutong was suddenly agitated, and slapped the table heavily.


*a person who is emotionally stupid/oblivious/low EQ


Jiang Yu held that hand and comforted her softly: “Xiao Ruan may not know how to deal with emotional matters, you give her a little more time, a good meal is not afraid of being late*.”


* 好饭不怕晚/Hǎo fàn bùpà wǎn: Good things in life are worth the wait.


The last sentence made Pei Chutong laugh.


She is the meal in her bowl.


After a while, Ruan Mu came back, sat down to eat quietly, no different from how she left just now.


After dinner, Pei Chutong dismissed the idea of ​​going to “NOTTE” to inspect, and chatted with Jiang Yu about variety shows for a while, and when it came to the new generation Xiaohua* vying for cover resources, fans of each camp are furious.
The two were chatting and laughing, while Ruan Mu was sitting aside, with her face down, neither talking nor looking at her phone, as transparent as air.


*Little Flower: the most beautiful, school belle, in the entertainment industry it refers to the rising female stars.


Everyone has work tomorrow, and at half past nine, Pei Chutong had to leave.


She got into the elevator without waiting for Ruan Mu.


Ruan Mu reacted very quickly, chasing after the door a second before it was about to close.


When they arrived at the parking lot, Pei Chutong walked quickly, as if she was about to throw off the person behind her.
However, Ruan Mu was tall and had long legs.
She could take two steps in one stride, so she easily walked side by side with her.


“Don't follow me!” Pei Chutong stopped angrily.


Ruan Mu said blankly, “This is my duty.”


“I can fire you.”


As soon as these words fell, there was a crack in Ruan Mu's calm eyes.
After a moment of silence, her voice lowered a bit: “As long as the old chief agrees.”


“You…” Pei Chutong frowned, “Stop pressing me with grandpa!”


“I'm not.” Ruan Mu regained her expressionless face.


Pei Chutong stared at her intently.
This face would never even smile for her, and would never have any expression other than frowning.
It had never changed since she was a child.


She suspects she has no heart.


Her eyes gradually turned red, she turned her face away, and got into the nanny's car.


Ruan Mu followed.




The post fiasco finally calmed down after Li Meiling posted an apology video and was ridiculed by the crowd.  Everyone watched the excitement for many days, eating melons and eating to their hearts content.
Only a few people who knew Li Meiling before were discussing, saying that her character was not good, then a few days passed.


The atmosphere in the dormitory was more rigid than before.
Cheng Suran and Li Meiling didn't say a word.
Fortunately, she just went back to the dormitory at noon to put and pick up books, and sat and rested for a while.


Ding Yuan stopped talking to Li Meiling.


“I really didn't expect her to be that kind of person.
Now that I think about how enthusiastic she is in front of me every day, I don't know if she has said bad things about me to others behind my back.
It's disgusting.” On the day after watching the apology video, Ding Yuan said in private when she found Cheng Suran and complained angrily.


The two were sitting on the bleachers of the playground, and the evening wind was a little cool.


Cheng Suran hesitated whether to tell her what happened in the dormitory during the freshman and sophomore years.


It is a lump in her heart, speaking out means facing her own stupidity, her own darkness, it is a sharp knife cutting through her flesh and blood, it will hurt, and it will fester…


She doesn't seem to trust Ding Yuan that much yet.


“Ranran, the truth is, I don't think you are cold at all.
Even if you are, cold is not a bad thing.
They just don't like you being alone.
Although I like to be lively, in their eyes, I am a 'social person', I don't like others to use this standard to judge me, I am me, you are you, we all have our own personality, habits and lifestyles, why should we be sterotyped.


“Don't pay attention to other people's remarks.
Maybe they don't have any malicious intentions, just a little nosy.
You don't know each other anyway.
They don't necessarily have contact with their classmates after graduation, let alone other people?”


“Filter out those who don't match you, and the rest will be people who understand you and are just like you.
This is a good thing.” Ding Yuan squinted her eyes and smiled, and patted Cheng Suran on the shoulder.


Cheng Suran hummed lightly, and also smiled: “Thank you.”


Although she envied Ding Yuan for being protected by a warm haven and always being the first to see the bright side of things, she was also proud of being able to support herself in the past two years.
Although this pride carries invisible scars.


At that moment, Cheng Suran almost couldn't help telling what happened in the dormitory.


The lessons she has learned tell her that just because someone treats her a little bit better, she can't just take a plunge, regardless of hollowing her heart.


In the end, she didn't say anything, it was all locked and rotten in her stomach.


Before the National Day, the temperature in Jiangcheng finally cooled down.
The breath of autumn came a little later, and the pace was hurried.
A rain made people on the road pick up their long sleeves again.


Cheng Suran received a call from her cousin.


The cousin said that she has already found a job, a big company, the financial department, and rented a house.


“Our company's office building is in the CBD.
It's a whole building.
It's magnificent.
The house is a small loft apartment.
The subway station is at the door.
It only takes 20 minutes to get to the company.
How about it? I can do without you.” Zhao Yihan said proudly on the phone.


Cheng Suran said a word lightly: “Congratulations.”


She really congratulates her.


In her opinion, everyone who can solve the problem of survival alone is very remarkable.


Zhao Yihan froze for a while on the other line and suddenly asked casually: “How are you? Have you passed the exam?”


“The exam will be in November.” Cheng Suran said as she walked towards the teaching building.
When she passed the complex building, she accidentally saw a clip being played on the large display screen.


It is a video of the costume show competition held by the school in previous years.




Isn't this a modeling contest?


Tall, long-legged, walks the catwalk…just a different name.


“Oh, poor thing, you still have to take the exam, when I get paid I'll treat you to a meal.
Kids should be obedient, you know?” Zhao Yihan's habit of lecturing others has committed again.


Cheng Suran stared at the screen, hummed vaguely, and hung up the phone.


She misses her sister.


Her sister seems to be very busy these days, she hasn't been to the hotel, and the interval between replying messages is also very long, the fastest reply is a few hours, and the slowest is the next day, her tone is very business-like, like a machine.


For example, the message she sent last night is lying alone in the chat box.
Her sister has ignored her until now.
She doesn't know when she started eagerly waiting for her sister's reply, longing to see her, but once she sees her, they always have to separate, so she reluctantly let go.


Feeling tingly, like a cat's paw is gently scratching her heart, she mustered up the courage to call Assistant Tian, ​​who became much gentler, but only said that the boss was very busy recently.


She won't disclose any itinerary…


Cheng Suran withdrew her gaze, and continued to walk forward with a sense of loss.
There is still a few minutes before the class starts when she arrived at the classroom, and she continued to find a seat by the window by herself


The phone vibrated suddenly.


She quickly lowered her head, and unlocked the screen with joy, and saw that it was Weibo notification——Jiang Yu.




Her Weibo uploaded a group of new photos.


Jiang Yu was wearing a champagne-colored dress standing by the sea.
Her jet-black, soft and long hair was flying and messy.
The hollow design on the back revealed her sexy butterfly bones.
There are thousands of styles.


A total of nine blockbusters, charming and seductive with every gesture, like a goddess.


Cheng Suran couldn't move her eyes, sliding her fingers to save them one by one.


A few days ago, she downloaded Weibo and registered an account.
The first user she followed was Jiang Yu, and she set it as a special pass—as long as her sister had news, she would receive it as soon as possible.


At first, she named herself “Sister's Little Friend”, but later she felt that the name was too conspicuous, and if her sister found out, it would be exposed, so she changed it to “Your Little Friend”.


There are Chaohua*, fan groups, and many, many beautiful pictures and videos of her sister on Weibo.


*Super Topic/Super Talk/Chao Hua: a feature in Weibo, similar to Twitter Community, where you can follow certain topics/celebs/hashtags of your interest.


There are also daily photos uploaded by her sister.


Cheng Suran then regretted that she hadn't registered earlier.
After several days of “adulterous viewing”, she felt that every picture was beautiful, and she wanted to keep every picture, so there were already more than 700 pictures of Jiang Yu in her album.


*ogling/stalking internet way


As a supermodel, Jiang Yu looks good in everything she wears.
No matter how weird the design is, or how fancy the color is, she can easily control it.
She has concave shapes, has a strong camera sense, and is full of expressiveness…
These glamorous moments are beautiful.  Cheng Suran usually doesn't see her in private.


——”Your little friend” gave “Jiang Yu V” a thumbs up.


The class bell rang and the professor came.


Cheng Suran took one last look, reluctantly quit Weibo, and was about to lock the screen when a WeChat message popped up.


Sister: [In the company.]


She replied to last night's message


She was startled, and took the time to type: [I finish class at 4:20, can I visit you?]


Sister: [Yes]


The corners of Cheng Suran's mouth curled up sweetly as she put away her phone with peace of mind.


The company is the second place full of Jiang Yu atmosphere besides the hotel.
Cheng Suran has been here a few times, and the security guards and the front desk already recognize her, so they don't stop her, and she doesn't need to register.
It is rumored inside that she is Ms.
Jiang's younger sister.


Cheng Suran stood at the door of the office, her cheeks flushed with excitement, her heart beating like a drum, she raised her hand and knocked on the door lightly, and slowly pushed it away.


The room is quiet, the light is a little dark, and the windows only open a crack.


A cool breeze came in slowly.


Jiang Yu is sitting on the sofa with her eyes closed, her long legs crossed, and she remains as motionless as a sculpture.


“Sister…” Cheng Suran called her in a low voice.




Is she asleep?


She closed the door behind her back and walked slowly.


Jiang Yu tilted her head slightly, folded her arms, the neckline of the gray suit was slightly open, with white skin looming, and the two collarbones heaved and fell due to breathing.
She wore light makeup on her face, her brows were painted softly, and her lips were lightly nude, which faded away the aloofness and made her look approachable.


She's not at all like the coquettish sirens in Weibo blockbusters.


But even more fascinating…


Cheng Suran looked at her, her dark eyes sparkled slightly, she couldn't help but bend down, move closer, close her eyes, and kiss her face cautiously.




So exciting!


She backed away quickly, opened her eyes, and stared at Jiang Yu nervously.
Seeing that there was no sign of her waking up, she leaned over again.


Her waist suddenly tightened, and Cheng Suran was caught off guard and turned around, before falling into a warm embrace.




Her lips were wrapped in a strong breath, and one hand firmly pressed the back of her head, forcing her to escape.
She opened her eyes suddenly, and saw Jiang Yu's enlarged face.


The little canary was caught by a venomous snake.


There are no bones left.


Soon, Jiang Yu let her go.


“Sister…” She finally took in a little fresh air and opened her mouth.


“You're not asleep.”


Jiang Yu looked down at the girl, a doting smile appeared in her deep eyes, she slid her fingers across her face, and whispered, “The kid has learned to sneak attack.”


“No.” Cheng Suran's face flushed red.


“Oh?” Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows, “If I was asleep, what are you going to do?”


The deep voice was full of desire, and it was getting closer and closer to her ear, and she bit the small earlobe after speaking.


Cheng Suran couldn't help shivering, and boldly said, “Kiss you.”


“Anything else?”


“No more.”


“Don't you want to—” Jiang Yu grabbed her hand and put it on the front of her suit.


Cheng Suran's eyes lit up: “Is it okay?”


The air fell silent.


“You can't.”




Then why did you even ask?


Cheng Suran pouted.


Jiang Yu laughed briskly.
She found that teasing the kid could bring her great pleasure, so she tightened her grip on the girl's wicker-like waist, “Miss me?”




“Sister misses you too.”


“You're lying…” Cheng Suran snorted softly, “You haven't been back recently, I sent you a message, and it took you a long time to reply, and you only replied with one word, is this also called missing me?”


The girl lowered her face, twisted her hands together in an aggrieved manner, and complained like a girlfriend.


Jiang Yu looked at her quietly, the smile in her eyes faded.


A trace of suspicion welled up in her heart.


Little friend?


Cheng Suran muttered for a while, then raised her head, met her cold gaze, was stunned for a moment, and suddenly enlightened.


I, I don't mean to blame you, I…”


“Hush——” Jiang Yu suddenly laughed again, and made a silent gesture, “I know, kid is the most obedient.”


Cheng Suran nodded, not daring to speak anymore.


Jiang Yu hooked up the broken hair on her forehead and tucked behind her ear.
With her palm gently stroking the top of her hair, Jiang Yu looked at her with a smile, “I'm a little tired today, but I won't be tired if I hold you.”


“Sister likes you.”


After finishing speaking, she blinked, and the slightly raised eyes was mesmerizing.


It's a kind of look that owners give to pets, when playing with cats, dogs and birds.


Cheng Suran's tense nerves relaxed again, and her small dimple sank shallowly, forgetting everything, she put her arms around Jiang Yu's neck, and said coquettishly, “Sister, can you give me your phone number?”


“Why?” Jiang Yu's eyes changed slightly, but her smile remained the same.


“I want to call you.”


“Wechat is enough.”


“But…” Cheng Suran was a little disappointed, unwilling to give up, with grievances in her bright eyes, “You are so busy, you never receive WeChat messages, even if you do, you don't have time to reply.
I just think the phone number is more convenient.
Don't worry, I won't harass you often, and I won't tell anyone else your number.”


Jiang Yu remained silent.


“Is it okay, sister?” Cheng Suran acted like a baby cheekily.




It was the first time she acted like a baby.


“Little friend, do you know what sister likes most about you?” Jiang Yu asked without answering.


The girl was stunned, and asked with a blank face: “What?”


“I like your obedience.”


There was a strong sense of warning in Jiang Yu's eyes, and her tone suddenly cooled down.
Her slender fingers stroked her face, like countless snakes spit out red tongues.


Cheng Suran froze, her face turned pale.

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