Cheng Suran's whole body stiffened, her small face and ears were burning hot, she was stunned for a long time before she understood the meaning of this sentence, and replied softly: “Yes.”


She leaned against Jiang Yu's shoulders, with her hands hanging down, neither hugging nor retreating, her heart thumped to her throat.


“That's a bit difficult.” Jiang Yu chuckled, as if talking to herself.


The faint aroma of milk body wash comes out, lingering on the tip of her nose, sweet and pure.
She tightened her arms, and the tip of her nose almost touched the hair on her sideburns.


Cheng Suran was stunned.


Didn't she like clean girls? Could it be…
She got it wrong?


When she was distracted, the temperature in her ears gradually spread, and she trembled a bit, only to hear Jiang Yu's teasing tone: “It's okay, sister will teach you.”


After finishing speaking, the tie was pulled  in half at some point.


The smooth silk cloth collapses, and the two straight bones trembled slightly under the lamp.
Because of the thinness, the depression was slightly deeper, like a small puddle of soft light.


Cheng Suran whimpered, and almost reflexively pushed Jiang Yu away, took a big step back, and clasped her hands tightly.
That spot that has not had time to appear was covered more tightly.


She looked at Jiang Yu in horror, her moist black eyes slightly widened, like a frightened deer.


Jiang Yu also looked at her.


Surprise, doubt, and a touch of helplessness were mixed in those eyes.


“I…” The girl moved her lips, wanting to say that she was not ready yet, her actions were faster than her mind, and at that second, she had no time to think.


There was an eerie silence.


Jiang Yu stared at her for a long while, as if she understood something, she curled her lips, put one hand into the pocket of her trousers, pointed to the room on the right with the other, and said, “You'll stay in that bedroom tonight, rest early.”


Then she took her pair of long legs and passed by Suran to the room on the left.


— click


The door closed.


Cheng Suran froze in place, her mind went blank, and her fingers that were holding on to the nightgown unconsciously loosened a little.
After a long time, she turned sideways, looked at the closed door, took two steps forward, and stopped again, momentarily at a loss.


She turned down the future benefactor…


If the other party is not satisfied, she will not want her.
Things were screwed up by her.


Cheng Suran lowered her head remorsefully, and bit her lips lightly.
What is there for her to be shy about, is that kind of thing more sad than the end of the world? Isn't it just closing your eyes and then paralyzing…


But if she were to knock on the door now, it seemed impossible.


The surrounding area was very quiet, the ceiling reflected gorgeous luster, covering her messy hair, pink and white face, her solitary shadow melted into a ball on the carpet.


Then the door to the bedroom on the left opened again.


Cheng Suran raised her head suddenly, and saw the slender figure of the woman coming out of the room, her slightly surprised eyes fell on her, she suddenly regained her courage, and walked over, “Sister——”


“Aren't you going to sleep?” Jiang Yu felt her heart tingle slightly when she heard the voice of her sister with a weak voice, and her tone unconsciously became gentle.


“Going to bed after 10:30 will cause wrinkles.”


Cheng Suran lowered her eyelids, wanting to say that she can do it tonight, but the words came out of her mouth, but there was only one apology: “I'm sorry just now…”


She gripped her nightgown so hard that her knuckles turned white.


Clearly nervous and at a loss, but desperately trying to please herself, Little Canary's struggling appearance greatly satisfied Jiang Yu's inner evil taste.
She suddenly lowered her head and leaned into the girl's ear and whispered: “Since you're sorry, then tell me, how can you make amends?”






Cheng Suran's heart trembled, and she raised her eyes with difficulty.


Of course she understood what the benefactor meant, but she overestimated herself.
Even though she had thought about it for so long and had already prepared, when this day really came, she still couldn't accept it immediately.


The more she wanted to let go of her hand, the tighter she clenched it.
Her brain seemed unable to control her hands and feet, and despair filled her heart little by little…


Suddenly, Jiang Yu laughed, straightened up, withdrew her playful look, and said seriously: “Okay, go to sleep, we'll talk about it tomorrow.”


“Good night.” She raised her hand to stroke the girl's hair, and went straight to the bathroom.




Cheng Suran turned her head in a daze.


Is there still tomorrow?


That night, Cheng Suran didn't sleep very well, and woke up early the next day.
She lay in bed for a while, then got up to wash.


The bedroom has its own small toilet, which contains disposable toiletries prepared by the hotel.  She changed her clothes, looked at the avant-garde style, blushed again, and hurriedly wrapped it in a nightgown before going out.


The living room was bright and sunny.


There is a treadmill by the window, Jiang Yu is jogging on it, her eyes are closed, her long hair is pulled back, she wears a black sports vest, shorts of the same style, and her two slender legs are running alternately rhythmically.


Although she is tall, she has a thin figure, excellent proportions, tight and smooth lines, and she looks very light.


Cheng Suran stared straight at her…


Nice body.


She sighed, her cheeks couldn't help getting hot, a subtle emotion surged up, like the wind, fleeting, and disappeared before it had time to catch it.


After some time, the person on the treadmill gradually stopped, opened her eyes, and did a few stretches.
When she turned around, she saw the girl standing at the door of the bedroom, looking at her with bright eyes.


“Good morning, kid.” Jiang Yu smiled lightly, picked up the towel on the treadmill, wiped her neck, put it down, and walked straight to the girl.


Cheng Suran came back to her senses in a trance, she was already standing in front of her, lowering her eyes slightly, looking down at her.


Those eyes looked like a prey.


She looked at her, inexplicably nervous, “Sister…
good morning.”


“Did you sleep well?” Jiang Yu reached out and stroked her hair gently, as if unconsciously, naturally.


She just woke up, but the girl's face was still stained with sleepiness, and there was a trace of confusion in her jet-black eyes.
If she got closer, she could see that pair of slender and thick eyelashes trembling again and again, as thin as moth wings.


Cheng Suran was flattered, nodded obediently and said, “Well, it's very comfortable.”


Jiang Yu's smile deepened, her fingertips passed through her hair and fell on her cheeks, moved a little bit, and pressed the little brown mole on the corner of her lips, “What do you want for breakfast?”


“I…” Cheng Suran opened her mouth, before she could finish, Jiang Yu put down her hand, grabbed her wrist instead, and walked towards the table.


Her palm is slightly hot, she instinctively wanted to pull away, but held back.


There is a tablet on the table.


Jiang Yu tapped the screen skillfully a few times, and pushed it in front of the girl, “Choose what you like, and someone will send it to you later.”


Cheng Suran glanced at her, and finally swallowed the “no need” that came to her lips, not wanting to be too coy, she just obeyed what the money owner said.  “…Okay, thank you sister.”


Jiang Yu's eyes fell on the side of the girl's face, with a sense of scrutiny.
She had seen all kinds of people, and a young and jerky girl like Cheng Suran was almost transparent in front of her, and she could see through it with a few words.


The kid is very cautious.


Not very confident, no sense of security, and the family's environment will not be good.
She's pretty good looking, with good genes.


A completely different type from her former lovers.


Easy to control, easy to play with.


While waiting, Cheng Suran obediently sat on the sofa.
Jiang Yu went back to the bedroom for a while, took out a thin document, and sat down opposite her, “Have you ever been in a relationship?”


The girl's sitting posture is very obedient, her legs are well placed, well-behaved, a pair of small feet wearing apricot sandals are on the side of the skirt, her ankles are slender,


Cheng Suran shook her head.


“Is there anyone you like?”




Jiang Yu bent her lips and handed her the document in her hand.


Cheng Suran took it in doubt, opened it and looked at it, it was something like an agreement, it listed in black and white the terms that two people need to abide by, especially for her.


She looked up at Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu also looked at her with a smile, but the smile only lingered on the surface and didn't penetrate into her eyes.


Cheng Suran lowered her head again.


The agreement lasts for three months.
During this period, she was forbidden to fall in love with anyone, to have intimate behaviors, to mention or indirectly disclose the information of the benefactor to anyone, and to be too ostentatious outside…
one after another.


At the very bottom, there is a line in bold red: Do not be tempted.


The scarlet color was like blood, bright and glaring.
Cheng Suran looked at those four words in a daze, feeling inexplicable.
She raised her head again and looked into Jiang Yu's cold and charming eyes like snakes.


How can you be sincere in an unequal relationship?


She is not stupid.


“Do you agree with it?” Jiang Yu was playing with a black pen in her hand, her eyes were unfathomable.


Cheng Suran nodded, “Yes.”


Jiang Yu reached out to her, took back the document, and used the pen to fill in capital letters in the amount column, “You will get 100,000 yuan every month.”


Cheng Suran's breath hitched, and she bit her lips.


One hundred thousand is simply an astronomical figure for her.
She felt like meat in the market, being picked and valued for sale, being judged by buyers, humiliation and embarrassment were stabbed in her heart like a needle, and she felt sore and numb.


But three months is 300,000 yuan.
At least in the remaining two years of college, she doesn't have to work part-time everywhere.
She can concentrate on studying, prepare for studying abroad in the future, and can repay the student loans for her freshman and sophomore year.


How nice it is to have money…


“Sister, is this legally binding?” She pointed to the document.


“No,” Jiang Yu slowly put the cap on the pen, and casually put it aside along with the document, “Just giving the kid a sense of ceremony, as long as you behave well, sister will keep her word.”


Cheng Suran's heart stabbed, and she lowered her eyes, her self-esteem had already been worn down, “Okay.”


But she was also relieved.


It's done.


At that time, she didn't know that one day in the future, she would deeply regret the relationship between the two of them…

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