The two of them reached a consensus, Cheng Suran added Jiang Yu's WeChat, and sent the bank account number as required.


Then the waiter brought breakfast.


Two slices of whole wheat toast, a small bowl of boiled broccoli, half an avocado, and a small cup of yogurt—the food Jiang Yu ordered looked bland and pitifully small.


“These…” Cheng Suran couldn't help but say, “Are you full?”


Jiang Yu smiled, but didn't answer.


Cheng Suran shut up obediently, and lowered her head to eat her yam porridge.


She got a little curious.


Seeing that sister patron looked familiar yesterday, she wondered if they had met somewhere before.
She couldn't remember, and she didn't dare to ask for her identity.
The more restrained she was, the more she wanted to know.


The guests on the second floor of “NOTTE” all have a certain status, which is a circle that she can't get in touch with at all.


Cheng Suran searched for the celebrities she knew in her mind, but she usually doesn't follow stars or pay attention to entertainment news, she only remembers those famous old actors and actresses.


Not a star, maybe an athlete? She's so tall…


She quietly looked at Jiang Yu.


Different from traditional aesthetics, her facial features are three-dimensional, and the outline of her face is clear and bony.
The more she looks at her, the more mature and elegant she looks.
If you look carefully, her eyelids aren't completely monolid, but have a little inner double eyelid.


When not smiling, the brows and eyes are indifferent.
When smiling, all the vigor and sharpness fade away, just like warm coffee in winter.
Attracting people to approach, but always keeping a distance.


It's a face that couldn't easily be forgotten.


Suddenly Jiang Yu raised her gaze.


Their eyes met.


Cheng Suran was shocked, and hurriedly lowered her head, eating porridge to cover up her embarrassment at the moment.


“Kid—” Jiang Yu called her in a low voice.


She raised her head subconsciously, “Huh?”






A light powder bloomed on the girl's face.


Jiang Yu pursed her lips and smiled, with a playful look in her eyes.
She loved this little canary a little more.
She estimated that the freshness period should be longer this time…


After breakfast, Jiang Yu went to the bathroom to take a shower, and went back to the room to change clothes.


Cheng Suran didn't know whether she should go or stay, so she sat on the sofa and waited for orders.
She was immersed in the embarrassment of being caught peeking at the sister patron, and was distracted when the door suddenly opened, and a woman with a ponytail came in.


“Assistant Tian?” She stood up.


Tian Lin nodded and smiled professionally, “Good morning, Miss Cheng.” She handed over the document she was holding in her hand, “Look at this first.”


An agreement similar to the one just now.


Cheng Suran pointed to the coffee table, “I've seen it.”




“Sister…uh, my sister showed it to me.” She was a little awkward and used this address in front of an outsider.


Tian Lin's face showed surprise, and her eyes suddenly took on some deep meaning.


She didn't receive a call this morning, which means that her boss is satisfied with this girl.
According to the old rules, she needs to come over with the documents and explain something.


Now here is an exception, the boss personally explained.


“Tian Lin—”


Jiang Yu came out of the bedroom.


She wore a gray and white snakeskin-printed jumpsuit with a dull leather texture, walking past the window, the fine sunlight swept over her tall, lithe body, lining the snakeskin pattern more and more realistic and cold, like a gray and white floral boa constrictor swimming this way.


Feeling her legs go weak, Cheng Suran shrank back unconsciously, and sat down on the sofa again.


She is afraid of snakes.


Jiang Yu and her assistant exchanged glances, and the latter withdrew wisely.
She looked at Cheng Suran, took out a room card from her bag and gave it to her, and said softly, “You can live here and do whatever you want.
I'll contact you on WeChat if anything happens.”


“Okay…” Cheng Suran's eyes only fell on her face, not daring to look down, “Sister, where are you going?”


Jiang Yu stretched out her index finger and tapped the girl's nose lightly, the corners of her lips curved slightly, bent down, red lips slowly approached her ear, and whispered a few words: “Be good, little friend.”


Cheng Suran's heart palpitated and the tips of her ears felt slightly warmed by the low and soft voice, but she also understood the meaning of her words.


Don't ask what you shouldn't.


Outside the door, Tian Lin stood quietly by the door and waited.
After a while, seeing Jiang Yu striding out, she went up to her and followed her.


“Sister Yu, you and that girl…”




“It's not like you to leave without strawberries.”* Tian Lin jokes.

*no hickies


Stepping on high heels, Jiang Yu walked unhurriedly to the elevator, stretched out her hand and pressed it, and said in a calm tone, “The kid is too nervous, give her some time.”


It's just her style.


She never force.


The elevator door opened, and the two entered one after another.


Tian Lin nodded and asked, “How much will I give this time?”


“One hundred thousand.”


Jiang Yu took out her mobile phone, sent the long string of numbers to her WeChat account, and then forwarded it to Tian Lin.
The latter was stunned for a few seconds, but didn't ask any more questions.


In her opinion, even if the girl has outstanding looks and a beautiful singing voice, she is just an ordinary college student and cannot bring any effective resources to the boss.
It is not worth the price, such a loss.


Jiang Yu seemed to know what she was thinking, and smiled casually, “I'm more satisfied than I imagined.”


Oh, money can't buy a happy boss.


Tian Lin also smiled.




After leaving the hotel, Jiang Yu went back to her apartment and asked the driver to take Tian Lin to the bank.
At about half past ten, she drove to the company by herself.


SIENA MODEL, a modeling agency established in April of this year, has not been half a year old yet, but it has already become a small-scale model company, making its debut in the industry.  It is young and extraordinary because the boss is Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu stepped into the modeling industry at the age of nineteen and went abroad alone.
In the past thirteen years, she has traveled to the four major fashion weeks, won many red and blue luxury brand endorsements, and nineteen four major covers, ranking second in the MDC* list, is the only domestic model who skipped “New Supers” and directly entered the “Legend” level.

*modelsdotcom, new supers and legend are ranking/category used on the site 


There are many models going abroad, Jiang Yu is the most dazzling one.


Now that the peak of her career has passed, she is ready to step back and cultivate new talents.


The company is located on an exotic street, not far from the CBD* of Jiangcheng, where every inch of land is expensive.
The road in front of the gate is wide, and plain trees are planted along both sides of the street.
It is not yet the season of falling leaves.

*Central Business District


“Sister Yu, the money has already been transferred to Miss Cheng.” Tian Lin arrived before Jiang Yu and waited in the office.
After she finished speaking, she handed over the tablet in her hand.


On the screen is the business flight plan and itinerary to New York.




Jiang Yu put the bag away, sat down, and slowly swiped the screen with her fingertips, “Why is it a day earlier?”


“This time, you have a lot of time, so you don't need to rush so much.
Going one day earlier will allow you to fully rest and overcome the jet lag, so as not to affect your fitting status.” Tian Lin raised her head and smiled.
Although they are in a superior-subordinate relationship, they usually get along better in private.
Like friends.


She has been with Jiang Yu for eight years, and they are almost inseparable except for sleeping and going to the toilet.
She is the “leader” of Jiang Yu's many assistants all over the world, and no one knows Jiang Yu better than her.


After listening to her, Jiang Yu pondered for a while, then nodded and said, “Okay.”


It's fashion season again.


The autumn and winter in the first half of this year was the last time she walked through the entire fashion week, with a total of 42 shows.
In the coming spring and summer in the second half of the year, she will only go to New York, and will gradually focus on watching shows in the future, and the rest of the time will either attend brand events or manage companies in China.


Thinking back to the past, when as soon as she opened her eyes everyday, she was already trying on clothes, styling, shooting, and catwalking.
The busiest time was like rushing to the scene, either in the car or on the plane.


The time suddenly became much empty, and she was a little unaccustomed to it.


Originally, she planned to go home tonight, and go to the hotel to entertain the kid tomorrow night.
Now the schedule has been adjusted, and she has to reconsider whether to go home or go to the hotel tonight.


A pair of clear and bright black eyes appeared in her mind.


A shy and flushed face, soft white earlobes, a wicker-like waist, and a small brown mole on the lip…


At this moment, a choice has been made—the little canary she just caught is very fresh, and she likes it so much, how could she be willing to leave it behind and go back to that empty and deserted home alone.


“And one more thing.”




“Arrange another driver to come over.” Jiang Yu habitually opened the drawer and took out the lighter, but couldn't find the cigarette case, and then remembered that she threw it away.
because she quit smoking recently. 


She looked at the empty drawer, frowned, and continued: “I want a female driver, with more than five years of driving experience, with a calm personality and an adaptable mind.”


“Okay,” Tian Lin immediately got up and rushed over, snatching the lighter between her fingers, “Do you think the driver now is not safe?”


Jiang Yu watched helplessly as she confiscated it, and couldn't help showing a helpless smile, shaking her head, “I want to give the little friend a separate car, and pick her up whenever.”


Tian Lin suppressed the doubts in her heart, thought for a while and said, “You have a Jaguar XJ in your garage that has been unused for a long time, and it just fits.”


“No, that's too dangerous.”




“She's still studying…” Jiang Yu raised her brows slightly, and tapped the table with her slender fingers, repeatedly.


The university campus is crowded, beautiful girls especially attract attention, at present she is not sure about the kid's situation in school, although it may not matter, it is necessary to take precautions.


Her eyes were clear, but her tone slightly rose and fell.
“Buy a new car, less than 300,000, a brand that you can often see on the road, use your name, and I'll give it to you, once I don't need it.”


Tian Lin suddenly realized.


For the former lovers, the pick-up and drop-off were all managed by the boss herself.
No matter how convenient it was, she never let the assistant run errands.
As for the girl yesterday… In short, the cost has increased a lot.


“Go to the neighborhood near the hotel and rent a two-bedroom apartment.
The closer to the hotel, the better.
Keep it empty.
Then go find out about her situation at school.” Jiang Yu's eyes were dark, in seemingly deep thoughts.


Tian Lin wrote it all down, and joked with her, “Are you raising a lover or a girlfriend?”


“Will my girlfriend need me to support her?”


“You don't need money to raise one, you have to raise her with your heart.”


Jiang Yu laughed silently.


She has money, but no heart.


After explaining everything, Tian Lin went to work.
Jiang Yu answered a call that lasted for 20 minutes.
After hanging up, her eyes glanced at the software icon on the phone inadvertently.


She remembered that there were a lot of learning materials in it.


Suitable for novices like her little friend.


Jiang Yu stared at the icon, and suddenly had the idea to tease, clicked in, shared the link with Cheng Suran, attached a four-digit code, and then sent a voice:


“Kid, study hard.”

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