The warmth came through the silk material and Cheng Suran trembled, in a panic she grabbed the hand, felt something wrong, and retracted like an electric shock.


She thought in her heart that she shouldn't refuse, but in the end, she couldn't fully accept it.


But the patron's patience is limited.


She was just a little lover who was taken care of and had no freedom.
Her elder sister had already treated her very well and accommodated her very much.
Yet, she refused again and again, which was a bit reckless.


“I will work hard.” Cheng Suran struggled for a long time and could only choke out this sentence, bit her lower lip after speaking, and looked at Jiang Yu.


The clear and pure eyes are full of sincerity.


She really works hard.


At least tonight is better than last night.


The girl lowered her head, her messy hair drooped down, and her sharp little chin was like toffee.
Maybe if she tastes it, it will be sweet.


The more Jiang Yu watches, the more she likes her, and her heart was itching, “Oh, how hard?”


She wanted to tease her.


But couldn't bear to tease her.


The two emotions collided, ice and fire intertwined.


“I…” Cheng Suran opened her mouth, looked into her eyes as deep as a cold pool, and could not see the bottom, only her own face was reflected in the extremely clear black pupils.


She lowered her head slightly, leaned close to Jiang Yu's lips and kissed it carefully, with a little clumsy movement.


Jiang Yu was so coaxed by her jerky appearance that her heart became hot, and she couldn't hold back the smile in her eyes, so she could only let the kid go temporarily.


“Hey, sing a song.”


“What does sister want to hear?”


“On the 28th of last month, around 8:15, that French song you sang.”


Cheng Suran was startled, thought carefully and said, “Is it 'Winter Garden'?”


“So it's called that.” Jiang Yu curled up a strand of hair with her fingertips, and brought it to the tip of her nose to sniff lightly.
It was the fragrance of iris.


Few guests will remember what songs the singer has sung, they usually forget them after singing, and the most impressive ones are kept in their minds for a day or two at most.
But a month has passed, and this person can still remember the date, accurate to the minute…


Cheng Suran felt a nervous feeling of being noticed, and a little bit of surprise, which was very light and flashed hastily.




The song was originally called “Jardin D'hiver”, which translates to Winter Garden.
It is a romantic and emotional song, with simple and elegant lyrics.
She has long been familiar with it, and she has sung it many times when she is alone.


She cleared her throat and sang in a low voice: “je voudrais du soleil vert…”


It was one of those winter afternoons when the clouds were dreary and the rain was silky, and she was walking down the street in her long floral dress, stepping into a garden with faded branches and leaves, imagining it sunny


It doesn't have the lazy and magnetic voice of the original singer, but it has the unique freshness and gentleness of a girl, like sweet white wine.


She wore a warm floral dress that night.


Jiang Yu looked down at her upstairs.


The stage is a pool of clear water, and she is a little Jasmine floating on the water, which can be picked by hand.




The girl's voice was close to her ears, and a plain white hand waved in front of her, “I'm done singing…”


Jiang Yu put away her thoughts, looked at her with a smile, and her eyes showed admiration, “It sounds good.
Have you learned French?”


“Well, I'm a French major.”


Cheng Suran looked a little embarrassed, bit her lower lip lightly, her cheeks seemed to turn redder, and whispered, “Sister, do you have any favorite songs? As long as I can sing.”


The small pear dimple sank shyly, shallow and sweet.


“Sister likes whatever you sing.” Jiang Yu whispered close to her ear, with her red lips touching that earlobe.


The arms on the back suddenly tightened, and Cheng Suran tilted her body, and had to prop up the sofa to prevent all her weight from falling on Jiang Yu.
How could she stand such teasing, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and she didn't know how to answer for a while.




She was about to speak, but Jiang Yu didn't seem to care, and asked again: “Did you see the things I sent you?”




“Study materials.”


Cheng Suran remembered the links and voice messages she received during the day, and the patron asked her to study hard.
She clicked in and took a look.
It was a list of videos with blank covers, and the titles were sorted by numbers.
She didn't know what was inside.


It was inconvenient to watch it outside, and there was not enough traffic, so she thought about watching it when she came back at night.


She told the truth.


Jiang Yu said lightly: “You are disobedient.”


“I'll go watch it now.” Cheng Suran said and was about to go down.


“No need,” Jiang Yu grabbed her, pushed her aside like throwing away a toy, got up and went back to the room, and left a sentence before closing the door: “Go to sleep.”




The patron's temper is hazy: moody and unpredictable.


Cheng Suran stayed for a while with her hair down, then stood up silently, and went back to her room with her canvas bag in her arms.


She had a nightmare that night.


Cheng Suran was awakened, opened her eyes and found that it was dawn, got up, looked down and saw that her clothes were plain, she was relieved, and couldn't help but blush when thinking of the dream.


Sweating and feeling uncomfortable, she went to take a shower again, packed up and went out.




The living room was empty.


Cheng Suran knocked on the door of Jiang Yu's bedroom, and quietly opened it.
The light inside was very bright, the bedding was spread evenly on the bed, and there was no sign of sleeping – no one was there last night.


Thinking of Jiang Yu's expressionless face last night, she belatedly realized that the patron might be angry.


Cheng Suran's heart tightened, she picked up her phone and sent Jiang Yu a WeChat message:


[Sister, I was wrong, sorry.]


[I will watch the video carefully, thank you sister for giving me valuable resources.]


[Don't be angry with me, okay?]


Staring at the screen, she suddenly felt sad.
She was used to such flattering gestures in front of her family since she was a child, so she was so proficient.  When she was young, it was because she didn't have much choice, but it's the same when she grew up.
When will she gain her own wings and not need to be controlled by others?


She laughed at herself and continued typing with her head down: I'll wait for you to come back.


Jiang Yu had breakfast at home.


At ten o'clock last night, she asked the driver to pick her up from the hotel, took a bath, and slept comfortably until dawn.
After teasing the kid enough, it's time to bring her mind back to work.


The phone is placed beside her and the screen turns on and off.


She set the message not to display details, so she couldn't see who sent it, but she had an intuition in her heart that it was the kid.
Then, as if verifying, she picked up the phone to scan her face, clicked in and looked, and sure enough——


The kid apologized and acted like a baby.


Although there are only text messages, the lines are full of flattery, coupled with the cute emoji, it seems that the bright and charming little face is right in front of her, so tender and pitiful.


The corners of Jiang Yu's mouth curled up as she watched, and the smile in her eyes grew stronger.


Really obedient.


It made her feel soft.


But she didn't reply first, to let the kid have have a longer memory.


Jiang Yu put down her phone, picked up a blueberry, put it into her mouth, and chewed it carefully.
She ate very slowly, eating a few items for half an hour.


After breakfast, the nanny came to clear the table, she got up and went to the balcony, stood there for a while, overlooking as far as possible.


This house was bought three years ago.
It is located in the center of Jiangcheng City, facing the river.
It is forty-two stories high and nearly 600 square meters. She lives here aside from the hotels in China.


It is said to be her home, but in fact it is just a resting place, and it is the same everywhere.


Just like last night, it didn't make any difference whether she slept at home or in a hotel.
After so many years, she got used to flying all over the world, living in nowhere.


“Boss Jiang—”


The voice of her personal assistant Xiao Zhou came from behind, “Sister Tian Lin is here.”


Jiang Yu withdrew her gaze from a distance, turned around and entered the room, and gave Xiao Zhou a look, who walked away wisely.  She sat on the sofa with her long legs crossed, and raised her eyebrows at Tian Lin who was sitting across from her.


Holding the tablet, Tian Lin couldn't hide her joy from the corners of her eyes and brows, “It's settled, six A-class models from Brazil and Russia will come to sign the contract next Thursday, and I've arranged for someone to pick them up at the airport, and we'll be staying in a hotel near the company for the time being.  “


“There are also a group of new recruits coming for interviews.
The brokerage department has arranged for next Tuesday.
I checked and found that you have no travel plans that day, so…do you want to meet them in person?”


Jiang Yu lowered her halfway, and nodded lazily, “Yeah.”


As expected.


Tian Lin smiled and continued to report on work.
When she was almost done with her business, she put away her tablet and put on another serious face, “Sister Yu, do you still remember Zhang Nan?”




Her ex-ex-ex-little lover.


Of course she remembers.


“Why mention her suddenly?” Jiang Yu frowned imperceptibly.


Tian Lin took out her mobile phone and tapped it a few times before leaning forward and handing it over, “She called me last night and asked if she could borrow some money from you.
It seems that her family owes gambling debts and her father passed away…”


On the screen is the call recording file, press play, and the girl's choked up voice comes out.


There was no wave in Jiang Yu's eyes, like a pool of death frozen into ice.
Only halfway through, she uttered a sentence coldly: “Don't inform me that her family died, even if she died, it has nothing to do with me.”


Zhang Nan was her lover the year before last.
She was a graduate student in Jiangcheng at the time.
She was charming, could draw and dance, had a lively temper and a sweet mouth.  At that time Jiang Yu liked her very much and spent the most money on her, and it took two and a half months before she started to feel tired.


When they separated, she was stalked and harassed for a while.


Expired food.


“Yeah.” Tian Lin took it for granted, took the phone back knowingly, and turned off the recording.


“Block her.”






In the afternoon, the driver came to pick up Jiang Yu and her entourage to the airport.
This time, Tian Lin didn't go with her to New York, but took her to the business terminal.
On the other side of the ocean, an assistant in charge of American affairs will pick her up at the airport.


Along the way, Jiang Yu kept receiving messages from Cheng Suran.


The first two are texts, and the latter become voice, and one is longer than the other.


She connected the bluetooth earphones and listened to them one by one.
The young girl's tender voice contained grievances, and her tone was low and weak, like a bug gnawing at her heart, itching densely.


“I really know I was wrong.”


“Sister, can you take care of me…”


She likes to listen to her little sister acting like a baby.


Jiang Yu's heart was hot, and she couldn't help but take a deep breath.
Afraid that she couldn't help but reply, she quickly switched to her main account, ignoring what she saw.


Let it dry for a few days first.


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