The encyclopedia entry shows Jiang Yu's name, with “International Supermodel” written at the bottom, she clicked on it, and there are a lot of written materials and dozens of photos.


Cheng Suran took a deep breath.


It turned out to be……


According to the data, Jiang Yu was born on October 31, 1987, with a height of 1.79 meters, a Scorpio, and will be 32 years old at the end of next month.
Her hometown is in a county under a small city in the south.
Like her, she is from a small place.


At the age of eighteen, she participated in the model competition and won the championship in China, and won third place in the next global finals.
A year later, she officially entered the modeling circle.
First, she wandered alone in Paris, and then signed a contract with a modelling company.


At the age of 23, Jiang Yu has traveled to all four major fashion weeks, walked shows for many international big names, and acted as the opening model.
At the same time, her cover and endorsement achievements have blossomed, ushering in the peak of her career.


At the age of 30, Jiang Yu ranked second in the global model rankings, becoming the only model in China to be awarded the “Legend” level, and her status became unshakable.


The names of those luxury brands, the labels of the top fashion covers, and the dazzling letter LOGO are all like gorgeous medals, one by one hanging on the wall of Jiang Yu's life in the past ten years.


Now her net worth has exceeded 100 million.


The light is dazzling.


After reading the encyclopedia, Cheng Suran felt a pale and empty sense of unreality, as if she had never met this person before, and all the previous memories were hallucinations.


She went to search for some videos, including catwalk shows, exclusive interviews, and news.


Seeing Jiang Yu walking on the catwalk, one step at a time, confident and powerful, she finally remembered that the professional teacher once showed a Paris catwalk documentary in class, and this face was shot for two or three seconds.
The teacher mentioned the name.


This is the so-called “familiar face” and “familiar ear”…


They hadn't seen each other before that night.


The New York Fashion Week just ended two days ago, and the time may coincide with the days when Jiang Yu disappeared.
There are also videos of foreign media interviewing her on the Internet.


Therefore, it is not “to give her buffer time”.


It's all because she thinks too much.


Realizing this fact, Cheng Suran felt inexplicably lost, her heart sank slowly bit by bit, her body was like a huge balloon, as the air was gradually released, it deflated and wrinkled into small pieces…


In the afternoon, the sun was covered by dark clouds, the sky was dark, and after a while, a shower of rain fell.


Around three o'clock, the interviewees arrived one after another.  Five women and one man, all tall, with long heads and calves, stood in a row outside the meeting room.


Jiang Yu and several senior managers walked over while chatting.


All eyes immediately focused on her.


She wore a light gray pinstripe shirt and a pure white skirt, the length of which was just below the knees, and the fabric was close to the tight curves, simple and capable, yet somewhat soft and feminine.


Even wearing flat shoes, she is the tallest in the crowd, with a pair of slender and straight legs that are particularly eye-catching, with a cold aura.


The young girls couldn't take their eyes off her.


For those who dream of being models, no one does not want to be the second Jiang Yu.


When a group of people passed by, Jiang Yu turned her head, and glanced at the faces of several people in turn.
She paused for two seconds on the face of one of the girls, then moved away calmly, and entered the conference room.


Signing a model is quite special.
In addition to scouting, ordinary people in the society need to attach a full-body dynamic video when submitting their resumes.
Before these children came, their resumes had been screened for two rounds.
They stood out from hundreds of people and gothere.


The order of the interview is arranged according to the first letter of the surname, one by one is called in by name, and after a brief self-introduction, take a few steps to have a look.


Jiang Yu sat in the middle with a calm expression.
There was no emotion in her deep pool-like eyes, but a cold sense of distance.


When the fourth girl came in, her expression darkened, and she frowned subtly.


It was the one she looked at for two seconds longer.


“Hello teachers…”


The girl is 21 years old, self-introduction is smooth and natural, she is generous and not stage-frightened, she never leaves Jiang Yu's eyes, and she smiles at her after speaking: “Teacher.
Jiang, I am your loyal fan.
I'm finally lucky enough to see you in person.”


“Does the operation hurt?” Jiang Yu asked calmly.


Everyone was taken aback.


what operation?”


“Plastic surgery.”


The room was suddenly dead silent.


The girl brushed her hair unconsciously, and said with a smile, “I haven't had plastic surgery.”


“Your nose is fake,” Jiang Yu pointed it out mercilessly, with no change in her voice, “The surgeon who performed the zygomatic arch lift for you is not skilled enough, and you should be cautious when performing major surgery on bones.”




The smile on the girl's face froze instantly.


She touched her nose and face, a little embarrassed, her lips parted and closed, unable to speak.


The agents were tacitly silent.


The rain had stopped outside, and the drops of water on the leaves slapped against the window, one after another, like the rhythm of a heartbeat, which seemed extremely harsh in such silence.


“We don't need someone who can't accept herself.” Jiang Yu watched her quietly.


“Next person.”




After the interview, only two girls were finally signed.


Jiang Yu had a short meeting with her managers, and when she returned to the office, Tian Lin just came back from the outside, “Sister Yu, the driver Xiaowen said that Miss Cheng was sent to school at 9:30 in the morning.
According to your order, the car stopped at the intersection at the corner of the school gate, the pick-up and drop-off should stop near there in the future.”




Jiang Yu flipped through the magazine, suddenly thought of something, raised her head, “Tell her to bring the car over now, I want to use it.”


Tian Lin looked at her in horror.


“I'll pick up the kid.” She was willing to explain patiently only in front of Tian Lin.




At half past seven, the sky was completely dark.


The marked berths on the street were full of small cars, and a brand new white Camry was mixed in, which was very inconspicuous.
The light from the street lamps shone into the car, and there was no one in front of it.


Jiang Yu sat in the back row, her whole body hidden in the darkness.


The right door was pulled open abruptly.


A gust of hot wind came in, the girl got into the car, closed the door, and suddenly found someone beside her, and screamed: “Ah——”


“It's me.” Jiang Yu turned on the phone screen.


A cold white light shone on her face.


“Sister?” Cheng Suran opened her eyes wide and looked at the empty front seat, “How could you…
Where's the driver?”


Jiang Yu pursed her lips and chuckled, locked the phone again, stretched out her arms and hugged her, “I miss my little friend.”


“Did you think of your sister, huh?” She raised her hand to caress the girl's face.


Cheng Suran's heart skipped a beat, she was rather flattered, and obediently hugged her, “Yes.”






More than just thinking about her.


That afternoon, she searched for all kinds of information about Jiang Yu, but she isn't half-way through the article at all.
She wasted time because her mind is in turmoil.
Going back to the dormitory may not be able to calm her down, it is better to go back to the hotel.


No wonder sister suddenly asked what she was doing two hours ago…


The girl smelled of milk, sweet and pure, Jiang Yu lowered her head slightly, buried her face in the messy hair on her sideburns, sniffing greedily with her nose, a little addicted.


“Sister…” she called softly.


Her heart was trembling, she didn't know whether it was panic or shock.  Ever since she knew Jiang Yu's identity and that her benefactor was such a dazzling and powerful person, it became difficult for her to calm down, and she couldn't convince herself that this was just an ordinary business transaction.


It's like dreaming.


“Well, what's the matter?” Jiang Yu pinched the girl's earlobe and couldn't help but kiss her.


Dimly lit, small spaces, secret thrills.


Cheng Suran shivered for a while, her cheeks were hot, she swallowed the words that came to her mouth, she whispered: “Nothing, let's go back.”


“Let's go somewhere first.”




Jiang Yu smiled, did not answer and let go of her arm.
Then, opened the door and got out of the car, and sat in the driver's seat.


Cheng Suran came back to her senses, and hurriedly climbed to the co-pilot and sat down.


She can't let sister be her driver.




There is no moon tonight.


Driving in the dense night, the car gradually entered the city center, the streets were brightly lit, the crowds were bustling, and the surroundings were bustling and noisy.


The destination is Yinhua Plaza, the center of the city center, where major brand counters gather together.


When they arrived at the basement, Jiang Yu found a place to park the car, took out her cell phone and made a call.
After a while, a young woman came out from the corridor of the building obliquely ahead, wearing a uniform and tie, carrying two or three paper bags in her hand, walking quickly towards this side.


Jiang Yu pressed the car window.


Jiang, it's all here, and there are also new product samples in it.
You can check it out.” The woman nodded with a smile, and handed her things into the car.


“No, thank you.” Jiang Yu just glanced casually, “I'll go now.”


“Okay, take care.”


The window went up again.


Jiang Yu put the paper bag on Cheng Suran's lap, smiled and pinched her face, “I bought you a gift, I've been busy recently, I'll take you shopping sometime when I'm free.”


“This is…” Cheng Suran lowered her head.


The silver paper bag, with English letters and trademarks printed on it, is a brand she doesn't recognize, but it can be seen that it should be something like skin care products.


It shouldn't be cheap.


She raised her head, hesitated for a while and said, “Sister, you don't need to spend extra money for me, I…” She wanted to say that the one hundred thousand would be enough, but the next second she saw Jiang Yu raised her index finger and did a hush gesture.




It was half past nine wjen the arrive back at the hotel.


Cheng Suran obediently carried the paper bag back to her room, and when she came out again, Jiang Yu had already entered the bathroom.  Listening to the sound of dripping water, she suddenly remembered the information she had found in the afternoon, and a complicated feeling came to her heart…


After standing in a daze for a while, she turned around and went to take a shower too.


This time she washed very quickly.


The milk body lotion has a long-lasting fragrance, sweet but not greasy.
Standing in front of the mirror, Cheng Suran looked at the pretty and delicate face, took a deep breath, and turned to go out.


Jiang Yu was lazily sitting on the sofa, holding a wine glass in her hand, the color of the wine was as red as the nightgown she was wearing.


“Elder sister……”


Cheng Suran walked over slowly, stood in front of her, met those deep and cold black eyes, “I'm ready.”




The woman raised her eyebrows.


Cheng Suran lowered her head and pulled one end of her robe tie.

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