Prankkk… The sound of broken glass from inside

ohh ma god, Ohh my wow, ohh my now. Whats happen Gossa??? The grandmother asking

” nothing happen, Gramma. I think it just rat. Earlier, the rat hit the furniture so there was nothing. Don worry bout it

” more better, Gramma prepare to sleep. Its midnight, Im also very sleepy and wanna sleep too she continued

Finally, They both went to bed to sleep…

While Gossa and her grandmother were asleep, someone sneaked into Gossas house without them knowing. This sneaker arrived at gossas room, and he found gossa sleeping with position beautiful like an angel. So, he Brings gossa or rude words, kidnapped her.

Previously, Gossa had fallen asleep a bit awake. when she was brought, she slipped away and said…

”aahh my princee.. Like fly to see you

The kidnapper took Gossa to Malaka Pura and put her in a small housing estate in the village( Forest interior ) . He put gossa in his house. The house actually belonged to his Sister. The kidnappers Sister was very kind to accommodate the gossa in her modest home. His Sisters name is Salma Malaficent. Salma rescued abandoned children from several countries including the kidnapper.

POINT OF VIEW ( The kidnapper & Salma Malaficent ) ;

There is a child who has been neglected because of the great fire that hit the village of Bojong Gede, the village of Malaka Pura.

The fire killed his parents. So, He was placed in an orphanage. He was abandoned by his parents at the age of 4 years old. His name is Farhan. He explores Malaka Pura to survive. At the time he was 7 years old at that time, Malaka Pura was experiencing a food crisis that hit a number of villages, so many deaths occurred. Then, there comes someone who helps the citizens to survive, she is Salma Malaficent. She came from the city of Pihon, mainland Hoania. She is a woman full of love and helps them wholeheartedly. Cause her, many countries appreciate his abilities and because of her too, many countries help Bojong Gede villages such as Mainland Hoania, Oostrali, Indo Pura, Namlea Pura, Sungai Pura and Malaka Pura cause her diplomatic skills.

Back to kidnapper, Farhan

Many of his friends died horribly because of the drought that caused the food crisis, but only he could survive the terrible incident. He explores in search of food and work but many reject him as in indo pura to be exact. He was insulted and abused by the residents of Indo Pura because he came from Malaka Pura who was considered a lowly person. However, he remained strong and always made a fortune in the land of the people by becoming a homeless person. He always tried, walked and walked even though there was no goal. Until he came to a very wide forest. He was lost, but Farhan found a house that was quite ancient….

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