Chapter 105: The Fat Is in the Fire (2)

“It’s a good thing that everyone is spirited again.
I’ll also do my best for the Red Maple Mercenary Team! However, I dare not to claim myself your Young Lady.
Commander Zhao has been leading the Red Maple Mercenary Team for so many years.
He’s the person who works the hardest and makes the greatest effort.
So, you must still treat Commander Zhao as your leader, okay?”

After hearing that, waves of emotion hit Zhao Mingqi’s heart.
Zhao Yan even lowered his head shamefully.
He even questioned Yun Feng about that earlier.
He had never thought she would have such a big heart.
How old was she? Compared to her, he was indeed… terribly narrow-minded!

“We’ll listen to our Young Lady! Commander Zhao will always be our Commander! This will never change!” A mercenary shouted.
The others also agreed.
Eventually, all the voices gathered.
Zhao Mingqi looked at this little girl in front of him.
This was the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
This was Yun Feng from the Yun family!

“Alright, everyone! Our Young Lady is undoubtedly the biggest boost for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, but we can’t put the entire burden on her! All of us must work even harder! We need everyone to build the future of the Red Maple Mercenary Team together! Are you confident?!”


“We’re going to challenge a four-star mercenary group.
Are you afraid?”


Everyone’s passion seemed to be completely ignited at this moment.
Tears welled up in the eyes of all the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
They shouted with their lives as their deep voices resounded in the entire hall, constantly echoing at the bottom of everyone’s heart!

“Alright! All of us must practice harder for the level assessment that will be held very soon!” Zhao Mingqi shouted as everyone else raised their hands and cheered.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team was entering a new level from now on!

The news about the level-5 mage staying in the Red Maple Mercenary Team immediately spread around the entire Mercenary Union.
Everyone knew about it.
The news that the two Commanders of the five-star groups tried to poach the mage with their lives also circulated around, causing a huge furor.
Everyone in the Red Maple Mercenary Team stood upright these days.
Right now, mercenary groups of all levels all looked at the Red Maple Mercenary Team with deep jealousy and envy.

During these few days, Yun Feng stayed in the Mercenary Union.
The form for signing up for the level assessment had already been distributed.
Meanwhile, Yun Feng was discussing with Zhao Mingqi, Wang Ming and Zhao Yan about the configuration of their team.

Ever since that time, Zhao Yan had completely adjusted his attitude.
The way he looked at Yun Feng totally changed as well.
This little girl conquered him with her personality and charisma.
Zhao Yan admired Yun Feng deeply.
Right now, the fifteen-year-old Zhao Yan was more like Yun Feng’s little sidekick.
Such a change made Yun Feng a bit speechless.

Yun Feng still wasn’t familiar with the exact details of the level assessment, so Zhao Yan explained to her once in detail.

The level assessment of the Mercenary Union was divided into four stages, which were the two-star challenge, three-star challenge, four-star challenge and five-star challenge.
A mercenary group could challenge groups that were more than a level higher than they were, even several levels, as long as they had the strength.
However, each mercenary group had only one chance to challenge another group.
If they won, they would be able to move up a level.
If they lost, their level would drop.

Each mercenary group could send out an elite team of five and the list of the team couldn’t be changed after it was submitted.
If they made any changes, they would directly be disqualified and lowered to the one-star level.
The order of appearance of the five participants must also be decided and submitted beforehand.
The same rule applied to the order of appearance.
It couldn’t be changed.
If they changed it, they would be disqualified and lowered to the one-star level.

Such rules made the level assessment a bit more complicated.
It was a test on people’s IQ.
The arrangement of participants and the order of appearance must be considered thoroughly.
If the order of appearance of their mercenary group wasn’t arranged well and they lost three rounds in a row, it would be of no avail even if they won afterwards.

However, there was an even more interesting rule in the level assessment.
If you could fight continuously by yourself, it was allowed, but you had to fight until the end if you were adopting such a one-man strategy.
Unless you won five rounds in a row, you would lose.

Yun Feng had figured out and briefly understood the basic procedure and rules.
In the meantime, the few of them were sitting together to talk about who would be fighting and the order of appearance.

Even though Yun Feng was new here, she had already become the backbone of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Even Zhao Mingqi couldn’t help but consider Yun Feng’s ideas first and he also asked for Yun Feng’s opinion on such matters.

“My Lady, which five members do you think should be sent out to fight?”

Yun Feng pondered slightly as she gently tapped on the back of the chair with her little hand.
“Me, Wang Ming, and Commander Zhao, three of us will definitely fight.
As for the other two spots, Commander Zhao should make the call.
I’m not very familiar with the real strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.”

The corners of Zhao Mingqi’s mouth lifted.
After a while, he said, “My Lady, apart from the three of us, the most powerful members in the Red Maple Mercenary Team right now are only at level 3…”

Yun Feng was a bit shocked.
She had never thought the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team would be damaged to this point.
The highest level was just level 3? They would definitely be taken down when they faced the challenge from the two-star group!

“Then… Let’s pick two level-3 members.”

Wang Ming and Zhao Mingqi nodded.
Zhao Yan, who was sitting next to them, couldn’t stay still anymore.
“I… I have level 3.
I can also fight!”

Zhao Mingqi glanced at his son.
His son was quite talented, he just lacked practical experience.

“Sure! You can join us if you want.” Yun Feng smiled gently.
Zhao Yan immediately showed a beaming smile and Zhao Mingqi also smiled.
It was good for him to gain more combat experience.

“In the level assessment this time, we have to take the initiative to challenge the four-star group, Evil Wolf, and accept the challenge from the two-star group under the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.”

Zhao Mingqi nodded.
“We’ve also done some research.
The average level of the members in the two-star group under the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group is between level 3 to level 4.
With the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team after our loss, we can probably tie with them, but it isn’t easy if we want to win.”

Yun Feng pondered for a while.
“The Evil Wolf will definitely help them and mobilize a master from their team to the two-star group.”

Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming became nervous after hearing that.
It wasn’t impossible for mercenary groups to mobilize their men temporarily, but the transferred members wouldn’t belong to the original group anymore.
If the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group truly sent a master to the two-star group for help, they would be able to get a three-star mercenary group with a little sacrifice.
This was quite a smart plan.

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