Chapter 111: Yun Feng Arrived (3)

These people from the three-star groups felt angry, but they certainly dared not say or show it.
They weren’t thinking that their lives were too short.
Seeing the four heavy hitters here, they understood that there wasn’t any chance for them anymore.
The wolves surrounding the Red Maple Mercenary Team these few days all left quietly, because four lions came.

“Well, since the four Masters are here, I’ll certainly give this mineral vein to you.
Hehe… Well, I’ll go back first!” Under Leng Siaose’s cold gaze, the Commander of the three-star group finished this sentence with a trembling body.
He scolded himself in his mind for being a f**king failure, but how could he get somewhere in front of the level-9 powerhouses?

He then left with the group of people under his command in disgrace.

The Red Maple Mercenary Team finally got through the crisis this time safely, but Wang Ming, Zhao Mingqi and Zhao Yan didn’t feel grateful at all.
They weren’t three-year-old children.
How would the reason why these four Commanders of the five-star groups came here be different from that of those wolves? These members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t let down their guard.
Even though there were four Commanders of the five-star groups, four level-9 powerhouses, in front of them, the brave warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team still didn’t shrink back.

This might be the main reason why the Red Maple Mercenary Team became such a virtuous group in the mercenary world.

“Masters, what brings you here?” Zhao Mingqi put away his weapons and cupped his hand in the other in front of the four big shots.
Even though he already knew their intention, he still put up a face like he didn’t know anything.

“What Commander Zhao said is really interesting.
Don’t you know why we’re here?” Leng Siaose chuckled softly as his powerful level-9 fighting energy appeared slowly.
Zhao Mingqi’s expression immediately changed.
He mobilized his fighting energy, barely supporting himself.

“Master Leng, honest people tell the truth.
I guess your intention is similar to those robbers.” What Zhao Mingqi said made these four big shots look bad.
Even though the four of them had the mentality of robbers, they hid it pretty well on the outside.
And now, someone pointed out their intention frankly, which made them a little embarrassed.

“Hm! If you know so clearly, we’ll cut the crap.
Hand over the mineral vein and the Red Maple Mercenary Team will be able to get out of trouble.” Tuoba Gang stepped forward and his tiger-like body fiercely exuded his level-9 fighting energy, which combined with that of Leng Siaose.
Zhao Mingqi couldn’t withstand it anymore and he knelt on one knee on the ground.

“Masters, why don’t you just steal it? Isn’t it more straightforward to steal it?! Why do you have to intimidate us like this?” Zhao Yan yelled furiously.
His body was shaken by the fighting energy, being nailed in place.
Seeing his father in such a difficult situation, his eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

“Kid, don’t think that we won’t attack you!” Tuoba Gang’s anger was suddenly ignited.
It was fine being ignored by that level-5 mage, but how dare a level-3 ant talk to him like this as well?

“Tuoba Gang, pay attention to your words!” Leng Siaose said to Tuoba Gang secretly.
Tuoba Gang’s anger was finally calmed.
The rules of the Mercenary Union stated that they couldn’t cross the boundaries.
If they did, they would be harshly punished by the Mercenary Union, even if they were the Commanders of the five-star groups.
They could certainly come to the three-star area, but under the premise that they didn’t make any attacks.

Leng Siaose looked at the few people in front of him coldly and pondered continuously.
They couldn’t make an attack in this area.
Once they did, they would be breaking the rules.
These few people might only look like they didn’t fear anything because of this.
Haha, he had truly underestimated them.

“Haha, members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, this mineral vein is a big trouble for you and it’ll cause you endless disasters.
Why do you still have to guard this area? Well, I can give you a good suggestion.”

Zhao Mingqi got up from the ground with difficulty and slightly raised the corners of his mouth.
“Tell us, Master.”

Leng Siaose’s eyes rolled.
“If you’re willing to give this mineral vein up, I’ll lend you a master.
What do you think?”

This condition indeed interested Zhao Mingqi a bit, but the master he lent them would only help them this time.
If this master used his strength to take the leadership authority of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, wouldn’t the Red Maple Mercenary Team be in your hands after all?

Zhao Mingqi thought thoroughly and couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward.
Leng Siaose was truly clever!

“Commander Leng, you’ve made such a meticulous plan, but wouldn’t it be too much?” A cold female voice came.
Wang Ming and Zhao Yan looked at the person arriving from afar and couldn’t help but say softly, “My Lady…”

When Zhao Mingqi saw Yun Feng, he was also emotional.
Although this was the first time the other level-5 masters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team saw Yun Feng and they were surprised that she was so young, Yun Feng made them feel an unprecedented peace of mind, as if the Red Maple Mercenary Team would be able to survive no matter how big the problem was, as long as Yun Feng was here!

Yun Feng slowly walked over and came next to Zhao Mingqi, giving Zhao Mingqi a faint smile.
Zhao Mingqi covered his chest with a hint of joy on his pale face.
“My Lady, why are you here?”

Yun Feng glanced at the messy warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team and sighed.
“If I don’t come here, wouldn’t the Red Maple Mercenary Team fight to death?”

Zhao Mingqi looked a bit embarrassed.
Yun Feng raised her head and looked at the four Commanders of the five-star groups in front of her.
Four level-9 warriors, such a lineup was rarely seen.

“Yun Feng, I don’t like hearing what you said.” Leng Siaose chuckled, but he didn’t have that fierce momentum he had earlier anymore.
When Leng Siaose saw Yun Feng, he was also a little startled secretly.
This little girl gave him and Leng Siaose a slap.
Their anger still hadn’t been vented.
And now, it looked like they had to fight with them again.

Tuoba Gang’s temper wasn’t as good as that of Leng Siaose.
He still wasn’t over the fact that Yun Feng rejected them, so he certainly wasn’t as easy to deal with as Leng Siaose.

“Yun Feng, since you’re here, we’re not going to play dumb as well.
Is the Red Maple Mercenary Team giving this mineral vein up or not?”

Yun Feng gently raised her eyebrows and glanced at Tuoba Gang.
His level-9 fighting energy pressed over slightly, trying to crack the whip at Yun Feng.
However, Yun Feng had already reached level 7 right now and her body had also reached level 6 of mutation after being transformed by that mysterious jade pendant, which was a huge step compared to her strength before.
Tuoba Gang’s mid-level 9 fighting energy could only make Yun Feng’s breath a bit tighter.
The rest of her body was fine.

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