Chapter 129: All in Seconds (3)

“That’s not real.
That’s not real!” The warrior with the four-crystal spear shouted as his level-6 fighting energy burst out.
When Zhao Mingqi saw this, he shook his head again and there was more pity at the corners of his mouth.
Nothing could be faked in front of real strength!

“You’ll know if they’re fake after trying it!” Zhao Mingqi held both swords in his hands and infused his fighting energy into them.
The swords were covered with shiny luster like polar lights.

The warrior with the spear also shouted abruptly as his body moved backward slightly.
He then dashed towards Zhao Mingqi like an arrow released from the bow and the spear in his hand also shot out at a high speed like a sharp arrow!

“Hah!” Zhao Mingqi also rushed forward swiftly.
The swords in his hands created a silver white trace, clashing against the spear that was flashing as fast as an arrow!

“Swish, swish, swish!” The sound of wind passed through.
Zhao Mingqi rolled his wrists several times.
The two beams of light in his hands also twined up the body of the spear and the light spread immediately like cracks!

“Argh!” The body of the warrior with the spear arched backwards.
Zhao Mingqi had already come in front of him and those two beams of light had already gone up to his chest! Such a creepy, unpredictable speed!

“Clang! Clang!” The warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group looked at the spear in his hand in shock.
That majestic spear split piece by piece and dropped on the ground in front of everyone’s eyes.

A weapon with four holes and four crystals was destroyed just like that!

“Plop!” Following the dropping pieces of the destroyed weapon, the level-6 warrior also felt his knees like jelly, tottering and kneeling on the ground.
Blood had already oozed out of his mouth and he didn’t have the power to fight back anymore! On the other hand, Zhao Mingqi was still looking gentle and wasn’t injured at all!

The battle between the two of them ended with Zhao Mingqi’s absolute advantage!

“Second round, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wins!” The judge yelled loudly.
The audience was stirred again.
The atmosphere was like water that never stopped boiling and never cooled down!

“They won both battles in seconds…” Kai looked at the Red Maple Mercenary Team that won the second round and mumbled.
He could see clearly that the two warriors, who fought for the Red Maple Mercenary Team, weren’t much stronger than their opponents.
The reason why they could end the battles in seconds was because of the weapons in their hands, their absolutely suppressing weapons!

This showed how much help a mage could bring to a team.
With a mage, the overall strength of the team would increase by one level!

Zheng Ran sat in his seat with a smile.
Even though he was a bit surprised when he watched the first two rounds of competition, he cared more about the third round.
It was Yun Feng’s turn to fight in the third battle!

It should be her turn… Murong Yuntian on the platform thought.
A trace of heat rose in his black eyes.
Looking at that small body, he knew that the power inside was endless!

Zhao Mingqi came down from the ring as Yun Feng nodded in satisfaction.
Even though Zhao Mingqi was the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, the real Commander in his mind was Yun Feng, the Young Lady that brought miracles to the Red Maple Mercenary Team again and again!

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She just hopped onto the ring.
Her appearance brought the competition today to the climax once again.
Even the heart of the judge became hot in excitement.
Looking at this petite girl, the enthusiasm in his bones also surged silently.

The expressions of the few warriors of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group on the opposite side had completely changed.
The first two rounds ended in seconds with their opponents’ victory.
They were completely demoralized without a trace of morale left.
The level-7 warrior took a step forward slightly.
The two other warriors of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group glanced at him.
They didn’t have much hope in him.

A level-6 mage and a wand with six holes and six crystals.
How could they win this time? However, if they lose, the competition would also end!

The level-7 warrior hopped on the ring and looked at Yun Feng with a sullen look.
He had never thought they would lose so miserably in this competition and he didn’t expect the weapons of the Red Maple Mercenary Team to have reached such an overwhelming level!

The level-7 warrior clenched his fists fiercely as his level-7 fighting energy gushed out and covered the surface of his body.
“Red Maple, you won’t be able to win so easily this time!”

After seeing this, Yun Feng put a cold smile on her face.
The short and powerful wand appeared again in her hand.
Yun Feng didn’t even bother to speak this time.
She directly closed her eyes and focused, as the blue water element appeared around the wand gradually, moving slowly like a clear stream but also exuding a terrifying coldness.

Being despised completely by Yun Feng, the level-7 warrior couldn’t repress his anger anymore.
“Red Maple, don’t you… Argh!” Before he finished talking, Yun Feng had already made an attack!

The clear blue stream suddenly became extremely fierce.
It turned into a long chain and twined around the body of the level-7 warrior, catching him completely off guard.

“This is…” The body of the level-7 warrior was entangled in the blue water stream from head to toe and he couldn’t move at all.
Yun Feng stood there with an indifferent smile, watching the level-7 fighting energy struggle in vain.

“If you struggle more, the chain of water will cut your body into many pieces.” Yun Feng said indifferently.
The expression of the level-7 warrior had already changed drastically!

The water element, which had always been known for its gentleness in the magic world, was the most brutal killing weapon in Yun Feng’s hands! Kasa was so shocked by Yun Feng’s attack that she didn’t know how to react.
“The water element can be used to make such an attack… Oh God…”

The body of the level-7 warrior struggled.
He just felt that the fighting energy on the surface of his body had already stopped quickly and couldn’t provide him with any protection anymore.
The blue water stream that seemed gentle exuded a chilly air, intruding into his body directly!

Thinking of the level-6 warrior who died miserably yesterday, whose entire body was cut into pieces, the expression of the level-7 warrior changed.
How would he alone be able to affect the final result of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group? His life was more important!

“I surrender.
I surrender!” The level-7 warrior yelled, which stirred the audience again.
The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group totally embarrassed themselves this time.
It would probably be difficult for them to keep their heads up in the Mercenary Union again!

“Third round, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wins!” The judge felt a little sad in his mind.
After all, Yun Feng had just made one attack.
He expected the battle to be a bit more exciting at first.
He had never thought the level-7 warrior would be so weak!

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