re quite something in the Mercenary Union.
How weak could the Commanders of a four-star group be? The three of them were all pretty powerful.
Two of them were at mid-level 7, while the other one had entered level 8!

What Yun Feng said shocked everyone in the venue.
Even if you’re a level-6 mage, even if you’re impressive, you won’t be able to beat two level-7 warriors and one level-8 warrior!

“Hahahaha!” A loud laugh cut through the stagnant air around the square.
The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, who looked sullen like pieces of charcoal, had already stood up with viciousness flowing on their faces.
This suggestion was great.
This suggestion was wonderful!

“Zheng Ran, you can’t agree with that! Kids are inevitably arrogant and they act on impulse!” Kai stood next to Zheng Ran and said with a serious look.
There was even some pressure from the royal family in his tone.

Zheng Ran raised his eyebrows slightly.
He was also a bit worried in his mind, but judging by the kid’s expression, she was apparently well-prepared.
She must still have something that could astonish him… However, the lineup of two level-7 warriors and one level-8 warrior was indeed slightly powerful.

Kasa was also a little anxious on the side.
She scolded Yun Feng for this suggestion thousands of times in her mind.
Although the kid was powerful and talented, she was too insolent and arrogant! How dare she challenge level-7 and level-8 warriors at level 6? Wasn’t she digging her own grave?

Zheng Ran! She’s already made the suggestion.
A word spoken is past recalling.
She can’t take it back anymore! It’ll be disrespectful for us to reject her kindness and refuse to fight, don’t you think?” The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group yelled at the two Deputy Commanders.
The three of them laughed wildly as their bodies moved and three black lines flashed from the audience stand to the ring.
A powerful viciousness then surged out slowly.

“My Lady!” Zhao Mingqi yelled a bit worriedly.
Yun Feng’s move also caught them off guard.
They originally thought the competition would end here, but their Young Lady made such a suggestion.
How could she do that?

“Father, stop her quickly!” Zhao Yan was anxious.
Zhao Mingqi frowned and was extremely unsettled in his mind as well.
If something happened to their Young Lady, what could they do? Where could they find another Young Lady like this?

“Commander Zhao, since my Lady has already made the decision, we should just follow along! She won’t let the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group take advantage of us voluntarily.
Hahaha, if we’re really going to fight with them, count me in!” Wang Ming burst into laughter at this moment.
What he said made Zhao Mingqi and Zhao Yan realize something.
Right, if Yun Feng had already got an idea in her mind, they should just follow her lead.
Their Young Lady wasn’t someone reckless.
She certainly had her reason when she did something.

“Alright! I’ll go with you this time!” Zhao Mingqi threw away the idea of stopping Yun Feng.
He had already started thinking about the possibility of winning this battle in his mind.

“Yun Feng, do you really want to do this?” Zheng Ran asked with some contradictions in his mind.
He didn’t want Yun Feng to get hurt, but it would be unfair for him to help her on such an occasion and he also wanted to see Yun Feng’s performance.
Zheng Ran was indeed a bit torn.

Zheng Ran, I have my own plan.
I’m not a reckless person!” Yun Feng stood upright there with huge confidence on her face.
That confidence seemed to have conquered everyone.
Zheng Ran nodded.
“Alright, I approve of this battle!”

What Zheng Ran said caused a great furor in the quiet square again.
Even the body of the judge trembled slightly and his head became hot.
He was too excited.
This was truly awesome!

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