Chapter 137: Surrendered, All Surrendered (4)

Yun Feng glanced at Fitch as she found it hilarious.
“Why should I go to the School of the God of War?”

Fitch chuckled.
“Of course, to learn and practice to be a warrior!”

Kasa couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious after hearing this.
“No! She’s a mage.
She belongs to Masang School of Magic!”

Fitch was embarrassed after hearing this and his heart started pounding, but he was unwilling to give up just like that.
Yun Feng watched these people fight over her quietly and had the impulse to roll her eyes.

“I’m not going to the School of the God of War!” Yun Feng said as Kasa looked at Fitch with arrogance.
Fitch was a bit discouraged, while Murong Yuntian gazed at Yun Feng with his black eyes.

Everyone was confused.
Kasa then said, “Because she’ll certainly go to Masang School of Magic to learn magic!”

Murong Yuntian didn’t look at Kasa at all.
He just looked at Yun Feng.
Kasa couldn’t help but flush in embarrassment and she glared at Murong Yuntian in dissatisfaction.
However, Murong Yuntian kept ignoring her.

“It’s very simple.
I’m not a warrior.” What she said astonished everyone!

“You are.” Murong Yuntian said this in certainty.
The others were also a bit dumbfounded after hearing her reply.
How would she have such strength if she wasn’t a warrior? How would she be able to fight directly against the fighting energy of a level-8 warrior and kill him with a punch if she wasn’t a warrior? Who would believe that she wasn’t a warrior?

Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
“My Qi meridians have been damaged.
It’s true.
If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself.”

Right after Yun Feng said this, several powers surged tentatively from all directions.
Yun Feng also let them feel out generously and she saw how shocked they were as expected.

There wasn’t any fluctuation of fighting energy.
There was no fighting energy in her body at all!

“This… This…” Fitch was stunned and he didn’t know what to say.
He sized Yun Feng up back and forth with his eyes as Yun Feng smiled.
“So, why should I go to the School of the God of War if my Qi meridians are damaged? To be a decoration?”

“Then, what’s with your strength?” Murong Yuntian was also astonished, but the fact was right in front of him.
He had to believe it!

Yun Feng opened her mouth wide and gave a beaming smile.
“It’s just the result of me training my body harder than the others.”

Everyone’s face darkened after hearing this and the voice of the ancestor also sounded in Yun Feng’s mind, “You kid…”

Kai didn’t succeed in recruiting Yun Feng this time, but he was in a pretty good mood, because Masang School of Magic wouldn’t miss Yun Feng with her identity as a mage.
So, he didn’t have to worry about anything as well.

The second day after the level assessment ended, Kai and the others were about to go back.
Before they left, Kai said to Yun Feng with a smile that she should visit the Imperial Capital more when she had time.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
The few of them then returned with a complicated feeling.
This trip to the Mercenary Union must be an unforgettable memory for each of them.

The news that the Red Maple Mercenary Team defeated the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group didn’t only spread in the mercenary world.
The Murong family, which had a close relationship with the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, also received the news immediately.

“What did you say? The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group was downgraded?” In the Murong family in Park City, Murong Shuli was stunned after hearing the news.
He immediately got up and couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, yes, yes…” The person who came to report the news was startled.
The fierceness of Murong Shuli’s level-6 fighting energy made him a bit breathless and he panted there desperately with a flushed face.

“Is this true? Is the source reliable?” A decent man with fair skin spoke from the side.
Even though he was already over forty years old, his body was well-maintained.
His face was so smooth that there were no wrinkles at all.
If it weren’t that his facial features looked mature and seemed to have experienced many vicissitudes of life, people would really think he was just a twenty-year-old man.

“Y-Yes… I’ve just received the news…”

The decent man with fair skin waved his hand and the person who brought the news immediately left.
Only Murong Shuli, who looked shocked, and this decent looking man, who was thinking deeply, were left in the house.

“Father, if this is true…” The man spoke.
Murong Shuli slowly sat in his seat again.
“If this is true, the Murong family will have to consider changing to a new group.”

The Murong family was also a cruel master.
Although the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group and the Murong family had a partnership, both parties never trusted the other 100%.
Since the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group had fallen from power right now, the Murong family immediately wanted nothing to do with them and wanted to find another good group to inhabit!

Another day had passed and the news had been reliably confirmed.
Murong Shuli’s face also darkened completely and that decent looking man with fair skin was still sitting next to him.
After a while, the man spoke, “Father, the strength of this suddenly rising Red Maple Mercenary Team soared.
They will definitely be an outstanding group in the Mercenary Union in the future.
Compared to the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, the Red Maple Mercenary Team is a bit more reliable.”

Murong Shuli frowned.
“Ze, you’re right, but the strength of this Red Maple Mercenary Team, which has just risen, isn’t so stable yet.
What if…”

Murong Ze smiled and shook his head.
“We can know from the news that the Red Maple Mercenary Team has really stolen the show this time and is extremely popular right now in the Mercenary Union.
We’ll only benefit from working with such a mercenary group.”

Murong Shuli pondered carefully for a while.
The notorious reputation of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group had made the Murong family suffer from quite a lot of losses.
And because of their vicious means of doing things, the Murong family had always treated this partner as a hidden danger.
Both parties might be connected in their interests, but their minds weren’t simple.

“You’re right.
Ze, you should make some arrangements.”

Murong Ze nodded.
Something came to Murong Shuli’s mind again.
“I heard that Yuntian attended the level assessment this time.
That kid has been away for more than a decade, but he doesn’t miss home at all.”

Murong Ze smiled with a hint of frustration and bitterness.
“Yuntian has been away from home since he was small.
It’s normal that he doesn’t miss home.
I guess my son isn’t involved in too many romantic relationships either.”

Murong Shuli nodded.
“Ze, about our cooperation with the Red Maple Mercenary Team, you must satisfy the other party and show our sincerity.”

Murong Ze smiled and nodded.
“Don’t worry, father.”

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