Chapter 146: Crazy Things (1)

When Yun Feng saw that, she immediately picked up Meatball’s body with her hands.
She lifted its chubby body up by the back of its neck and shook violently side to side.
“Meatball, spit it out.
It’s an ore.
You can’t eat it!”

Meatball’s mouth was bulged and it couldn’t hear what Yun Feng said at all.
The ore seemed to be making some soft sounds in its mouth.
Meatball let Yun Feng shake its body as it moved its mouth slightly and swallowed the ore completely.

“Open your mouth.
Let me see!” Yun Feng looked nervous.
She squeezed Meatball’s little face and exerted herself to open Meatball’s mouth.
Meatball looked at Yun Feng in discontent, but it also let her.
Once Meatball’s mouth was open, Yun Feng was a bit startled.
She thought Meatball was a docile kind of Magic Beast, like the harmless, ornamental species.
And yet, there were so many teeth, which looked unusually sharp, inside its little mouth!

Yun Feng quickly glanced over it.
The ultimate ore was nowhere to be found and she then released it.
Meatball’s body rolled on Yun Feng’s knee with a content look, as if it was full.
It even burped!

Yun Feng frowned as she gazed at Meatball on her knee and pondered, When Meatball stood up again, its fluffy tail hit the back of Yun Feng’s hand and it looked at Yun Feng with its huge, bright and watering eyes.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

“Do you still want to eat?”

Meatball quickly nodded as Yun Feng’s face darkened.
What species exactly did this Magic Beast that followed her belong to? Were there Magic Beasts fed on ores? However, nothing was too strange in the world of Magic Beasts.
Meeting such a species was quite an unusual encounter for her.

Yun Feng pondered.
There were four ultimate ores.
One was eaten by Meatball and there were three left.
It seemed that Meatball had a huge appetite and one couldn’t satisfy it.
However, she couldn’t give it these three as well.
They might still be useful in the future.
Yun Feng wanted to keep two for her brother and father.
Once they absorb the energy inside, their strength would also rise up a level!

Yun Feng swayed her hand and a mid-level ore appeared in her palm.
She shook it in front of Meatball and found that there was a sense of dissatisfaction in Meatball’s huge eyes.
It directly twisted its body and pointed its butt at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng was startled.
It looked like it wasn’t interested in this mid-level ore at all.

Yun Feng put the mid-level ore back as she waved her hand and a high-level ore appeared in her palm.
Meatball turned its head around slightly and glanced at the high-level ore.
Yun Feng handed the high-level ore to Meatball and it slowly took the ore with its little claws, putting it into its mouth a bit reluctantly.
Those eyes seemed to be complaining to Yun Feng.

Yun Feng smiled.
It seemed that high-level ores were the minimum standard for Meatball.
If this was the case, she wouldn’t be able to feed it… Where could she find high-level mineral veins and ultimate mineral veins?

“Meatball, do you want to eat me out of house and home…” Yun Feng asked speechlessly and felt a bit powerless.
That high-level ore was swallowed by Meatball at once.
Its little body jumped on Yun Feng’s shoulder again and rubbed against her face like it was pleasing her.
Yun Feng didn’t know what to say.
Was it fawning on her? Why did it think that she looked like someone who had ultimate ores back then?

“Kid, if Meatball is fed on ores, it must have a special connection with the mineral veins as well.” What the ancestors said made Yun Feng’s eyes brighten.
She swayed Meatball’s body in front of her eyes with her hand and said, “Do you know where I can find mineral veins?”

Meatball glanced at Yun Feng as its little head nodded.
Yun Feng was immediately delighted.
Meatball knew where to find mineral veins! With its personality, the mineral veins it found would either be high-level or ultimate ones!

“Is there no ultimate mineral veins on the Shiny Plains?” Yun Feng swayed Meatball’s body.
She knew just by thinking about it.
If there were really ultimate mineral veins, Meatball would have rushed there.

Meatball’s little head nodded again.
It didn’t like being picked up by Yun Feng like this.
It swung its body to get rid of Yun Feng’s fingers agilely as it returned to her shoulder.

Meatball’s ability was like a gift from heaven.
It was really difficult to find a mineral vein, but with Meatball, Yun Feng didn’t have to do it herself.
She would definitely find mineral veins just by following Meatball’s instructions.
Those would even be high-level or ultimate mineral veins!

This meant that for Yun Feng, mineral veins that hadn’t been mined were like wild flowers and grass on the road, which she could see clearly anytime!

If people knew about Meatball’s ability, they would probably risk their lives to take it away… Yun Feng smiled.
This little thing followed her back then and she didn’t think too much.
She had never thought that it would have such a powerful ability.
She poked Meatball’s head gently with her finger.
If it didn’t have this power, it would really be impossible for her to find food for it by herself.

Yun Feng put her attention back to the space in the ring and searched again.
Then, a scroll appeared in her hands.
There were three words written on the surface of the scroll, Beast Taming Technique.

“Zheng Ran was quite thoughtful.
He even gave you such a thing.
Kid, Zheng Ran really treats you well.”

Yun Feng looked at the scroll in her hands.
She already knew by the name what this “Beast Taming Technique” was used for.
However, Mr.
Zheng Ran had never thought that she was a summoner and she didn’t need this at all, but she still felt warm in her heart.

“The Beast Taming Technique is a secret technique humans invented.
People created such a secret technique because they can’t understand the Arrays of Contract of summoners but they also want to control the Magic Beasts.
Although it can be used to tame Magic Beasts, it’ll also cause the Magic Beasts to lose their combat power completely and they can only be people’s mounts or pets.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The ancestor seemed to be a bit sorry and heartbroken when he explained.
Summoners had a special relationship with Magic Beasts.
Once they contracted with a Magic Beast, it would be their companion of life and death.
However, these tamed Magic Beasts were different.
They had completely lost their original power, like a lion with its teeth and sharp claws shattered that it could only be a giant cat.
This was in fact a kind of deep humiliation for the Magic Beasts.

“Not many people know about this secret technique.
People become beast tamers and use Magic Beasts as their mounts just to fulfil the selfish desire of humans.
They’re no different from horses.
Kid, you don’t need this, but this can also be considered a great boost for the future development of the Yun family.”

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