Chapter 150: Mysterious Man (1)

What the ancestor said made Yun Feng look completely cold.
Devouring fighting energy? What kind of domineering fire element was that? Imagine when a high-level warrior came here, what would the consequences be? The fighting energy in his body would be devoured like crazy and he would die right away!

No wonder this place was called the Road of Death.
For the Karan Empire where 80% of the population were warriors, what else could this place be if not the Road of Death?

When the fire-element mages came here, they would directly immolate themselves as soon as they mobilized the fire element! Besides, without the support of strong mental strength, which of the mages of the other elements would dare to risk their lives to come here? If it weren’t that Meatball rushed straight down, even Yun Feng wouldn’t have risked her life and jumped in.

“Even if the fire element doesn’t work, I don’t believe that none of the five elements can break through this!” Yun Feng tightened her little face as the wind element immediately appeared in her palm.
However, the wind element also disappeared in the white mist like the water element did.

Next was the purple thunder element.
This was the first time Yun Feng used the thunder element.
While she was about to use it, the ancestor stopped her.
“Kid, the thunder element is close to the fire element.
Don’t use it.”

Yun Feng took a deep breath.
If these four elements didn’t work, there was only one element left, an element that was known for its defensive power, the strongest element, earth element!

“Earth Hammer!” Yun Feng shouted abruptly as yellow elemental force appeared in the air around her and gathered gradually in her hand, forming a giant hammer eventually.
Yun Feng held the giant hammer tight with one hand and swung it at the white mist in front of her swiftly and fiercely!

“Break it!” Following Yun Feng’s shout, the Earth Hammer was like a beam of dazzling yellow light flashing in the world of scorching white mist, and this world that had only white mist was torn apart!

“It’s working!” Yun Feng watched as the white mist in front of her was torn.
Her heart burnt in excitement and she swayed the hammer harder with her hand.
Although the white mist only split for a second and it came back together again like healing even more quickly, this was enough for Yun Feng!

Meatball, where are you… If you sense my mind, make some noises.
Just shout! Yun Feng swayed the Earth Hammer and moved forward through the torn white mist with difficulty, as she searched for Meatball with anxiousness in her eyes.
She was stepping on bumpy ground.
Yun Feng didn’t know which way to go at all.
She just hoped that she could find that little chubby body.

“Nana!” A loud and clear voice seemed to shatter the confusion.
Yun Feng’s eyes immediately brightened.
Meatball’s shout was like a shining beacon in the night sky, showing Yun Feng a clear way!

“Little Fire!” Yun Feng yelled with a soft voice, while Little Fire also sensed Yun Feng’s mind immediately.
They both rushed over to the place where Meatball’s voice came from, from their own location!

Yun Feng kept swaying the Earth Hammer in her hand like a warrior fighting with her life on the battlefield.
She had only one thought at this moment.
When she saw Meatball, she must beat its little butt!

“Roar!” A roar came.
“Master, over here!” Little Fire’s voice sounded.
Yun Feng sensed Little Fire’s location and immediately moved and ran over.
She kept slashing her way through.
The white mist in front of Yun Feng’s eyes seemed to be even thicker.
A completely white world appeared ahead of her and she couldn’t see anything else!

“Master, get on my back!” Little Fire said.
Yun Feng didn’t hesitate at all.
She looked at that blurry giant beast in the white mist as her body hopped onto Little Fire’s back.
Its elegant, robust body jumped abruptly in the white mist, like a red carp that jumped out of the water.
As Little Fire jumped, Yun Feng only felt scorching heat on both sides of her cheeks, followed by a cool breeze!

When she opened her eyes again, what she saw was a totally different scenery!

“This is…” Yun Feng looked at the cave in front of her and slightly looked back.
The entrance of the cave was still surrounded by white mist that was so thick that it almost condensed into solid.
However, it was cold inside the cave, as if there was an invisible boundary that separated this place from the outside world!

On a stone the size of a fist in the center of the cave, Meatball’s entire chubby body was stuck on it.
There were glints of greed in its black eyes and its little claws clung onto this stone firmly, as if it was about to swallow it.

Yun Feng didn’t care about anything else.
She went forward and picked Meatball’s body up, shaking it fiercely.
“Why did you run away?”

Meatball seemed to feel Yun Feng’s anger.
Its tail gently patted the back of Yun Feng’s hand a few times, like it was pleasing her.
However, Yun Feng ignored it completely.
She lifted Meatball’s body with her hand and smacked its chubby butt harshly.

Meatball didn’t scream.
It just widened its big watery eyes to complain about Yun Feng’s violent behavior silently.
In fact, the moment Yun Feng saw that Meatball was safe, all her anger had been gone.
Nothing was better than this little thing being okay.

She tossed Meatball’s body up gently and it spun agilely in the air, directly landing on the stone it had been lying on just now.
Its grape-like eyes let out brighter and brighter light, as if it was holding a delicious feast.

Knowing that Meatball was alright, Yun Feng also started looking around the place carefully.
This cave wasn’t large.
Apart from the stone that was the size of a fist, there was a tree, which seemed to be covered with fire, standing nearby.
The branches that stuck out had a weird radian.
It was like a burning fire when Yun Feng looked at it!

“That’s…” Yun Feng walked a few steps closer.
In this cold cave, that tree was surrounded by a scorching temperature.
Even though the heat was only contained on the surface of the tree and didn’t affect other areas, Yun Feng could feel how active the fire element inside was.
It was extremely terrifying!

A flaming red tree had been buried underground.
Yun Feng realized that the fire element outside must have come from this tree… “Ancestor, what’s this?”

Yun Feng dared not to get close to the tree easily and only stood around it, while Little Fire was next to Yun Feng, drooling with its glittering black eyes, which were as bright as Meatball’s when it saw the stone.

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