1638 Lanyi’s Test, Yun Feng Is Jealous (1)

“Nana!” Meatball shouted in dissatisfaction.
Yun Feng was silent for a moment and finally smiled helplessly.
She took a few deep breaths and the frustration in her heart that had been completely blocked finally eased a bit.
However, thinking of the gentle voice she heard just then, the frustration became even worse.

Yun Feng pressed her chest with her hand.
She was very uncomfortable at the thought of Qu Lanyi being with another woman.
Yun Feng certainly knew Lanyi’s feelings for her, but how could other women not like such an outstanding man? Yu Lian was probably the most obvious one.
There might be many more in the dark.

Yun Feng stood up and patted her clothes.
“Huangqi? Why don’t I go there and take a look?”

Meatball glanced at Yun Feng in a daze.
Its chubby body turned around and disappeared.
Yun Feng pushed the door open and walked out.
Lun Sheng, who was about to knock on the door, was startled.
Then, he blushed and took a few steps back.
“Young Lady Lian, I hoped to meet you…”

“What’s the matter?” Yun Feng looked up and her tone was slightly cold.
Lun Sheng chuckled.
“Nothing special.
I just saw that you haven’t shown up in a long time and was a bit worried, so I came to take a look…”

“I’m fine.
I’m fine.” Yun Feng said again with a cold tone.
Lun Sheng suddenly felt very embarrassed standing there.
“Well… Even though I’m not sure, I always thought I didn’t have the ability to succeed in one go when I was making the potion.
Someone must have helped me.
Young Lady Lian, were you the person who helped me?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Help you? I had nothing better to do than help you again and again?”

Lun Sheng was speechless.
Yun Feng said, “Anything else?”

Lun Sheng shook his head and turned his body sideways.
Yun Feng nodded and walked out.
“Young Lady Lian, where are you going? Didn’t the Second Prince ask us to stay here? We’re going to the capital after a while!”

Yun Feng replied without looking back, “I have time anyway.
I’ll go out for a walk.
I’ll certainly come back.”

Lun Sheng still wanted to say something, but Yun Feng walked quickly and soon disappeared.
Lun Sheng stood there in a daze and finally smiled helplessly.
“It can’t be her… She’s so cold.
It’ll be strange if she helps me… Ah, I wonder which expert helped me.
If we’re fated to meet, I must ask for guidance.”

Yun Feng won the competition.
The Second Prince gave her a badge that symbolized her identity.
It was extremely convenient for her to enter and leave Zhuangning City.
She could leave whenever she wanted and enter whenever she wanted.
There were no restrictions at all.
The King’s Inspection ended early on Zhuangning’s side.
The Magic Beasts that surged into the city were all leaving the city.
The scene was quite huge.
The security was certainly more complicated and serious.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, saved a lot of effort.
When she showed this badge, nobody stopped her at all and she left the city easily.

When they left the city, many people couldn’t help but point at Yun Feng.
After the competition, everyone in Zhuangning knew Yun Feng.
People who saw her would whisper, “Look! That’s Master Lian, who hid herself well!”

Under the whispers and envious and admiring gazes, Yun Feng stepped out of Zhuangning City.
After thinking for a while, she put away the badge the Second Prince gave her and directly ran in the direction of Huangqi City.
The distance between the two cities wasn’t short at all, but for Yun Feng, half a day was enough.

It was dusk when she came to Huangqi City.
Yun Feng didn’t tell Qu Lanyi where she was.
If he wanted her to come and see for herself, why should she tell him? She would only confirm it if she saw it for herself, wouldn’t she?
The King’s Inspection in Huangqi City wasn’t over yet.
The city, which was about the same size as Zhuangning, was extremely noisy! Yun Feng passed through the city gate safely and entered the city.
As soon as she entered the city, she heard a lot of discussions at the same time.

“Did you watch Lord Qu’s competition?”

“I’ve seen it! It’s indeed exciting! None of these powerhouses is Lord Qu’s match at all!”

“That’s right! Lord Qu will definitely get the first place this time! Didn’t you see that the First Prince admires him so much that he’s already calling Lord Qu brother?”

“Hahaha! That’s right! I heard that the First Prince treats Lord Qu extremely well and is very generous! The First Prince isn’t stingy at all.
He shares whatever he likes with him.
I heard that they even share women!”

“Lord Qu is very lucky.
Aren’t all the people around the First Prince beautiful?”

The two of them, who were discussing enthusiastically, suddenly felt a gust of cold wind.
They looked up and saw Yun Feng standing in front of them with a gloomy face.
The two of them were stunned.
“W-What are you doing?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“May I ask if Master Qu likes it too?”

The two of them burst into laughter after hearing that.
“Of course! Otherwise, Lord Qu wouldn’t have rejected none of them!”

Rejecting none of them? Yun Feng sneered in her mind.
Not rejecting anyone! “So, Master Qu likes to have beautiful companions?”

“I’m not sure about that, but all men like beautiful women! Hahahaha!”

“If it were me, I would be enjoying myself so much!”

The two of them smiled.
The gloomy look on Yun Feng’s face was swept away and she put on a friendly and sweet smile.
“The First Prince is living with Lord Qu too?”

The two of them immediately widened their eyes when they saw Yun Feng’s smile.
“Yes, yes! The First Prince values Lord Qu very much!”

“Thank you.” Yun Feng chuckled and turned around to leave.
After turning around with a bright smile on her face, her face completely darkened! She tapped her toes and jumped up from the ground, running in one direction at an extremely high speed in the evening sky! She didn’t have to ask where the First Prince lived at all.
No matter how many auras there were here, it wouldn’t take much effort to find Qu Lanyi!

“Brother Qu, I’ll wait for your performance tomorrow!” Someone burst into laughter.
In the huge and luxurious room, a man was leaning against the bench lazily.
His body was well-proportioned and his muscles were well-defined.
His lazy expression was attached to his ordinary facial features, adding a few hints of handsomeness.
He picked up a wine glass with one hand and shook it at the man sitting not far away, drinking it all in one gulp in an extremely straightforward manner.

The handsome man chuckled.
“I won’t let you down, Your Highness.”

“Haha, good! Good!” The man laughed extremely happily.
The beauty next to his feet immediately filled his cup.
The First Prince looked up at the front and smiled.
“Brother Qu, you don’t seem to be satisfied with these beauties?”


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