1641 Lanyi’s Test, Yun Feng Is Jealous (4)

Yun Feng blushed and tried to push the man’s hand away in a panic.
Qu Lanyi’s eyes were bloodshot.
He turned Yun Feng’s cheek around forcefully and pressed his thin lips against hers fiercely.
He reached his hand in without hesitation and grabbed his favorite place gently.

“Huh!” The blush spread to her neck.
Yun Feng’s body was trembling slightly as she held the man’s clothes in front of her chest tightly with her hands.
Her hands were full of hot sweat.
Her lips moved away slightly and the man’s scorching breath sprayed on her face, making Yun Feng’s already hot cheeks heat up a few more degrees.

“Fengfeng… Don’t be afraid…” Muttering mixed with hot breath, Yun Feng was already in a mess.
Her mind was in a mess.
She could only feel that embarrassing move and didn’t know anything else! With a soft sigh, Qu Lanyi slowly let go and tidied Yun Feng’s clothes.
Yun Feng blushed and didn’t dare to look up.
Qu Lanyi smiled helplessly and held her in his arms.
He cursed himself for being useless in his mind, but there was nothing he could do.
He couldn’t force himself on the woman he loved.

Yun Feng didn’t stay in Huangqi for long.
Even though Qu Lanyi didn’t want her to leave so early, she didn’t know when the Second Prince would arrive in Zhuangning City.
Yun Feng thought she should go back.
The competition in Huangqi City had also ended completely.
Qu Lanyi undoubtedly became the strongest.
Just like Yun Feng, he became famous in Huangqi.
If it weren’t for the Thousand Shadows Mask that covered his original appearance, more people would probably have fallen for him.

He reluctantly sent Yun Feng away.
Even though Qu Lanyi didn’t want to, he was still very happy in his mind.
He remembered Yun Feng’s rare jealous look.
Her angry and caring expression made Qu Lanyi think about it for a long time.
They knew each other’s feelings very well, but Yun Feng didn’t take much initiative, nor did she show any jealousy.
Qu Lanyi wanted to see her jealousy, and his heart was itching.
This time, his wish was fulfilled.
His beloved woman’s jealous and coquettish expression was engraved in his heart.

The two of them also discussed what to do next.
The winners of the two cities, Huangqi and Zhuangning, would definitely follow the First Prince and the Second Prince to the royal palace and meet the King of the Tian Yao Clan directly.
By then, they would also meet some people in the royal palace.
No matter how deeply the Blood Souls hid, they should have left traces.
The key was certainly the Second Prince.
Yun Feng knew that she had to pay more attention in the coming days and try to gain the trust of the Second Prince in time to find the base of the Blood Souls!

The two parties would meet in the capital in the end.
Yun Feng left quickly, and Qu Lanyi could only sigh helplessly.
In half a day, Yun Feng returned to Zhuangning City from Huangqi.
After the King’s Inspection, Zhuangning City was completely liberated from the initial clamor.
Although the city was still noisy, it was much quieter than during the King’s Inspection.

Walking out of the residence, Yun Feng obviously noticed a few unfamiliar auras gathering here, and they were all very strong! Yun Feng frowned.
Was the Second Prince here? As soon as she walked in, she heard Lun Sheng’s surprised voice.
“Young Lady Lian! You’re finally back!”

Yun Feng looked up.
In the yard, Lun Sheng looked at her with joy on his face, while Sang Yue raised the corners of her mouth and smiled stiffly on the side.
Wasn’t the person who slowly stood up with a smile on his face the Second Prince? Yun Feng understood in her mind and walked over.
“Why is the Second Prince here?”

The Second Prince chuckled.
“I came at the right time.
Where did Young Lady Lian go?”

Yun Feng glanced at Lun Sheng with her black eyes.
Lun Sheng glanced at Yun Feng rather nervously.
Yun Feng understood something in her mind and smiled lightly.
I was just wandering around.
I went out this morning.”

“Oh, I see.” The Second Prince smiled.
“After all, you and Lun Sheng are people I value.
If anything happens to you, I’ll regret it.
Hehehe, of course.
There should be very few people who can hurt you, considering Young Lady Lian’s ability.”

Lun Sheng heaved a sigh of relief.
Yun Feng smiled gently and sat down too.
“Second Prince, are you here to tell me how many days it will take to go back to the capital?”

The corners of the Second Prince’s mouth curled up meaningfully.
“Young Lady Lian, you really know what’s going on.”

Yun Feng burst into laughter.
“It’s been a long time, Second Prince.
This must be the reason why you appeared again.
Is there anything else?”

The Second Prince’s eyes glittered and he looked at Yun Feng deeply.
I’m indeed here for this.”

Lun Sheng felt a gust of cold wind blowing.
“Your Highness, when are we going back to the capital?”

“The competition in Huangqi City has already ended.
Tomorrow, the two of you will go back with me.” The Second Prince smiled lightly.
“I’ll send someone to pick you up tomorrow.
Have a good rest today.
After we reach the palace, there are still a lot of things to do.
You’ll be able to show yourselves.” The Second Prince got up and left.
The few auras in the dark also moved.
After all the auras left, Yun Feng frowned slightly.

“His Highness looks so friendly,” said Sang Yue in a low voice.
Lun Sheng raised the corners of his mouth.
“Be a good girl after we reach the capital.” Lun Sheng instructed.
Sang Yue was a bit embarrassed.
“I’ll certainly do that.
Brother Lun Sheng, you don’t have to remind me!”

Yun Feng waved her hand.
“I’ll go back first.”

“Young Lady Lian…” Lun Sheng called out softly, but Yun Feng pretended not to hear him and walked in.
Sang Yue curled her lips on the side.
“Where could she have been for so many days? Why didn’t Brother Lun Sheng tell the Second Prince the truth?”

Lun Sheng didn’t say anything.
He only touched Sang Yue’s hair.
“Never mind.
It’s her own business after all.
He might not get an answer even if he asks.”

The next day, the people sent by the Second Prince came here early to pick Yun Feng and Lun Sheng up.
As Lun Sheng’s companion, Sang Yue could stay in the capital, but she wasn’t allowed to enter the royal palace.
However, being able to enter the capital already made Sang Yue very happy.

After they arrived at the main entrance of Zhuangning City, the Second Prince was waiting there with a smile.
Yun Feng glanced at him.
The person of the Blood Souls hadn’t appeared since that time.
It seemed that he had returned to the base to deal with those Beast Souls.

“You’re all here.” The Second Prince smiled and seemed to be in a good mood.
“Then let’s go.”

Yun Feng and Lun Sheng both followed behind silently.
Sang Yue asked happily, “I wonder what happened in Huangqi City.
There’s definitely no outstanding person like Brother Lun Sheng!”

Lun Sheng frowned and was about to scold her, when the Second Prince said with a smile, “There seems to be a very interesting person in Huangqi City.
What a pity.”


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