1642 Finding Someone in the Forbidden Land (1)

Sang Yue still wanted to say something, but Lun Sheng knocked her forehead hard and asked her to shut up.
Yun Feng looked at the side of the Second Prince’s smiling face.
Even though he was smiling, his smile was cold.
There was almost nothing on the way.
After two days, they arrived at the capital.
As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the capital, the First Prince and the Second Prince had already met.

“How unlucky.” The First Prince said coldly with a cold face.
The Second Prince smiled like a spring breeze.
“Brother, what a coincidence.”

A hint of disdain flashed through the First Prince’s eyes.
It seemed that he didn’t want to say anything else at all.
He approached the city gate with his people with a cold and arrogant look.
Yun Feng looked over and Qu Lanyi happened to raise his head.
Their eyes met.
The man winked mischievously and then left with the First Prince.

“Those few people don’t seem to be very powerful.” Sang Yue mumbled softly on the side.
Lun Sheng tapped her again.
They were already in the capital, so they couldn’t judge any prince casually! Not even the people around them!

“Let’s go.” The Second Prince said softly as he entered the Imperial City.
Yun Feng followed behind him without batting an eyelid.
When they arrived at the palace, the security suddenly became tight.
As expected, all the palaces were heavily guarded.
If they barged in, they would only be pushed back.

Under the Second Prince’s lead, they went deeper and deeper.
The level of vigilance in the royal palace also increased gradually.
When they arrived at the door of a very glorious hall, the Second Prince stopped.
“We’re going to meet the king later.
You must behave well.”

Lun Sheng nodded nervously, while Yun Feng nodded expressionlessly.
The corners of the Second Prince’s mouth curled up in satisfaction as he led the two of them in.
As soon as they entered, two thick auras swept over and directly penetrated her entire body! Yun Feng only felt disgusted in her mind, while Lun Sheng was even more straightforward.
His face turned pale and his steps were a bit unsteady.

She raised her eyes slightly and saw a serious-looking old man sitting on the high seat.
His hair and temples were gray and the light in his beast eyes was extremely sharp.
Those two auras came from somewhere next to him, which showed that they were masters who protected the king in secret.

Yun Feng calmed herself down and followed the Second Prince forward.
Lun Sheng stood there with a pale face.
After a while, the two oppressive auras retreated and Lun Sheng finally took a deep breath.
“Father, my guys are here.” The Second Prince called out respectfully.
The King of the Tian Yao Clan, who was sitting in the high seat, glanced over Yun Feng and Lun Sheng with an extremely sharp gaze.

The First Prince stood aside with two people behind him.
They seemed to be looking over too.
One of them was a powerhouse, and the other was a pharmacist.
The powerhouse was certainly Qu Lanyi, and the silent man next to Qu Lanyi should be a pharmacist.

The Second Prince made a subtle hand gesture to Yun Feng and Lun Sheng.
Lun Sheng took a deep breath and walked forward.
“Your Majesty, I’m Lun Sheng, a three-star master pharmacist.”

The First Prince sneered.
The smile on the Second Prince’s face didn’t diminish.
Yun Feng stepped forward.
“Lian Yi, Grade 7 of the God Level.”

The First Prince glanced at Yun Feng and felt that this voice sounded a bit familiar.
Qu Lanyi put on a smile secretly.
His Fengfeng was indeed calm.
She could remain calm in such an occasion.

“You’ve both gained quite a lot from the King’s Inspection this time,” said the king of the Tian Yao Clan.
His voice was deep and powerful, like a huge bell.
The Second Prince smiled gently, while the First Prince was a bit frustrated.
He said, “What do you want us to do this time?”

The First Prince was indeed short-tempered and impatient.
Yun Feng pondered in her mind, but it was better to have such a personality than the Second Prince, whose appearance and personality were inconsistent.
The king of the Tian Yao Clan’s face darkened slightly.
“You all know that a human aura broke in.”

Hearing that, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both shocked.
It seemed that the Tian Yao Clan didn’t intend to let that unlucky guy go.
It seemed that they had to investigate to the end.

“You still haven’t found this human who broke in?” asked the Second Prince.
The First Prince snorted coldly.
“Wouldn’t you know if we’ve found him?”

“That human is extremely cunning.
He entered the forbidden land of the Tian Yao Clan and has never showed himself again.” After saying that, the king of the Tian Yao Clan looked even more serious and gloomy.
“This time, you’re going to enter the forbidden land and find that human!”

The First Prince and the Second Prince were both stunned! “Father, that’s the forbidden land…” The Second Prince said.
“Even your subordinates can’t find him, let alone my brother and me!”

“Isn’t it just the forbidden area? If Father allows it, just go in! You, on the other hand, why are you rejecting it?” The First Prince scolded in dissatisfaction.
The Second Prince was startled and looked at the king of the Tian Yao Clan.
“Brother and I even brought outsiders this time.
Is it really appropriate to enter the forbidden area like this?”

The king of the Tian Yao Clan glanced over with a deep gaze.
“It’s fine, as long as you can find the hiding human.”

The Second Prince still wanted to say something, but his lips moved and he didn’t say anything.
Yun Feng observed the Second Prince’s expression secretly.
He cared so much about the forbidden land.
Could it be that… the base of the Blood Souls was also hidden in the forbidden land of the Tian Yao Clan?

“In five days, you’ll enter the forbidden land.” The king of the Tian Yao Clan waved his hand and made the final decision!

The First Prince’s eyes were full of excitement, while the Second Prince was a bit depressed.
Yun Feng would rather not enter the forbidden land of the Tian Yao Clan to search for that hidden human being five days later.
After all, if it weren’t for that unlucky guy’s help, she and Qu Lanyi wouldn’t have been able to enter the territory of the Tian Yao Clan so smoothly, let alone find out so much information so smoothly.

At night, the talents the two princes got during the King’s Inspection all stayed in the royal palace, but the locations were far apart.
Luckily, there weren’t many people, so it was easy to accommodate them.
Yun Feng sat in the courtyard and pondered quietly.
The slightly cold night wind blew slowly, making her mind clearer.

The first reason why she entered the Forbidden Land of the Tian Yao Clan was to find the human aura that was hiding.
Of course, Yun Feng wouldn’t do her best.
Instead of searching for that human aura, she had to spend most of her energy on finding the Blood Soul Base.
The First Prince and the Second Prince would definitely go together after entering the Forbidden Land, which gave Yun Feng a lot of convenience.
She would definitely catch traces of the Blood Souls if she paid close attention to the Second Prince.

On the First Prince’s side, they were also interested in Blood Souls.
Even though the two of them had the same prey, their goals weren’t the same.
The First Prince better not ruin her business.


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