Chapter 209: Going Home (2)

“Master, sit tight!” Lan Yi said as its giant wings flapped fiercely.
Yun Feng felt like she was on a plane.
The surrounding scenery changed instantly.
Lan Yi was originally a Griffin that was known for his speed.
After entering the Commander Level, his speed even reached an astonishing level!

“Whoosh…” The sound of wind passed by Yun Feng’s ears as her black hair fluttered like crazy.
That beautiful little face was exposed in the air.
Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and looked at the scenery that rapidly flashed through in front of her.
In a blink, Park City was already a thousand miles away.
Lan Yi’s giant wings flapped several times, while his body kept flying in the most stable state.
Yun Feng, who was sitting on Lan Yi’s back, didn’t feel bumpy at all.
No wonder people in the world all wanted a Magic Beast to ride.
Even though a Magic Beast mount couldn’t be used to attack, such speed and the cool appearance were already enough to make people’s hearts warm out of excitement.

“Whoosh, whoosh…” Lan Yi’s wings flapped a few times again.
After about a dozen minutes, Yun Feng could already see the familiar forest, the Foggy Forest!

She was back.
She was home!

“Lan Yi, go down there!” Yun Feng shouted as Lan Yi dived down and descended rapidly.
Yun Feng sat on Lan Yi’s back, feeling the excitement.
Lan Yi’s body abruptly stopped.
He circled a few times above the Foggy Forest, which frightened the Magic Beasts in the forest.

All the high-level Magic Beasts were so terrified that their hearts pounded and they all looked up at the figure wandering in the sky.
Fuck, a big shot is here! This was the thought in the minds of all high-level Magic Beasts.
Those who were hunting didn’t hunt anymore and those who were eating didn’t eat anymore.
They all hid in their dens and were unwilling to come out no matter what.

“Friend from afar, what are you doing here?” A voice sounded.
After a while, someone came from the sky and stood next to Lan Yi.
Lan Yi looked at the person in front of him with his blue eyes and knew that the man’s strength was above his.

“I mean no harm.
My Master only wants to go home.” Lan Yi flapped his wings and stopped in the air, talking to the person in front of him politely.
Hearing this, the man couldn’t help but widen his eyes and there was a tremor in his voice.

“What… What did you say?”

Lan Yi found it funny and he looked at the man that was obviously a bit frightened in front of him.
“I said my Master is only going home.”

The man suddenly rose up rapidly and finally saw a teenage girl sitting steadily on Lan Yi’s back.
The girl was looking at him with a smile at this moment, which made him gasp abruptly.

“This human is… a summoner?”

Yun Feng smiled as she patted Lan Yi’s body with her hand.
Lan Yi immediately understood what she meant and he flapped his wings again, dashing in the direction of Chunfeng Town rapidly.

The man who rushed over stood in the sky, looking in the direction where Lan Yi left dumbfoundedly with astonishment in his mind.
Chunfeng Town… The Yun family… Perhaps the teenage girl was a member of the Yun family? Another summoner was born…

Yun Feng sat on Lan Yi’s back.
She had never thought that she would be so disturbing that even the old guy in the Foggy Forest came out.
She truly felt that the strength of the man was above hers during the short while just then and she shook her head speechlessly.
Lan Yi rose up high in the sky again suddenly and sped up, turning into a long blue line that flashed through the air.

“Look, what is that?” One of the mercenaries outside of Chunfeng Town looked up and saw the long blue line in the sky, and he couldn’t help but ask.
The other mercenaries also looked up.
A long blue line was flashing rapidly in front of their eyes.

“Is that a shooting star?” Someone said in frustration and the others immediately laughed.
“Are you mad? How would there be a shooting star during the day? Besides, are there blue shooting stars?”

“Then, what would it be? A Magic Beast flying in the sky?” Someone said disapprovingly, while the others burst into laughter.
“Are you nuts? A Magic Beast flying in the sky?”

“Perhaps a peerless master is here in Chunfeng Town?” Someone made a guess.
The others thought this conclusion was also quite right and they started discussing as well.
The area of Chunfeng Town near the Foggy Forest was where the mercenaries gathered.
There was still an extremely lively crowd of mercenaries who came to try their luck like it used to be.

The beam of blue light that caused them to make countless guesses in their minds stopped above Chunfeng Town.
Yun Feng asked Lan Yi to fly to the outermost area of Chunfeng Town.
How would people not be terrified if a Griffin landed just like this?

Lan Yi flew to somewhere in the outermost area of Chunfeng Town.
When he was still some distance away from the ground, Yun Feng just jumped off Lan Yi’s body and Lan Yi directly turned into a beam of green light, flashing back into the Ring of Contract.
Everything happened so quickly.
Yun Feng landed on the ground steadily and looked at the familiar town nearby as a feeling of homecoming surged out suddenly.

She wondered if her sullen father was doing well and what the Yun family had developed to… Yun Feng sped up and rushed to the gate of Chunfeng Town.
Once she arrived at the gate, she saw a scene that was different from that three years ago in Chunfeng Town.

Everything seemed to be half-refurbished.
The town was still that town, but the development of Chunfeng Town right now was comparable to a small city already.
Yun Feng walked on the street slowly as a lot of passersby stopped to look at her.
Her little face had become extraordinarily gorgeous over time after her body grew.
She had a heart-shaped face, fair skin, and her black hair fluttered gently in the breeze.
Her slim waist, elegant body figure, those huge eyes and tempting red lips attracted many people’s attention.

Many young people were a bit eager to make a move and they were all guessing which family this young lady was from.
Yun Feng didn’t care about them at all.
She looked at the buildings around Chunfeng Town, all the hotels and restaurants.
Yun Feng observantly found that all these places had a unique sign on them, Yun.

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became wider.
It seemed that the Yun family had indeed grown much stronger under her sullen father’s management.
The current scale was even more magnificent than when the Lin family was here! Her sullen father was really something!

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