Chapter 214: You’re Looking for Trouble (3)

“That’s enough! You don’t need to say anything else.
The Yun family sees everything clearly and knows it well in our minds.
Gentlemen, please leave!” Yun Jing said in a stiff tone at this moment.
He didn’t know that something like this happened to his son! Yun Jing, who was still expressionless in front of the Murong family, looked upset right now.
After seeing this, Murong Shuli and Murong Ze knew that they couldn’t save this relationship anymore.

“Alright, we’ll go first then.” Murong Shuli said reluctantly and walked away with Murong Ze in despair.
After the two of them were gone, the old butler shut the door.
Yun Jing looked sullen.
“Feng, did someone do something during Sheng’s exam?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“It was already three years ago.
The Murong family didn’t want Brother to pass the exam, but the storm was weathered.
Those evil thoughts couldn’t possibly succeed.”

Yun Jing nodded with a hint of warmth in his eyes when he gazed at Yun Feng.
His daughter must have helped Sheng, or Yun Sheng wouldn’t have possibly been accepted to the magic school.

“Right, father, I brought you some gifts!” Yun Feng gave a sweet smile at Yun Jing, while Yun Jing’s expression also eased a little.
“What did you get me?”

Yun Feng smiled as she flipped her hand and a few ultimate ores appeared on her palm.
Yun Jing’s pupils shrank abruptly.
He stared at those crystal clear ores on his daughter’s palm and was a bit speechless.

“Father, I’ve had a lot of experiences in these three years.
I’ll tell you about it slowly later on.
These few ultimate ores are the gifts for you.” Yun Feng walked forward and put the ultimate ores in Yun Jing’s hand.
Yun Jing’s body trembled slightly.
He had never seen ultimate ores in his entire life!

This gift was indeed too expensive! A strong sense of pride rose from the bottom of Yun Jing’s heart.
Looking at the thousand years of development of the Yun family, his daughter wasn’t only the second summoner of the family, she even had ultimate ores! He could take such a glory down to Hell and show it off even after he died!

“Good, good…” Yun Jing murmured as he looked up at Yun Feng.
“Feng, one is already enough for me.
You should keep these.” Yun Jing took one and gave Yun Feng back the rest of them.
However, Yun Feng chuckled.
“Father, don’t worry about it.
I still have a lot.
When I get to the magic school, I’ll give Brother a few as well!”

Yun Jing also felt a bit relieved when he heard this.
His daughter was so outstanding.
Yun Jing thought he could now enjoy his later years peacefully.
Haha, these three years of time polished his daughter into such a beautiful girl, and it gave him a peace of mind.

“Feng, tell me what you’ve been through in the last three years.” Yun Jing sat down, while Yun Feng sat next to him and slowly started telling her father about her experiences in these three years.
Even though Yun Jing didn’t show many changes emotionally, Yun Feng saw the undulating waves in his black eyes clearly.

She gave it a thought as the green Ring of Contract appeared in her hand.
When Yun Jing saw the Ring of Contract of a different color, his heart pounded fiercely.
His daughter had already given him too many surprises, too many, too many…

“Lan Yi, come out.” Yun Feng said softly as a beam of green light flashed in front of Yun Feng.
Lan Yi’s handsome face and slender body slowly appeared in the light.
Once Lan Yi showed up, Yun Jing felt a powerful energy coming right at him.
He immediately mobilized his level-5 fighting energy to resist it barely.
When Yun Feng saw this, she instantly enveloped her father’s body with her mental strength to ease the power.

“Master.” After Lan Yi came out, he called Yun Feng “Master” respectfully.
Yun Feng smiled speechlessly.
“Why are you and Little Fire the same? Can’t you be a bit low-profile when you come out?”

After hearing that, Lan Yi pondered silently and finally nodded.
“I’ll do as you say, Master.” The powerful energy around Lan Yi’s body disappeared.
Yun Feng then took back her mental strength as Yun Jing looked a bit better as well.

“Father, this is the second Magic Beast I contracted with, wind-element Lan Yi.
Its original form is a four-winged Griffin.
Lan Yi, this is my father.”

Yun Feng wasn’t planning to keep anything from her father.
Lan Yi was a bit shocked when he heard Yun Feng tell someone else about his original form so directly, but he understood after knowing that the level-5 warrior in front of him was his Master’s father.
He nodded at Yun Jing and didn’t say anything else.
The Magic Beasts Yun Feng contracted with were so respectful to Yun Feng, but it didn’t mean that they would have such an attitude towards her family as well.
Perhaps they would be a bit more polite, but Yun Feng was still the person they would obey from the bottom of their hearts.

Yun Jing looked at the young man with a beautiful blue pattern on his face and thought about the pressure he couldn’t stand at all just then.
Even though he didn’t really understand what a Magic Beast like a four-winged Griffin represented, he also knew that the Magic Beasts his daughter contracted with wouldn’t be too simple.

“Feng, which level have you reached now?” Yun Jing looked at his daughter deeply as Yun Feng smiled.
“Father, I’ve already reached the early stage of the Commander Level.”

Yun Jing immediately breathed tensely! The early stage of the Commander Level… What kind of a concept was that… That was a talent that only the royal family was qualified to have! His daughter had already reached such a level at this age.
That was truly…

Yun Jing sat there with excitement on his face and his eyes became a bit warm with tears.
He remained silent for a few seconds, then mumbled softly, “Great, really great…” Seeing how emotional her sullen father was, Yun Feng’s heart also ached a little.

Her father’s helpless look when she first transmigrated here, the pain that made him want to die with the enemies, the words her father said in the ancestral hall, to the gratified and excited look right now, everything was worth it.
Everything happened silently and completely changed because of Yun Feng!

Yun Feng kept telling her father about her experience in the last three years.
When she mentioned her mysterious Master in the Dragon Palace, she also told her sullen father without hiding anything that when she could connect with her Master, she would definitely do everything she could to save him, no matter how troublesome and difficult it was!

Yun Jing only remained silent for a few seconds, then finally nodded and gazed at Yun Feng with a gratified look.
“You should indeed do that.
Feng, you’ve really grown up.”

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