“Tell me your name! You’re banned from the Trial Tower for a month!” roared the teacher.

Yun Feng frowned when she heard that.
“You’re punishing me? What have I done wrong?”

“You don’t know the reason? You’re banned for two months!” The teacher seemed to be exasperated by Yun Feng.
Mu Xiaojin was quite anxious when she heard that, and was going to say something, when Yun Feng pulled her back and put on a mocking smile.

“You randomly punish students without a reason? Is this how the Masang School of Magic manages things here?”

The teacher flushed in fury upon hearing that.
He would’ve let the girl go if she had given in, yet she provoked him again and again.
“If you say another word, you won’t be able to come in here in half a year!”

Hearing that, Yun Feng burst into laughter.
Was the Trial Tower really something? The elemental density here was not even one tenth of that in the Dragon Palace! She might have not come here even if they begged her to!

“Be my guest.
Do whatever you want.
I only know I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Yun Feng lazily.
Then she walked away with Mu Xiaojin.
The teacher stood there in fury, and all the students quickly dispersed, fearing that he would vent his anger on them.

“Take her to the infirmary.” The teacher looked at Murong Ran and commanded the other two teachers.
He was quite uncomfortable when he thought of the disrespectful student.
The two girls by Murong Ran’s side quickly added, “Sir, that girl is Yun Sheng’s sister.”

Yun Sheng? The teacher read the name in his heart, and suddenly realized something.
The two teachers who were going to carry Murong Ran away were stunned too.
Then, they unconsciously looked at each other.
Yun… Wasn’t one of the double-element students this year named Yun Feng?

“Old Song, this is…” One of the teachers who was carrying Murong Ran looked at the teacher in the lead, hesitating.
The leading teacher stiffened for a few seconds.
A double-element mage… Was that disrespectful girl Yun Feng? No wonder she had such a temper.
No wonder…

“What’s the matter? That girl should work on her attitude!” said the teacher in the lead.
He looked rather awful.
He was only venting his fury when he imposed a half-year ban from the Trial Tower on her.
That was too outrageous a punishment.
If she really didn’t come in half a year, he would be to blame when the double-element student didn’t make progress at all…

“Sir, you should’ve punished her more heavily! Xiao Feng didn’t start any of this.
She attacked first…” The two girls embellished what happened a moment earlier and described it in a way that Yun Feng was at fault and Murong Ran was innocent.
Murong Ran, on the other hand, did look like a victim at this moment.

We’re done on the matter.
Just take her to the infirmary,” the leading teacher interrupted the two girls who were adding inflammatory details.
They shut their mouths regretfully, and left the Trial Tower with the three teachers.
Murong Ran wasn’t in a good condition, so the priority was to treat her.

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