The corners of the girl’s mouth looked even colder and a glint of deep hatred flashed through her black eyes.
“None of you can get away.”

Everywhere the girl had been was flooded with blood, as if a ghost had passed through.
The girl stepped on the blood with bare feet.
Her white clothes had already been drenched in blood.
Her exposed skin was entirely covered in blood, but she still didn’t seem to be satisfied.

One after another, nobody could slip away from her hands.
As the human heads exploded one by one, the hatred in the girl’s eyes became crazier.
Die, everyone here must die.

Wails and screams echoed in this underground area.
No one could stop this Goddess of Killing.
The girl walked with blood and death along the way.
When she reached the door of the research institute, a group of machine guns were waiting in front of her.

The corners of the girl’s lips raised coldly.
Guns? They were just toys in her eyes.

“No.17, if you move again, I’ll kill him!” A voice sounded.
The girl looked back slightly and saw someone pointed a gun at the head of another person.
Looking closely at the man with a gun at his head, the girl’s black eyes immediately tightened up and her lips opened gently.


“Lianyi, my daughter.
You’ve been through a lot…” Looking at the girl covered in blood, the man with a gun pointing at his head only felt his eyes hurt.
His face full of vicissitudes of life slowly lowered.

When the girl saw the man cry, she felt extreme pain in her heart.
She turned around and walked towards that direction.
“No.17, if you take one step closer, I’ll kill him right away!”

The girl narrowed her eyes and stopped right there.
The man with the gun trembled with fear in his eyes.
This was the only life-saving talisman he had right now.
He couldn’t die here!

“Lianyi, I’m not afraid of dying.
I have only you left.
I’m not scared…” The crying man looked at his daughter with burning eyes.
His daughter had grown up, but he didn’t fulfil his responsibility as a father to protect her.


“Dad…” The girl’s throat seemed a bit sore and her voice became hoarse.
Her heart was connected with her father’s at this moment and she understood the thoughts in her father’s mind.
The corners of her mouth slowly went up.


“No.17, what about you doing? No.17, think about the consequences.
No.17… Argh!” Another head exploded following a scream.
All the machine guns fired at the same time.
The guns smelled of sulfur and the bullets flew across the sky.
Any body of flesh and blood would be smashed to meat sauce at this moment.

“Die, you all have to die!” This sounded like a roar from Hell.
The girl’s eyes turned red and her hair fluttered even without the wind.
The blood on her body instantly evaporated.
Screams came.
None of the people here, except for that crying man, survived and they all turned into dead bodies.


“Lianyi!” The man ran over with blood all over his body and he lifted the girl on the ground.
The girl looked pale at this moment, but the corners of her lips were giving a smile of blessing.

“Dad, this will be the last thing I do for you…” The girl said as she slowly closed her black eyes like a sleeping doll.
She looked calm, as if she was in a beautiful dream.


“Lianyi, my Lianyi, my daughter!” The man holding her cried in the air.
Blue veins appeared on his neck and his eyes were red like a crazy beast.
He lowered his head and held the girl in his arms tight as tears dropped once again.



There was only pure darkness in front of Yun Lianyi’s eyes right now.
Apart from darkness, there was nothing else.
Her soul floated around like a dried leaf.
She flew with the wind and had no idea where she was going.

Was she dead?

The pungent smell of blood, the exploding human heads and her father’s boiling tears.
Yun Lianyi closed her eyes and let herself go with the flow.
She didn’t know where she was going.

The endless darkness seemed like a black hole without an end.
Yun Lianyi’s body was letting out faint light, as if she was a star in the universe, small but with anticipation for life.

Then, a warm current rushed to Yun Lianyi’s soul.
The warmth was like an unusually gentle hand, holding onto her wandering soul, so she wouldn’t go around blindly but stopped right at this moment.

Who? Who was it? Yun Lianyi slowly opened her eyes.
In front of her wasn’t darkness anymore.
There was a dot of light far away ahead of her.
Yun Lianyi narrowed her eyes and looked at the light dot.
The warm current around her body moved right away and pushed her body forward constantly, getting closer and closer…

Where am I going…


Yun Lianyi thought.
When she reached the light, a terrifying suction force came.
Her soul was sucked inside like a piece of paper and she couldn’t even struggle.
Yun Lianyi only felt that her empty wandering soul was dragged inside by the strong suction and pushed into a container.
In a blink, her physical sensation seemed to have returned.
Yun Lianyi pondered in a daze until she heard a sound of something cracking deep inside her soul.
A piercing pain then seeped into her brain.


Her soul was detained in something.
Yun Lianyi wanted to escape, but she couldn’t.
Some memories came to her like tides and her brain swallowed them all like a large open mouth.
These fragments of memories were so vivid and profound, as if she had personally experienced them.
And yet, Yun Lianyi knew this unfamiliar girl in the memories wasn’t herself.

Yun Feng… She mumbled this name softly in her heart.
The memories flashed through Yun Lianyi’s mind like a movie and all the scenes in the little girl’s life went into Yun Lianyi’s heart, mixed with some inexplicable emotions.

Name: Yun Feng

Background: The declined Yun family

Family: Big brother, father

There was reluctance and resentment in Yun Lianyi’s heart.
She knew these emotions were left by the little girl, Yun Feng.
She was dead, like her in the previous life.
This little girl called Yun Feng had already died.


As Yun Lianyi received all the memories of this body, her soul also connected with it gradually and their minds resonated eventually.

“Feng, Feng, if you hear me, please open your eyes.
You’ve always been the toughest.
Feng…” A hoarse voice lingered in Yun Lianyi’s ears.
She slowly regained her consciousness and also felt the piercing pain in her body.
After accepting Yun Feng’s memories, she knew that the person calling her was her brother, Yun Sheng.

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