Chapter 312: Absolutely Strong (4)

The two Magic Beasts’ senses were right.
They were naturally keen about danger, otherwise they couldn’t have survived in the cruel world of Magic Beasts.
In the sky above the Magic Beast, an air current crossed and broke through the Masang School of Magic’s barrier as if it didn’t exist.
The transparent barrier seemed nonexistent for the stranger.

Randal stood in the sky and looked down at the Masang School of Magic with his hawk eyes.
He slowly closed his eyes, and a great perceptive power spread out of Randal like billows, covering a radius of a dozen kilometers.
The next second, he opened his eyes, and stared at a certain window in the girls’ dormitory building.
Then, he flashed towards the window.
At the same time, Yun Feng, who was lying on her bed, suddenly opened her eyes and became tense.
She looked out of the window.
Before she established any defense, the window had already been opened, and a stranger appeared in front of her like a ghost.

“Who are you?” Yun Feng narrowed his eyes and looked at the man, who had hawk eyes and a protruding nose.
There were wrinkles on his face.
He seemed middle-aged, but his skin was still tight, and he was quite muscular too.
His complicated and thick clothes couldn’t eclipse his muscles.

Yun Feng looked at the hem of the man’s clothes, where there was an obvious pattern.
She couldn’t be more familiar with the pattern.
It was the Karan Royal Family’s emblem!

“Kid, he’s much stronger than you.
Don’t act tough!” The ancestor’s anxious voice echoed in her head, assuring Yun Feng of her speculation.
She couldn’t tell how strong the man was at all, but seeing how he broke into the Masang School of Magic without causing any alarm, he must be much stronger than her!

“You only need to answer one question,” said the stranger slowly while staring at Yun Feng.
“Are you Yun Feng?”

The middle-aged man stared at Yun Feng, as if he would kill her the moment she lied.
An aura that felt like a gloomy cloud slowly pressed Yun Feng, but Yun Feng stood straight and unleashed her Commander Level mental strength to drive away the aura.
The man seemed surprised, and Yun Feng replied casually, “I am Yun Feng.
I wonder who you might be, the senior who has snuck here in the middle of the night?”

The middle-aged man’s lips curled.
“Little girl, you aren’t qualified to know my name yet.
I’m here only to warn the Yun family that a subject should behave like a subject.
The Karan Royal Family gave the Yun family everything, yet the Yun family turns out to be a disloyal dog.
That won’t be good, will it?”

Yun Feng clenched her fists, and fury gradually spread in her head.
However, she contained herself and didn’t burst into fury.
She said with an awful expression, “Senior, it’s not your place to tell the Yun family what to do.
I actually know who you are.
Another loyal dog of the Karan Royal Family, aren’t you?”

“Girl, what did you just say?” Veins protruded on the middle-aged man’s forehead.
He was obviously infuriated by what Yun Feng said.

Yun Feng sneered, “You didn’t hear what I said? A loyal dog of the Karan Royal Family.
Although you’re not wearing a badge, it’s very obvious.”

The middle-aged man’s temples throbbed quickly.
“The young people nowadays are too arrogant.
I’m going to teach you a lesson on behalf of your worthless father!”

Yun Feng unleashed her Commander Level mental strength, which collided with the aura that the man burst out.
The man slightly narrowed his eyes, and Yun Feng became grim too.
“You aren’t qualified to be my father.
I don’t have a father who’s a loyal dog.”

“You’re asking to be killed!” The middle-aged man waved his arm, releasing a stream of fighting energy that looked like a weapon in the shape of a fan.
It darted towards Yun Feng quickly.
She jumped and narrowly dodged the man’s attack.
Seeing that, the man put on a mocking smile.

“You really think you can keep up with my speed? In your dreams!” The man laughed and opened his hand, waving his arm again, only this time releasing five streams of fighting energy instead of one.
The five streams of fighting energy combined and pressed close to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng felt that the air was twisted.
She instinctively dodged.
Yet, the five streams of fighting energy suddenly separated and attacked her from five different perspectives!

“Tsk!” Hardly had Yun Feng landed when she jumped again.
“Bam!” A stream of fighting energy hit the ground and caused a deep pit! Fortunately, this dormitory was quite spacious, otherwise Yun Feng would’ve been hit!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng waved her hand and took out the short wand that had accompanied her for a long time.
The wand suddenly glittered, invoking a torrent of earth elements that were gathered as a shield around Yun Feng.

Four streams of the man’s fighting energy were left.
They continued surging towards Yun Feng, while the middle-aged man gazed at Yun Feng’s Earth Shield coldly.
“You aren’t weak, but you are a level lower than me.
Yun Feng, I’m only here to teach you a lesson.
The Karan Royal Family is not to be provoked by the Yun family! If the Yun family is willing to do so, I wouldn’t mind annihilating every member of the Yun family!”

Yun Feng’s eyes turned bloodshot.
Annihilate the Yun family? Not a chance! She wouldn’t let anybody hurt the Yun family even if she had to shed the last drop of her blood!

“Come on and try.” Yun Feng’s voice came from behind the Earth Shield.
The middle-aged man fell silent, and brutality flashed in his eyes.
“Girl, you should know what’s best for yourself.”

Four air currents lunged towards Yun Feng in every direction, causing subtle noises as they flew.
Instantly, they hit the Earth Shield heavily.
A deafening noise that sounded like an explosion burst out.
The Earth Shield was entirely shattered by the attack of the fighting energy.
All its earth elements fell apart.
The air was filled up by the yellow earth elements for a moment.

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