Chapter 333: The Summoner’s Dignity (1)

“Fengfeng, why is it so bad-tempered? Can’t I even touch it?” Qu Lanyi’s eyes were moist with tears, which made her look rather pitiful.
Also, she had a beautiful face.
Any man who saw her would be protective of her.
Yun Sheng turned aside and coughed awkwardly.
“It’s Feng’s Magic Beast.
You’d better not touch it.
It doesn’t allow anyone else to approach.”

Qu Lanyi raised her brows and gazed at Meatball, and Meatball was gazing at her too.
Qu Lanyi moved her finger, and Meatball immediately opened its mouth.
The scary expression on its cute little face was rather intimidating.
Qu Lanyi waved her hand, showing that she wasn’t interested in it anymore.
Meatball then closed its mouth too.
Yun Feng touched Meatball’s body, and made it feel better.
It nuzzled Yun Feng’s cheek, trying to please her.
Qu Lanyi seemed angry after seeing that, but it only made Meatball more proud.
It even wagged its tail provocatively.

“Xiao Feng, can you keep it unleashed?” asked Mu Xiaojin.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m a summoner.
Isn’t it natural for a summoner to bring a Magic Beast with her?”

Meatball raised its head and shouted in joy, as if it was delighted.
It then nuzzled again, making Yun Feng feel itchy.
Lan Yi had already approached the capital.
“Master, where are we going to land?”

Yun Feng, however, smiled.
“Just fly into it!”

The other passengers were all dazed to hear that.
After the initial shock, Qu Lanyi burst into laughter, and was about to lean against Yun Feng again, but she stopped after seeing Meatball’s expression.
“Fengfeng, you’re truly awesome.
Flying into the city isn’t a bad idea.”

“Feng, is it really appropriate?” Yun Sheng was quite excited, and a little bit uneasy.
What shocking news it would be if they just flew into the city? How would the residents feel when they saw a Magic Beast flying across the sky with passengers on its back?

“I’m a summoner.
I deserve to be awesome.
Lan Yi, let’s go!” Yun Feng laughed and gave the command.
Feeling its master’s mood, Lan Yi instantly flapped its wings and dashed into the Karan Empire’s sky in a beautiful blue streak of light!

“Look! What’s that?” In a square in the capital of the Karan Empire, someone pointed at the vague blue object that crossed the sky.
Many people craned their heads and looked at its trajectory.
The residents were all puzzled.
“Is it a bird?” someone guessed.

“A bird? How can a bird be so big? It looks like an enormous living creature.
It can’t be a Magic Beast, can it?” Most of the residents became pale.
A Magic Beast was flying across the capital’s sky? How was it possible?

“Are you stupid? If it were a Magic Beast, it would’ve been hunted long before it reached here!” Someone waved their hands unconcernedly, and resumed their business.
The bright blue object soon flew away.
Many people still watched curiously, wondering what it was.

Seated on Lan Yi’s back, Yun Feng found that the things on the ground were too small.
“Lan Yi, descend.” After she said that, Lan Yi began to descend steadily, until it was only several hundred meters from the ground.
The people on the ground finally saw clearly what it was.

“A Magic Beast! It’s a Magic Beast!” some people shouted in panic.
There was even a riot.
Yun Feng happened to be passing the most prosperous street in the capital, and caused continuous exclamations on the ground.
Many were shouting about the invasion of a Magic Beast, and running in panic.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?” The patrolmen who were responsible for safety had arrived.
The crowd was already a mess.
Many people were running in fright.
One of the patrolmen caught a runner and asked, “What’s going on? Why are you running?”

The person who was caught pointed at the high sky, where Lan Yi was hovering.
“A Magic Beast! There’s a Magic Beast here!”

All the patrolmen raised their heads, and changed their expression when they saw Lan Yi.
“C-Captain, what do we do?” They all looked pale, as the Magic Beast was too enormous for them to deal with.
If it landed, it would cause a catastrophe to the capital! When exactly did the Magic Beast appear? Damn it!

“Inform His Majesty of the invasion of a Magic Beast! You, disperse the crowd and stay on guard!” The captain gave an order to his teammates, who immediately carried out the order.
Lan Yi was only hovering in this place because Yun Feng was speaking to her father.

“Father, I’m back.
I’m in the capital right now.
Where exactly has the Yun family moved to?” Yun Feng took out her Sound Transmission Jade and talked to her father.
Very soon, Yun Jing replied.
After learning of the specific location of the Yun family, Yun Feng cut the communication and put away the Sound Transmission Jade.
Then, Mu Xiaojin asked worriedly, “Xiao Feng, have we caused trouble?”

“Huh?” Yun Feng was stunned.
She didn’t really understand what Mu Xiaojin meant.
Qu Lanyi pointed down lazily, “There, look down.”

Yun Feng finally looked down, only to discover that the area down below was filled with fully-armed soldiers.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown and pat Lan Yi’s back.
“Let’s go to the south of the capital.
The Yun family is there.”

Lan Yi flapped its wings and changed its direction, about to fly south, when a few men appeared out of nowhere in Lan Yi’s way.
Lan Yi had to stop.
The strangers, upon seeing that there were passengers on the Magic Beast’s back, all gasped hard!

“This is…” One of the men solemnly glanced at the four passengers on Lan Yi’s back.
When he saw Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder, his facial muscles cramped.
Were his eyes deceiving him? It was a Magic Beast that was standing on the girl’s shoulder…

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