This calmness and restraint made the Mei family become a unique existence in Chunfeng Town.
Even after the Yun family moved back to town from the Imperial Capital, the Mei family had gone through a few centuries of reflection and accumulation of experiences, taking the limelight from the Yun family back then.
In Chunfeng Town, even the Lin family dared not disrespect the Mei family.

The Mei family was unbiased and neutral.
They believed in staying out of other people’s business.
They could only deal with everything calmly and wouldn’t ruin the big plans because of the paranoid emotions when they were the detached third party.

And yet, after hearing the news brought back by Mei Bing, the Mei family was a bit restless as well at the moment.

“Bing, is everything you said true?” In the main hall of the Mei family, the leader of the Mei family of this generation was sitting in the main seat.
It was Mei Bing’s grandpa, Mei Ran.
Even though he was already old, his body was tough and he was still energetic.
Being a level-6 warrior made Mei Ran a lot younger.

Three to four men were sitting on both sides of Mei Ran.
They were all senior members of the Mei family of this generation.
Mei Bing’s father and a few uncles of the same generation were all sitting there.
These middle-aged men looked a bit nervous and they frowned tightly.
They were all looking at the young boy standing in the middle of the hall.

Mei Bing nodded.
To be honest, if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe it either.
Yun Feng of the Yun family wasn’t just alive.
Her strength was even stronger than his!

Mei Bing gave a wry smile.
He was thirteen years old and he had already reached level 4 this year.
Even though he still hadn’t consolidated his power, he was a bit of a genius among his peers.
And yet, when facing Yun Feng, Mei Bing found that he was too arrogant.

If he was a genius, then what was Yun Feng? A genius above a genius? It was truly annoying when people compared themselves with each other.

Seeing Mei Bing nod, everyone’s face couldn’t help but darken.
Yun Feng, the daughter of the Yun family who was supposed to be dead came back to life with an astonishing talent! How old was Yun Feng this year? She was nine, but she was already stronger than Bing! Bing had already broken through level 4.
What kind of a monster was Yun Feng who surpassed him?

Mei Ran frowned and sighed.
“The Yun family is indeed the Yun family…” After hearing this, the other few men also smiled wryly.
Although the Mei family wasn’t as bossy as the Lin family in Chunfeng Town these years, everyone secretly thought that the Mei family was the top family.
Even the high-profile, domineering Lin family dared not disrespect the Mei family.
While they thought the Mei family was unique, the Yun family entered their sight again.

Last time, a summoner appeared in their family.
And this time, they had such a talented descendant.
Comparing their backgrounds, the Mei family truly felt a bit ashamed for being the first.

Even though the Mei family also had talents.
Mei Bing was a genius of this generation that the Mei family was most proud of.
He reached early-level 4 at thirteen and could be ranked in the top 100 even in the entire Karan Empire.
And now, Yun Feng of the Yun family was only nine and she had already surpassed Mei Bing.
She was a genius.
She was truly a genius!

“Father, what should we do?” Mei Bing’s father, Mei Hua, asked.
This was also the question all the other members of the Mei family were thinking.
The unbiased Mei family might not have gotten themselves in any trouble, but they didn’t get any benefits either.
Even though they were quite superior in Chunfeng Town, they would still be rednecks that people looked down on when they were in any second-rate cities.

Did the Mei family have no ambitions? Of course they did.
All humans had ambitions, but the Mei family fulfilled their ambitions carefully and they entrenched themselves at every step.
Yun Feng had already had such strength at a young age.
If this continued to develop, the Yun family would soar in the sky once again! And whether the Mei family should climb on this tree was a very difficult decision to make.

Mei Ran had a meticulous mind.
As the leader of the family, he certainly had to consider the big picture and think about the Mei family’s future and all the members of the Mei family.
Yun Feng was indeed a talented genius, but how would the Lin family let her grow up safely? Last time, the eldest son of the Lin family hit Yun Feng viciously, taking her life.
Even though they had no idea how Yun Feng survived, they were sure that the Lin family wouldn’t just let it go.
Once the Lin family confirmed that Yun Feng was alive, they would use all means to eliminate her!

Yun Feng was indeed talented and powerful, being able to surpass Mei Bing at the age of nine, but such strength was nothing in the eyes of the real masters.
As long as the Lin family was willing to spend money, it would still be difficult for Yun Feng to escape death… If the Mei family stood on the wrong side, then…

“We… stay put.” After pondering for a long time, Mei Ran slowly spat out three words.
The Yun family was like a swaying boat.
Nobody knew if it would flip or survive in this raging storm.
It was best for the Mei family to stay out of it.
After all, even if the boat flipped, they would still be safe.
And if the boat was alright, they wouldn’t lose anything as well.

After hearing what he said, the others also nodded slightly.
Apparently, they were also thinking the same thing.
Only Mei Bing who was standing in the middle frowned gently.
He didn’t quite agree with his grandpa, but he didn’t say anything after all.

Mei Ran wouldn’t have thought the swaying boat in his eyes would become a magnificent ship someday in the future, being invincible in this ocean.
The Mei family would definitely regret making this decision in the coming days as well.


Yun Feng went all the way back home.
She had already thrown the meatball on her shoulder back into the bracelet.
Even though the meatball expressed its serious disagreement, Yun Feng still threw it inside quickly.

When Yun Feng arrived at the door and was about to walk into her room, her father stopped her.
Yun Feng slowly turned around and saw her father coming over from the study.
Beams of sunlight shown on his body, making him look warm.

“Feng, don’t go out these few days.
It’s still a bit dangerous for a girl to run around alone.” Yun Jing looked at Yun Feng.
He sized her up form head to toe silently.
After making sure his daughter was fine, Yun Jing found that his daughter seemed to be a bit different from how she used to be.
There seemed to be some subtle strange feelings.
Even though he could feel those feelings, he couldn’t tell what they were exactly.

Yun Feng felt warm in her heart and she nodded.
Now that she had contracted the Fire Cloud Wolf, she wouldn’t go outside alone anymore.
Yun Feng wanted to improve her strength at the moment.
Level 6 was far from enough.
If she wanted to be respected and take the Yun family back to the glorious peak where they used to be, she must become stronger, constantly become stronger!

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