o much money on Lin Meng just for this spot.
If they couldn’t catch up right now and let the Mei family get the spot, the huge amount of money they spent would be wasted.

Lin Sen looked a bit strange.
After pondering for a moment, he said with a soft voice, “Five hundred thousand…”

“What! Five hundred thousand!” Lin Miao widened his eyes angrily.
Lin Quan also glanced at Lin Sen.
After seeing this, Lin Sen immediately said, “Mei Bing of the Mei family has already reached level 4 and Xiao Meng is just at the peak of level 3.
Even though they’re similar in strength, they’re also one level apart after all! I’m going to use the five hundred thousand to buy medicines, so that he can secure the spot!”

Lin Quan’s pupils shrank abruptly and his face darkened.
“What did you say? Mei Bing has already reached level 4?”

Lin Sen nodded and Lin Miao also looked shocked.
The Lin family had been through too much lately.
The two of them were so busy that they were in bad shape and they only knew about Mei Bing’s situation right now.

Lin Quan sat there and pondered for a few seconds, then said, “Go to buy the herbs.
Xiao Meng must get this spot.”

After hearing this, Lin Sen was thrilled.
Lin Miao pursed his lips and didn’t say anything else.
After all, Lin Meng was everyone’s hope.
Since they had already put so much money into him, they didn’t have to hesitate to spend more.


“Right, brother, I heard that the little girl of the Yun family is alive.” Lin Miao said as he frowned.
The members of the Yun family were indeed tough.
That girl had already stopped breathing and she came back to life?!

Lin Quan’s eyes glittered.
He was also a bit shocked that Yun Feng was alive.
Lin Sen then said slowly and calmly next to him, “That girl is just lucky she didn’t die, but Xiao Meng didn’t leave any trouble for the future either.
Her Qi meridians were damaged.”

After hearing this, the eyebrows of Lin Quan and Lin Miao couldn’t help but soften.
They even snickered in their minds.
Although they weren’t quite satisfied that she didn’t die, it was also pretty nice that she had become a useless person.
They had given the Yun family a slap, loud and clear!

“Hm, a useless person won’t be able to do anything.” Lin Quan said casually.
Lin Miao and Lin Sen also chuckled.
The Lin family was determined to get the spot of the Martial Arts Institute!



The warm sun rose from the east, covering this vast continent.
The first beam of sunlight also shone on Chunfeng Town from the east slowly, gradually plating this peaceful town with a layer of gold.
It emitted golden light like an ancient, mysterious artifact, looking extremely dazzling.

In the mansion of the Yun family in Chunfeng Town, a pair of black eyes slowly opened.
The vast and deep black color was like the boundless night.
A glint of red light flashed inside abruptly.
It was as fast as a shooting star and it disappeared immediately.

Yun Feng breathed out gently and slowly withdrew the mental strength she used to constantly communicate with the elements all night.
She stretched her body slightly and heard a few crackling sounds from her bones.

She came down from her bed and took a breath deeply.
Yun Feng looked at the beam of golden light that shone through the window and stared at the sky outside that gradually brightened.
Phew, it was a new day again.

She slightly lifted her hand and a ball of red elemental force appeared in her palm, like an unusually lively, leaping flame.
Looking closely, the red elemental force had a few black strands inside.
The space around the elemental force became hot all of a sudden and was even a bit distorted, even though it wasn’t that obvious.

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