Chapter 415: Imminent Battle (4)

“My lord, Yun Sheng has already gone back,” a warrior reported to a cold-looking middle-aged man in fear.
“Idiot! He was alone, yet you couldn’t stop him!” the middle-aged man scolded him, making him shiver.

“Alright, you may leave,” said the middle-aged man.
The warrior immediately backed off.

“Randal, His Majesty has sent you to deal with the Yun family? Is it really necessary?” There were seven men in the room.
All of them were hidden experts that served the Karan Royal Family.
The one who talked was a pale middle-aged man.
The others nodded in agreement.
They thought they were enough to eliminate the Yun family, and Randal wouldn’t be needed.

“His Majesty is too cautious.
Lord Randal is a trump card.
We should be enough to deal with those little shrimps.”

That’s right!” Everybody else laughed.
Randal, however, sniffed.
“What do you know? The Yun family is not a normal family! It has Yun Feng the summoner, the Yun Army, and the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
None of them are easy to deal with.”

“Isn’t the summoner missing? She hasn’t appeared in three years.
If she is alive, why would she hide for so long? The Yun Army is nothing to fear.
Any of us can take care of it easily.
Only the Red Maple Mercenary Team is slightly tricky to deal with.
After all, it’s related to the Mercenary Union.”

“Humph! Don’t you worry about that.
His Majesty will take care of it! There’s no telling if Yun Feng is truly missing.
The Yun family must be completely eradicated, or they will be infinite trouble! Right, is there any news about the Yun family?” asked Randal, frowning.
For some reason, he had been feeling nervous about the mission of eliminating the Yun family.

“The Yun family is just the same.
Yun Sheng must’ve returned to the Yun family.
We can finish him off together with his family.”

Randal thought for a moment.
“We’ll observe for a couple more days.
After we confirm that everything is fine with the Yun family, we’ll take action!”

During the days, a piece of unbelievable information was spreading in the Karan Empire.
It was said that Yun Feng, the missing summoner, had been tempted by the privileges other empires offered, and betrayed the Karan Empire for another country.
Besides, the Yun family, which was always considered loyal, was conspiring with other empires and sending them intelligence about Karan.

The rumor raised heated discussions throughout Karan, including Chunfeng Town.
The Yun family was quite lost for words after hearing that.
Just as expected, the Karan Royal Family had described the Yun family to be disloyal and treacherous.
It had truly gone through a lot of trouble to eliminate the Yun family.

Naturally, Yun Feng received the rumor too.
She simply sneered.
The Karan Royal Family was truly so shameless that it would adopt any means possible to achieve its purpose! Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran were both maddened in the School of God of War, and disappointed at the Karan Royal Family.
After thinking for a long time, Ze Ran couldn’t hold it any longer, and quit the School of God of War, which was a shocking decision for many people.

Murong Yuntian wanted to do the same, but he had a family.
Although he was not deeply attached to the Murong family, it was the place where he was born and raised anyway.
He couldn’t do anything just yet.
If he did, the Karan Royal Family would eliminate the Murong family too, and he couldn’t protect his family on his own.

Ze Ran left angrily, and Murong Yuntian could only stay in frustration.
Ze Ran returned to Chunfeng Town as quickly as possible.
To his surprise, his parents supported him after hearing his decision.
They didn’t believe that the Yun family would ever commit such treachery.
They chose to trust the Yun family, and supported their son’s willful decision.

Both Yun Sheng and Yun Jing were shocked at Ze Ran’s arrival.
They were even more shocked to hear that he had quit the School of God of War.
Hiding not far away, Yun Feng was deeply touched at Ze Ran’s decision.
The young man whom she met by chance as a child took her side firmly in such a moment.
That was really touching.

Yun Feng remembered the Karan Royal Family for the rumor they made up.
She would get back at them sooner or later.

After observing for two days, Randal confirmed that the Yun family was not doing anything.
He decided to eliminate the Yun family at night with the six experts in his team.
The Karan Royal Family had sent them instead of an army, which would’ve been too high-profile.
It was better to send assassins to deal with them.

At night, Chunfeng Town was unusually quiet.
The Yun Army was staying on guard around the house.
Hiding inside the house, Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes.
A few powerful auras were approaching the Yun Army.
Did they want to assassinate the Yun family? Yun Feng realized the Karan Royal Family’s plan, and put on a smile.
The strangers were indeed strong.
Two of them were Commander Level, and five were Monarch Level.

“What a great lineup…” Yun Feng whispered.
If she hadn’t reached the Monarch Level, if she weren’t a summoner, and if Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi weren’t here, the Yun family would definitely face a disaster.

“None of you will hurt the Yun family,” said Yun Feng.
She waved her hands.
Her immense mental strength surged out and covered the Yun house.
She then clenched her fist, locking the space!

“Randal, it seems that there are experts in the Yun family.” Naturally, the space blockage exposed Yun Feng’s powerful mental strength.
All seven assassins looked down at the covered Yun house, frowning.

“Let me have a try!” One of the assassins condensed his fighting energy, and smashed it at the locked space ferociously.
The space wasn’t affected at all.
“It’s not broken?” The person who tried was a Commander Level warrior.
Randal smiled coldly and extended his hand.
Daunting fighting energy surged from inside his body, and almost turned concrete in his hand!

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