“Thousand Swords Summoner, descend!” Randal narrowed his eyes and roared.

Yun Feng saw that the sword that had been tossed to the sky trembled and hummed.
Then, dozens of identical swords appeared inside the circle.
All of them aimed at her!

“Go!” Randal roared.
Instantly, dozens of swords darted towards Yun Feng like shooting stars.
They were as frightening and unavoidable as a volcano eruption!

In the middle of the dazzling light, Randal could see nothing but Yun Feng’s eyes.
Very soon, she was drowned!

It was a Monarch Level combat technique named Thousand Swords Summoner! A warrior could improve their fighting energy through combat techniques.
Being in the peak of the Monarch Level, Randal was naturally very strong with the technique! It was his ultimate technique that nobody had ever survived!

When the swords were unleashed, their target would surely die!

“Yun Feng, I can’t let you live.” Standing in midair, Randal watched Yun Feng being consumed by the light of the swords in delight.
By killing such a junior, he had eliminated a great threat.
He didn’t feel embarrassed because he was much older.
After all, Yun Feng was astonishingly strong, and none of the kids her age could compare to her.

“Aren’t you too happy too soon?” Randal’s smile was instantly frozen on his face.
He was stiffened, like a statue.
His eyes widened as he stared at the place where the light concentrated.
“No… That’s impossible…” Randal’s lips were shivering.
He roared to himself in his heart, how did she survive? She couldn’t have survived it! That’s the Thousand Swords Summoner, my ultimate technique!

After a flash of dazzling light, the shocking pressure brought by the Thousand Swords Summoner exploded and disappeared like fireworks.
The Monarch Level longsword had been grabbed by Yun Feng’s tender hand.
She looked at Randal with a vague smile.
Seeing that Yun Feng was holding his sword, Randal’s eyes became bloodshot.

His attack didn’t hurt her at all.
Rather, she even took his weapon.
What happened exactly?

Yun Feng was holding Randal’s longsword tightly.
The longsword was quite disobedient in Yun Feng’s hand, and was trying to break free.
Yun Feng immediately summoned water elements that enveloped the longsword.
The flowing water elements turned into ice that tied up the longsword.

The longsword, covered in the ice made of water elements, floated around Yun Feng, who wore a smile.
What she was holding in her other hand made it impossible for Randal to conceal his shock any longer.

“That’s… That’s…” Randal’s lips cramped as he gazed at what Yun Feng was holding in her hand.
His pupils were contracted.
He couldn’t be more familiar with the aura of the item in Yun Feng’s hand.
That was a Monarch Level weapon too! It was a Monarch Level wand!

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