That was the end of the incident, but Xiaojin seemed to be greatly affected.
She had been taciturn since she returned.
Yun Sheng noticed it, and asked her, but she didn’t say anything.
He also asked Yun Feng, who told him everything she knew.
Both of them were worried.
Mu Xiaojin had always been a timid and reserved person.
She might be keeping a lot of secrets about herself.


Remembering the scene that Shang Rui described the other day, Yun Feng could imagine what kind of life Mu Xiaojin used to live.
The Mu family… Yun Feng frowned.
Mu Xiaojin was unlikely to tell her anything.




Shang Rui had been a lot more obedient since the incident.
She had begged her grandfather for a long time for the privilege of visiting Ge Yuan.
Little did she expect she would meet Yun Feng on the first day of her trip.
She laid low for a few days, and didn’t dare to go out, fearing that she might encounter Yun Feng again.
Three days later, she thought it should be safe for her to go out.
She then went out delightedly, though not completely relieved.


Having been caged for a few days, Shang Rui had so much fun shopping that she gradually forgot Yun Feng.
In a few days, she would leave Ge Yuan for the capital with Shang Lian.
However, when she left a store, the delight on her face was frozen.
Seeing the beautiful girl at the door, Shang Rui unconsciously turned around and wanted to go back into the store.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“Shang Rui, do you think you can hide from me?”


Shang Rui was instantly stiffened.
She turned around and looked at Yun Feng.
“W-What do you want?” She was not nearly as arrogant as she used to be.
In front of Yun Feng, she was as scared as a mouse in the presence of a cat.


I just wanted to talk to you,” said Yun Feng, chuckling.
Obviously, it was impossible for Shang Rui to refuse the talk.


The two of them sat down in a private room in a fancy teahouse.
Shang Rui kept her distance from Yun Feng, but Yun Feng wasn’t bothered.
She was seated in a lazy, harmless posture.
Nevertheless, Shang Rui was terrified.
Having destroyed the Karan Royal Family single handedly, Yun Feng was like a Goddess of Killing to Shang Rui.


“What do you want to know?” asked Shang Rui in a low voice.
She simply wanted to answer the woman’s questions and get out of here as soon as possible! If she had known that she would meet her, she would’ve just stayed home!


Yun Feng didn’t ask her questions immediately.
She was suddenly in the mood to tease Shang Rui.
Meatball glanced at Shang Rui lazily in disdain.
Shang Rui knew that the unknown creature was despising her, but she did not dare to complain.


Pouring a cup of hot tea for herself, Yun Feng smiled.
“Would you like a cup of tea?”


Shang Rui shook her head quickly.
“Just ask me what you want to know…” The longer she stayed with Yun Feng, the more uncomfortable she was.
Yun Feng’s mysterious behavior made her ill at ease too.
She might die easily if that woman got angry.
Remembering what happened to the Karan Royal Family, she shivered.


Yun Feng sipped the tea.
“The tea does taste good.
You sure you don’t want any?” She smiled again, holding the cup.
Shang Rui was almost collapsing.
“I’m begging you! Just ask me what you want to know!”


Yun Feng put her cup down, and dropped her mischievous attitude.
She seemed sullen, and Shang Rui thought she was angry with her reaction.
“Sorry, I was in the wrong! I’ll have the tea!”


Yun Feng glanced at her.
In Shang Rui’s eyes, Yun Feng was not just a Goddess of Killing, but also a temperamental one.


“My questions are simple.
Whether or not you can leave depends on your answers.”


“Just ask! I’ll tell you everything I know.
I won’t hold anything back!” If Shang Rui were an important person of the Fengyun Empire, then she would undoubtedly be the fastest person to betray her country.


Yun Feng frowned.
“Do you know Mu Xiaojin?”


Shang Rui quickly nodded, and Yun Feng asked again.
“Tell me everything you know about the Mu family.”


Shang Rui was stunned.
She didn’t expect the question to be so easy to answer.
Immediately, she divulged everything she knew.
“I’ve only been to the Mu family once, with my grandfather.
Back then, I saw Mu Xiaojin and her brother being chased in their courtyard awkwardly.
I heard that, even though Mu Xiaojin and her brother are the Mu family’s descendants, they weren’t even as respected as servants.
The lady of the Mu family, in particular, was determined to kill them.”


Yun Feng raised her brows.
“Who did you hear it from?”


Shang Rui’s lips shivered.
She wanted to lie, but she did not have the courage under Yun Feng’s watch.
“From… Mu Yingzi, the lady of the Mu family’s first daughter.
She was quite close to me.
She told me that.”


“What else did she tell you?”


Shang Rui swallowed.
“She said that Mu Xiaojin and her brother are bastards and disgraces of the Mu family.
Their life wasn’t bad when the lord of the Mu family was alive, but after he passed away, the lady of the Mu family began to torture them.
Later, Mu Yingzi and I drifted apart.
I don’t know much about what happened to the Mu family later.”


Yun Feng had a rough idea about what happened.
She realized why Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai told her that all their family was dead when they first met in the woods.


“What’s special about the Mu family?”


Shang Rui was stunned.
“You don’t know the Mu family? It’s a famous family.
It might not be as powerful as the Shang family or the De family, but it’s definitely on the second tier.
It’s based in a small city, but its influence spreads throughout the city.”


Yun Feng raised her brows again.
She didn’t know the Mu family’s background at all.
There must’ve been something that Mu Canghai and Mu Xiaojin would rather not say..
Undercurrents were surging in the Mu family.
Why was the lady of the Mu family determined to kill them? Even if they were not her children, they still carried her husband’s blood, didn’t they?

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