Chapter 495: If You Want It, Take It (1)

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Madam Zi nodded and looked like she was about to cry.
Mu Xiaojin suddenly smiled.
“You didn’t do it? You don’t want to admit that you murdered the main wife and forced my brother and me to run off.
How can you deny that?”

“Are you done?” Mu Yingyong dashed forward, as if he was going to teach Mu Xiaojin a lesson.
Yun Sheng’s face suddenly turned cold.
He waved his hand and sent the water element towards Mu Yinghua like a chain.
Mu Yinghua was immediately restrained.

“Let go of me!” Mu Yingyong was completely tied up and he roared in frustration.
Seeing that, Yun Sheng immediately squeezed his hand and the liquid chains of water turned into ice.
Soon, a layer of glittering ice formed on Mu Yingyong’s body.

“Brave!” Mu Yinghua shouted anxiously when he saw that.
Lady Zi also whimpered and fell into Mu Yinghua’s arms.

“Whoever dares to touch Xiaojin will end up like this!” Yun Sheng rarely had a cold face, but at this moment, his handsome face was covered with a layer of anger.
Yun Feng looked at her brother with a smile.
Let her brother be the hero who saved the beauty.

Mu Yingyong turned into an ice man and fell on the side.
The other members of the Mu family didn’t dare to make a sound.
The faces of the people of Mu City, who were watching the drama, also changed.
The summoner’s brother wasn’t someone to be trifled with!

Mu Yinghua gritted his teeth and stood straight.
“Mu Xiaojin, if you want everything of the Mu family, fine! I’ll give it to you!” What Mu Yinghua said woke Lady Zi up completely.
She suddenly pushed her son away.

“Are you crazy? I’ve done so much for the Mu family.
I don’t want it to end up in someone else’s hands!”

“Mother! Don’t you see? If you don’t give it to her, she won’t let it go!”

“No!” Madam Zi roared.
“Everything in the Mu family belongs to me! I can’t give it to anyone! Nobody can take it away from me!” Holding the jade pendant in her hand, Madam Zi shouted crazily, as if she was a bit crazy.

Yun Sheng sneered.
“Do you think you can refuse to hand it over just because you said so? I just don’t want to use violence.
Otherwise, do you think your family would still be sitting here safe and sound?”

What Yun Sheng said made all the members of the Mu family change their expression.
Everybody’s heart shrank fiercely.
Yes, he was already so powerful just then.
How would they have the chance to resist? Besides, Yun Feng, the summoner, could wipe out the Mu family with one of her Magic Beasts!

Qu Lanyi yawned lazily.
He had been watching the drama for a long time.
Although it was interesting, he was a bit tired after seeing this.
“Just do it.”

Hearing that, Mu Yinghua roared, “Mu Xiaojin! You can’t kill us all.
Consider the sake of the Mu family!”

Mu Xiaojin sneered.
“Kill you all? Only your mother would do that.
Don’t worry.
I won’t kill anyone else in the Mu family.
I only want her life!”

Madam Zi’s body went limp again.
Mu Yinghua held her and held her in his arms.
Her face had already turned pale.

“Madam Zi, of course you can deny everything Xiaojin said.
Do you think no one knows?” Yun Feng said softly.
Mu Xiaojin was going back to the Mu family, so she had to be justified!

“W-What did you say?” Madam Zi managed to say with a trembling voice.
Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
“You should know what I’m talking about.
You can deny the charge of murdering the main wife.
After all, you’ve already dealt with everyone who knows about this.
However, you have to admit that you killed Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai.
Do you want me to invite the person who saw this process to confront you?”

Madam Zi shivered again and couldn’t say anything at all.
There was mockery in Yun Feng’s eyes.
“As your concubine, you’ve done such a heartless thing and you can still live to this day with a clear conscience.
You’re truly shameless.
Now, you want to take something that doesn’t belong to you for yourself.
You’re too greedy.”

Mu Yinghua looked at his mother in shock and couldn’t believe it.
“Mother… Is she telling the truth?”

Looking at Mu Yinghua’s face, Yun Feng also understood that he might be a tragedy.
Madam Zi was quite particular.
She didn’t mention these things to her child at all, just to protect her good mother’s image.

“I’m doing this for you and Yingyong… If I don’t let that woman die, how can I take over the Mu family? If I don’t kick those two kids out, you won’t even be qualified to inherit!”

“What?” Mu Yinghua’s eyes widened.
“So… they’re telling the truth?”

Madam Zi finally burst into tears.
“I did it for you, for you…”

Mu Yinghua staggered and his arm that was holding Lady Zi also dropped.
He fell on his butt, looking rather dazed.
Lady Zi fell to the side and cried miserably.

“You’ve finally admitted it? Have you ever felt guilty after so many years?” Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes.
She really wanted to burn this vicious woman clean with fire, but this wasn’t something she should do on Xiaojin’s behalf.

“Guilty? She was unable to beat me.
She deserved it!” Madam Zi laughed and got up from the ground.
She said loudly to Mu Xiaojin, “She deserved to end up like this! She was the first wife with such a cowardly personality.
She couldn’t even sit in that position.
That position should be taken by someone like me!”

Mu Xiaojin’s black eyes glittered.
She let go of Yun Sheng’s hand and moved forward.
Water elements surged out and turned into sharp arrows.
“It’s not your place to decide my mother’s fate! Water Arrow!”

Following Mu Xiaojin’s furious shout, the Water Arrow whizzed past.
Seeing that, Mu Yinghua immediately scrambled to protect his mother.
Lady Zi burst into laughter when she saw the Water Arrow whizzing towards her.
She was very crazy, as if she could finally stop being afraid after confessing everything.

“Swish!” Blue light appeared on the surface of the arrow with the energy of the water element.
Mu Yinghua pulled his mother behind him and blocked it.

“Poof!” The sound of an arrow piercing into the body came.
Lady Zi narrowed her eyes and looked at Mu Yinghua, who was standing in front of her..
In the end, she screamed, “Yinghua! Yinghua!”

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