Chapter 502: Let’s Fight (3)

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At the end of the day, the Mu family was just a second-rate family that didn’t have much strength.
When the Mu family grew up in the future, it would be a great help to Yun Feng.
However, right now, she needed the other two families, the Shang family and the De family.

Qu Lanyi stayed in Chunfeng Town and didn’t move with Yun Feng.
Although the independent cultivators didn’t attack again, some of them were still greedy.
Seeing that Yun Feng was worried, Qu Lanyi stayed, which made Yun Feng feel gratified.
They had to finish everything quickly.
Carson had been in contact with the people of Ovey and Shengyao.
If the three countries reached an agreement, the Fengyun Empire would be in a passive position.

The De family and the Shang family, who were frustrated after exploring the gods’ relics in the capital, had been in low spirits these days, especially after knowing that the Mu family had changed their leader.
They were even more shocked! Mu Xiaojin?! Shang Lian immediately knew who Mu Xiaojin was from his granddaughter.
She was Yun Feng’s best friend! Soon, shocking news spread that the Yun family and the Mu family might be connected through marriage!

Shang Lian and De Lan were both shocked.
The marriage alliance between the Mu family and the Yun family? That would be terrible! With the support of the Yun family, the Mu family would rise to the status of the two families and then surpass them!

Even though De Lan and Shang Lian had a grudge against her, they didn’t dare to make a move at all.
If they did, their families wouldn’t be able to live anymore.
With Yun Feng’s personality, she wouldn’t let them go easily.
The two families were annoyed, but they could only live with it.

Shang Lian and De Lan wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Yun Feng, but they couldn’t find her or contact her in any way.
Unexpectedly, the person they had been looking for came to the capital and asked to see them.

Shang Lian and De Lan immediately gathered.
After hearing what Yun Feng said, the two of them fell silent for a long time.
Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry.
She sat aside calmly and waited for their reply.

“Yun Feng, isn’t this too risky?” De Lan thought for a long time and finally broke the silence, asking tentatively.

Even though we’re in such a position right now, we’re still small families after all.
We can’t compare to those royal families…” Shang Lian also frowned on the side.
Wasn’t this matter a bit too crazy?

Yun Feng smiled and glanced at the two people in front of her.
“That’s just my idea.
You certainly have the right to refuse.
I won’t force you.
Goodbye.” She got up quickly and was about to leave.
The two of them immediately said something when they saw her.

“Yun Feng! If we don’t do this, will anyone still be willing to do it?” De Lan quickly asked.
Yun Feng smiled in her mind.
They were indeed sly old foxes, but they couldn’t beat a hunter.

“Of course.
Why?” Even though Yun Feng didn’t look back, she could guess the expressions of the two of them at this moment.
She waited patiently for a while more.
De Lan said, “Yun Feng spoke highly of our families.
If our families don’t appreciate it, wouldn’t it be too…”

Yun Feng’s red lips curved slightly as she slowly turned around.
“Please consider carefully.
Once you’ve decided, there’s no turning back.”

De Lan and Shang smiled wryly.
“You’ve already asked.
What else can we say?”

Yun Feng chuckled and nodded.
“If you agree, then listen to me.”

De Lan and Shang Lian nodded.
“Is it really that easy to deal with Ovey and Shengyao?” De Lan was a bit worried.
If he was asked to go, he wouldn’t have the confidence to negotiate with the two emperors.

“Whether they’re easy to deal with or not depends on the person we send.” What Yun Feng said made De Lan and Shang Lian smile wryly again.
That’s right, that’s right.
If Yun Feng went there, the emperors of the two countries would really have to consider carefully how they should choose.

The Fengyun Empire entered a level-1 state of vigilance and also started to use its armed forces.
This news instantly spread to the four countries on the East Continent.
The Fengyun Empire didn’t hide their purpose at all, even their blatant preparation for war.

The East Continent immediately fell into a state of anxiety.
It seemed that the Fengyun Empire was going to attack! That was the only thought of the other three empires.
All three empires were a bit scared.
Even though the royal family of the Fengyun Empire had already collapsed and there were basically no pillars, only the two families, the Fengyun Empire had Yun Feng, a summoner who had reached a certain level!

Ovey and Shengyao were very nervous.
Cashya was the furthest away from the Fengyun Empire.
Ovey was the closest to the Fengyun Empire, followed by Shengyao.
If the Fengyun Empire really attacked, Ovey would be the cannon fodder.

Over the past few days, the Emperor of Ovey had been on edge.
The Fengyun Empire’s restlessness almost drove him crazy.
“Has there been any news from the Mercenary Union?” The Emperor of Ovey had been asking the same question these days.
The three empires had already reported the Fengyun Empire’s condition to the Mercenary Union, hoping that the Mercenary Union would step in to help.
However, there was no news from the headquarters of the Mercenary Union at all.

“Your Majesty, no!” The Emperor of Ovey didn’t look good.
His most trusted helper, who was also looking bad, said solemnly, “Your Majesty, why don’t we consider Carson’s proposal?”

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Emperor Ovey was dazed for a moment.
Then, a bright voice suddenly came from the space.
“Emperor Ovey, what’s the proposal? Why don’t you tell me?”

The Emperor of Ovey suddenly turned around and glanced at every corner of the space.
Suddenly, the space in front of him shook slightly and a slim and beautiful girl slowly walked out.
The Emperor of Ovey’s breath suddenly tightened!

The girl smiled slowly.
The aura that she exuded made the emperor unable to move!

“I, Yun Feng, hope you don’t mind my sudden visit, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor of Ovey looked at the girl who suddenly appeared in front of him with a calm smile on her face.
She didn’t care about the crime of trespassing the royal palace.
The Emperor of Ovey wanted to shout loudly, but he immediately shut his mouth when he heard the girl introduce herself.

Emperor Ovey’s assistant also changed his expression and moved his lips.
At this moment, a guard’s voice came from outside the door.
“Your Majesty, an envoy from the Cashya Empire is here..”

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