She showed her entry token to the guards of the branch hall.
The guards let Yun Feng in, but they only looked at Yaoyao a few more times.
This action made Yaoyao’s already impetuous mood burst out suddenly.
She turned her little face back slightly and the vertical line in her eyes suddenly enlarged.
It was like a cat’s eyes under the sunlight, with a faint blue color.
Her expression suddenly changed and became extremely ferocious.

The guard gasped and almost couldn’t stand straight.
If he hadn’t steadied himself forcefully, he would probably have run away with the sudden fear in his heart right now.

Yun Feng didn’t see this scene.
She held Yaoyao’s little hand and continued walking forward.
She turned around slightly and Yaoyao had already resumed that cute face.
She smiled at Yun Feng and followed her.

After Yaoyao left, the guard took a few deep breaths and held his chest.
His heart, which was beating crazily, made rapid sounds.
“What exactly is that little girl… She’s so scary…”

Yun Feng led Yaoyao into the territory of the branch of the Bright Moon Hall.
It was very quiet inside.
Many people passed by quietly and hurriedly.
The surrounding buildings were all arranged neatly and didn’t look messy at all.
This area was very large and the people moving around were all members of the Bright Moon Hall, because they were all wearing the same clothes and looked neat and tidy.

Yun Feng held Yaoyao’s hand and walked forward.
The direction of the main hall was right in front of them and it was very conspicuous.
Some curious gazes swept over along the way, but nobody came up to ask or lead the way.
Everyone was busy with their own business.

“Have you heard? Guardian Ming Xuan has advanced to the Commander Level!”

“Of course I’ve heard about it.
Speaking of which, it really feels like she hit the nail on the head.
Guardian Ming Xuan must have been so enraged that she found an opportunity to break through.”

A series of whispers came over.
Two people were talking in a corner.
Yun Feng continued walking with Yaoyao, and their voices continued to float.

“You’re right.
I heard that a rare water-element Magic Beast appeared at the Magic Beast Auction and it’s a rare breed.
However, Guardian Ming Xuan didn’t get it in the end.
She’s probably very depressed.”

Yun Feng stopped in her tracks.
Were they talking about the level-9 water element summoner? Guardian Ming Xuan? So, she was the protector of the Bright Moon Branch.
No wonder she looked so arrogant.

Yaoyao raised her head slightly and looked at Yun Feng with confusion in her eyes.
Yun Feng slowly slowed down and planned to listen.
“How could she not be depressed? Guardian Ming Xuan got the news in advance and even made preparations before going.
Anyone would’ve been depressed at the result.
Ever since she came back from the auction, she has been in seclusion.
I didn’t expect her to be promoted to the Commander Level because of this!”

“Tut-tut, our branch has another Commander Level summoner now.
The hall master must be very happy.”

“Of course.
He might send someone to snatch that water-element Magic Beast because he’s happy.”

After saying this, the two of them didn’t say anything else and just left in a hurry together.
Yun Feng continued to move forward with Yaoyao.
There was no less than one summoner Commander Level in this branch hall.
The strength of the Bright Moon Hall was indeed extraordinary! A branch hall already had a Commander Level summoner, and there were no less than one or two of them.
This lineup was incomparable on the East Continent.
If it weren’t for the barrier of the Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the war on the East Continent would have already begun.

Guardian Ming Xuan being promoted to the Commander Level was good news for this branch hall.
The branch hall master might really come to snatch Yaoyao when he was happy.
Thinking of this, the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up.
If she really came to snatch Yaoyao, it would depend on her ability whether or not she would succeed.

Yaoyao smiled when she saw Yun Feng smile.
Even though she didn’t know what she was smiling about, she smiled too.
She squeezed Yun Feng’s hand with her little hand.
Yun Feng looked down at her.
When she saw Yaoyao smiling at her, a thought suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s mind.
Yaoyao relied on her so much.
Did she treat her as her mother? She was only sixteen right now.
Wasn’t it a bit… too early?

When they arrived at the main hall, someone immediately came to ask.
Yun Feng and Yaoyao were brought to the main hall.
Once they entered, Yun Feng saw a familiar figure.
It was the summoner who had just advanced to the Commander Level, Guardian Ming Xuan.

“Ming Xuan, congratulations!” A voice came.
Yun Feng could hear it clearly from outside.
The person who spoke should be the branch leader.
Yun Feng stepped on the threshold and the branch leader glanced at her, giving Ming Xuan a look.
Ming Xuan turned around and was stunned when she saw Yun Feng.

“It’s you!” Ming Xuan shouted.
The branch hall master looked at Ming Xuan suspiciously.
“You know her?”

Ming Xuan gritted and gnashed her teeth.
“More than that! It’s her! That thief!”

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Yun Feng raised her brows slightly when she heard this.
This woman was truly shameless.
She was a thief? The branch leader couldn’t help but frown when he heard this.
“You’re quite bold.
You even have the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid.”

Yun Feng chuckled as her gaze passed Ming Xuan and landed directly on the branch hall master.
This was a man with a rather rough appearance, but his eyes were full of sharpness and his aura was also restrained.
Even though the man was suppressing himself with all his might, Yun Feng could clearly feel that this man’s strength was comparable to hers!

“I got it by chance.
That’s all.
I’m here to participate in the bounty activity.
I accepted the bounty of the Summoning Union,” said Yun Feng casually.
The branch leader glanced at Yun Feng.
Ming Xuan had always been gloomy.
When she saw Yaoyao next to Yun Feng, confusion flashed through her eyes.

“It’s interesting that a summoner accepts such a bounty mission.” The leader of the branch hall rubbed his chin.
“You’re not late.
All the participants will gather here tomorrow.
We’ll make plans when they all come.”

Yun Feng nodded.
“If that’s the case, I’ll take my leave first.” She held Yaoyao’s hand and was about to leave, when Ming Xuan suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Yun Feng didn’t stop, as if she didn’t hear anything.
The leader of the branch hall frowned.
Ming Xuan immediately shouted, “Stop right there!”

Yun Feng continued walking forward, but she said without looking back, “What right do you have to command me?”

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