Chapter 605: This Is Combat (3)

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The girl’s body was thrown high into the sky.
She flipped her body agilely and stood straight in the air.
She looked at Yun Feng furiously, gnashing her teeth.
Yun Feng’s face was cold.
“In my entire life, I’ve never been slapped by anyone.”
Ever since Yun Feng was reborn, when had she ever been bullied by anyone? If it wasn’t that she didn’t want to blow things up, Yun Feng wouldn’t have just slapped her.

“That’s enough, Zhong Yuling, You should stay out of the Ouyang family’s business.” The young man on the side said in a low voice.
Zhong Yuling, who was standing in the air, grunted in disdain and landed from the sky.

“Sister Yuling, this is the Ouyang family’s business, Thank you…” The young man from the Ouyang family whom Yun Feng had met before interrupted Zhong Yuling abruptly before he could finish.
“Don’t be so sentimental! Only the Ouyang family could stand Ouyang Shanshan’s provocative and fierce
personality! I’m not standing up for Ouyang Shanshan.
I simply don’t like her!”

‘The young man of the Ouyang family turned pale and didn’t say anything else.
The young man standing next to Xiao Lingyu, who had been silent, suddenly chuckled.
“Yun Feng, as a summoner, you won in such a way.
It’s indeed unexpected.
To be honest, you gave me the desire to fight you.”

Yun Feng glanced over.
This man should be one of the outstanding members of the Xiao family.
“Xiao Lingyu, aren’t you going to fight this time?” asked Yun Feng.
Xiao Lingyu raised the corners of his mouth and the young man standing next to Xiao Lingyu laughed.
“Lingyu is just a member of the Xiao family’s younger generation.
He’s too weak to represent the Xiao family.”

Yun Feng raised her brows slightly.
The young man of the Xiao family suddenly changed his expression and a longsword appeared in his hand.
This longsword was very similar to the longsword that Xiao Lingyu was holding, The body of the sword was embedded in a sword sheath and the shape of the
sword sheath was that of a ferocious giant beast.

The young man gently stroked the sword with his finger, which emitted a faint glimmer.
“Yun Feng, as someone of your generation, I certainly don’t want to be surpassed by others.
We’re all people at the top of the pyramid.
You should understand how I feel.”
“I just want to spar with you.
It’s not about anything else.
Please don’t reject me.” The young man of the Xiao family smiled casually.
Zhong Yuling chuckled.
“Sure, sure.
I want to spar with you too.
Let’s see what you’re so arrogant about! Ouyang Hongyu, Xue Han, do you want to join in the fun?”

Ouyang Hongyu’s face darkened.
“No, I might do something unpredictable if I participate.” The Ouyang family was in the center of the storm right now.
Ouyang Shanshan’s death had weakened the Ouyang family’s strength quite a bit.
If they got involved and killed Yun Feng by accident, the Ouyang family

would have to bear all the responsibility! Ouyang Tian’s instructions had always been in Ouyang Hongyu’s mind.
He must take revenge in the arena and not let others say anything!

Xue Han was expressionless.
“No, I’m not interested.” Xue Cheng was someone who had fought with Yun Feng directly and couldn’t search her soul.
When Xue Cheng told the Xue family about this, the entire family was shocked! There were people in this world who couldn’t be searched! They knew very
little about these people, but Xue Han had already learned from Xue Cheng that they couldn’t offend them.

Zhong Yuling pursed her lips.
“You two cowards! Never mind!” She waved her hand, and a wand suddenly appeared in Zhong Lingyu’s hand.
She sneered in a low voice.
“There’s no such thing as bullying with numbers.
If you’re scared, just admit that you can’t beat us!”
‘The young man of the Xiao family chuckled.
“Yuling, you’re right.
It’s just a spar.
Yun Feng, of course you won’t agree.”

Yun Feng stood there with a smile on her face.
The sounds of the battle in front of her could still be heard, suggesting that the battle in the ring was still going on, but here, another battle was about to begin!

“It doesn’t matter how many of you are coming together, as long as you don’t let me down.” Yun Feng also showed her wand and casually sealed the space.
It didn’t matter even if the battle was earth-shattering in this space!

Zhong Yuling’s facial features twisted.
The young man of the Xiao family burst into laughter.
Xiao Lingyu wanted to say something, but didn’

“Tm Xiao Xiang.
My strength is nothing.”
Zhong Yuling suddenly smiled after hearing that.
“Xiao Xiang, if your strength is nothing, wouldn’t we be too weak?”

Xiao Xiang chuckled as he held the longsword in his hand tightly and stared at Yun Feng with glittering eyes.
He was truly interested in Yun Feng and wanted to fight her!

Zhong Yuling waved her wand fiercely and a wind blade came at her at an extremely fast speed.
Yun Feng turned her body slightly, but her cheek was still scratched by the wind blade.
A tiny wound appeared on Yun Feng’s cheek and tiny drops of blood appeared.

“That was just my greeting.” Zhong Yuling, who had a wand in her hand, smiled provocatively.
Yun Feng lowered her black eyes and gently turned the wand in her hand.
Huge fire elements immediately appeared.
Its constantly expanding volume and the rising temperature made the others’ expressions
change slightly.

“swish…” The fireball directly flew towards Zhong Yuling.
Zhong Yuling held the wand in her hand and waves of wind elements instantly cut the fireball into dozens of pieces.
However, the fire elements that were cut into pieces instantly formed individual segments and surrounded Zhong Yuling tightly!
“Boom, boom, boom…” Continuous small explosions started next to Zhong Yuling.
The exploding fire elements almost drowned Zhong Yuling in a fiery ocean.
When all the fire elements dispersed, Zhong Yuling was in too much of a mess.
Her clothes were all burnt.

“That was just my greeting.” Yun Feng smiled evilly.
Zhong Yuling’s face was red.
Seeing that, Xiao Xiang burst into laughter.
“Since you’re so sincere, let’s begin!”

Yun Feng’s heart heated up.
This was the first battle that was suitable for her.
She waved the wand in her hand abruptly and started fighting!

“Earth Shield!” The earth element suddenly formed a thick earth element barrier around Yun Feng after Yun Feng shouted.
Zhong Yuling burst into laughter after seeing that and seemed to be a bit excited.
She waved the wand in her hand at an even faster speed..
Powerful and sharp wind blades pounced at
the Earth Shield in front of Yun Feng one after another, colliding fiercely and causing a deep dent!

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