Chapter 616: Concealment (3)

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“You won’t be able to see anything,” said Yun Feng indifferently.
The craziness in Xue Han’s eyes ignited and he quickly closed his eyes.
His consciousness instantly invaded Yun Feng’s consciousness through the contact of his hand.
He wanted to see what exactly was inside this body!
The two of them were frozen in the air just like that.
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on these two people.
Had the winner been decided yet?

Xue Han’s consciousness quickly entered Yun Feng’s body.
He thought he would see the memories of this body from its birth until it grew up, but he was wrong.
Looking at the endless darkness around him, Xue Han was truly astonished.

“Is there really nothing? No memories at all?” mumbled Xue Han as he looked around.
Darkness, endless darkness!

“I don’t believe this!” Xue Han roared and ran in the empty space in disbelief.
How could a person have no memories? How could she be empty? Unless, she was dead.
Dead people didn’t have any memories!

Xue Han ran in this endless space.
He didn’t know how long he had been running, This was the first time he had searched a soul, but he wasn’t unfamiliar with it.
He had heard his seniors talk about searching the soul countless times.
It was very simple to search the soul.
As long as he invaded the other
party’s consciousness, it would be impossible for the other party to hide anything from him.
Besides, this memory space wasn’t huge.
It was just a small area!

However, what was going on here? How long had he been running? There was no end to it! Was this space really a human memory space? There were no memories here.
It was as if there was no boundary here!
“Clang…” A soft sound came from somewhere in this space.
Xue Han’s heart heated up.
There was something there! Was her memory hidden there?

Xue Han followed the voice and ran forward quickly.
It was completely dark along the way.
If it weren’t for the guidance of the voice, Xue Han wouldn’t know where to go at all.
The vague sound became clearer and clearer, and Xue Han couldn’t help but slow down.
As the sound became clearer, the doubts
in Xue Han’s mind became deeper and deeper.
That was the voice he was familiar with, the voice that often accompanied him, the sound of chains!

Why was there the sound of chains here? Xue Han’s heart tightened and his body suddenly stopped.
He knew that he was already very close to the sound, so close that he was probably just a few steps away from the wall.
The sound of chains dragging on the ground came one after another, as if something
was tied up here!

“Is… Is there anyone here?” Xue Han didn’t know why he asked this.
This was the memory space.
Apart from memories, there wouldn’t be anything else.
However, he was asking if there was anyone here right now.
This was an extremely ridiculous action, but Xue Han didn’t feel this way right now.

The sound of the chains changed slightly, as if something was dragging the chains over.
Xue Han couldn’t help but breathe harder and his heart was beating faster too.
Something was approaching, The sound of the chains dragging on the ground suddenly stopped!
A bead of sweat fell from Xue Han’s forehead.
He could clearly feel the sweat sliding down his face and then falling on the ground.


Xue Han heard the sound of his sweat breaking on the ground.
His heart pounded hard!

“You’ve made it here?” A slightly hoarse voice with deep interest sounded.
Xue Han breathed heavily.
There was such a space inside Yun Feng’s body! Who exactly was she?

“S$-Senior…” Xue Han didn’t know what was hidden in the darkness.
Whatever it was, it must be something powerful.
It wouldn’t be wrong for him to call it senior.
Hearing Xue Han call it that, the voice paused for a long time and suddenly burst into laughter!

“Hahahaha!” A weird and ear-piercing laughter spread throughout the entire space like cold hands caressing Xue Han’s body.
Xue Han could only feel coldness!

“Senior? Kid, are you calling me?” The hoarse voice was filled with inexplicable excitement.
Before Xue Han could say anything, he felt that something was about to appear in the dark space in front of him.
Xue Han widened his eyes and his body was as stiff as a statue, not daring to move at all!

Xue Han felt that his heart was about to stop beating! In this endless space, in the pure darkness, a pair of huge, ferocious red eyes suddenly opened!

Those eyes were bloodshot and they were emitting boiling killing intent! Just looking into those eyes made Xue Han feel like he was going to die!

His lips were trembling and his teeth were chattering.
Xue Han knew that no matter what the other party did, he wouldn’t be able to resist at all!

“Get lost!” With a violent roar, Xue Han only felt that his chest was hit fiercely by a powerful force.
His entire body was also sent flying by this force like a kite with a broken string!

“argh!” Xue Han finally shouted because of the unbearable pain! His consciousness was directly pushed out of Yun Feng’s consciousness by this force!

“Hah…” Xue Han, whose consciousness had returned to his body, turned completely pale.
The terrifying pain also spread to his body! “Poof…” A mouthful of blood spurted out of Xue Han’s mouth.
He slowly raised his head and looked at Yun Feng in shock.

“There’s… such a guy there…”
Yun Feng was confused by what Xue Han said.
There was blood at the corners of Xue Han’s mouth as he smiled in self-mockery.
“Uncle Cheng is right.
You’re indeed someone I can’t mess with.
I’ve lost.”
Yun Feng frowned.
“What did you mean? What did you see?”

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Xue Han was stunned.
“You don’t know?”

Yun Feng was a bit frustrated by this question.
“You just need to tell me what you saw!”

Xue Han stared at Yun Feng for a long time.
After confirming that she indeed didn’t know, he burst into laughter.
“I see.
You truly don’t know… Interesting, interesting!” After saying that, Xue Han dashed forward and stood in front of everyone who was watching the battle..
He said loudly, “I admit defeat
in this battle!”

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