Chapter 627 Fight (3)


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The Master of the Bright Moon Hall couldn’t help but sigh regretfully.
The other first-rate families’ masters also looked like they felt that it was a pity.
Such a talented summoner had died just like this… She was truly

Yan Che, who was sitting in the spectator area and didn’t move, had a glint in his eyes.
Did Yun Feng really die… Just as this thought passed through Yan Che’s mind, he suddenly realized something and his eyes

Ouyang Hongyu, who was laughing crazily, was still immersed in his crazy emotions.
To be able to kill Yun Feng might be something he was proud of himself! “Haha, she’s dead! No matter how strong she was, she died
in my hands! She…” Ouyang Hongyu’s voice suddenly stopped.
He was like a rooster whose neck was grabbed!

“What?” The Hall Master and the other family masters were all shocked.
They stared at a certain spot in the arena!

“Crash!” A pair of arms suddenly pushed the stone pile nearby away and a person slowly stood up.
Even though there were tiny wounds all over her body and she looked a bit messy, that increasingly mature face, that

confident gaze, that outstanding black eyes, that was… Yun Feng!

“What are you talking about? I’ve said that there’s no such thing as death in my dictionary!”
Meatball let out a loud cry as its dirty body suddenly rushed over.
Yun Feng’s black eyes flashed as she grabbed Meatball’s tail and swung it.
Meatball’s body flipped agilely in the air and finally landed in Yaoyao’s hand.

“Take care of it for me.” Yun Feng smiled at Yaoyao.
Yaoyao nodded fiercely, and the tears in her eyes rolled down her face.
Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi with her black eyes.
Qu Lanyi chuckled.
Yun Feng slowly raised
the corners of her mouth and looked at his messy hands with a glint of regret in her eyes.
Yan Ming, who was searching desperately on the side, collapsed on the ground and covered his forehead with his hand in the
Yun Feng glanced at him, and the corners of Yan Ming’s mouth twitched.
He should have known that she would be fine.

Ouyang Hongyu was dumbfounded.
In the end, he widened his eyes abruptly.
“Why aren’t you dead? How can you be alive?” Ouyang Hongyu wanted to attack again, but his body was already riddled with holes at this
The side effects of taking the medicine were too great.
His body was already like a piece of scrap iron right now! Ouyang Hongyu only found it a bit ridiculous.
The Ouyang family had done everything they
could, even destroying him to kill Yun Feng.
Why… why wasn’t she dead yet?

The Ouyang family had nothing left.
Ouyang Shanshan was gone, and Ouyang Hongyu became garbage.
Even if the Ouyang family had other younger members, they didn’t have the strength to stand proudly among the
top families like before!

“Yun Feng, you destroyed the Ouyang family.
Give me your life!” Ouyang Tian roared as his body rushed forward in a straight line.
Battle energy gathered in his hand.
No one at the scene expected Ouyang Tian to do
No one had time to stop him.
They could only watch Ouyang Tian attack Yun Feng fiercely!

Yun Feng wasn’t any stronger than Ouyang Hongyu at this moment! The fusion of elements consumed a lot of her mental strength.
In order to avoid the impact of the energy explosion, she used up her fighting ability
and didn’t have any left right now! Ouyang Tian took this opportunity to attack.
Yun Feng couldn’t dodge at all!

A black shadow flashed through the space, and everybody could only follow it with their eyes.
“Poof…” The sound of something piercing into their bodies was extremely loud in this silent space!
The faint light penetrated Ouyang Tian’s body and entered his heart precisely! His beating heart was penetrated deeply by the spear formed by the light! Seeing this scene, Ouyang Hongyu suddenly roared, “Father…”

Ouyang Tian’s eyes widened as he fell from the sky fiercely.
Unwillingness and shock were his last expressions.
Then, he screamed again! Ouyang Hongyu’s body was also pierced by the same spear of light.
This change

shocked everyone, including Yun Feng!

“You…” The Hall Master was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do.
The handsome man in the arena raised his brows slightly and his black eyes were cold! “Why? Do you have a question?”

The hearts of the remaining family masters twitched.
The aura of the handsome man made their voices tighten! Who would believe that the Ouyang family, which had always been powerful on the West Continent,
would collapse in such a short time?

The contest for the guardian position of the Bright Moon Hall on the West Continent was truly unexpected for everyone.
Apart from the people present, no one could imagine that the Ouyang family was completely
destroyed overnight.
The Ouyang family’s master was dead, Ouyang Hongyu was dead, and Ouyang Shanshan was long dead! The Ouyang family, which was all-powerful, instantly lost its backbone and support.
the Ouyang family found out about this news, everyone was dumbfounded.
Wasn’t it a contest? Why did their master die in the end?

How could the people of the Ouyang family be convinced? They certainly had to demand an explanation.
However, what right did the Ouyang family have to maintain the status and glory of a first-rate family right
now? After losing such three powerful people, the Ouyang family had completely collapsed!

The situation was truly changing rapidly.
The Ouyang family was pushed out of the first-rate families all of a sudden, and couldn’t even rise up among the second-rate families.
This change made all the families big and
small feel shocked and couldn’t believe it.
What exactly happened that made things turn out like this? The Ouyang family quit the stage of the first-rate families, so who would replace it?

Many people wanted to know the truth, but the few people present on that day remained silent together.
The Hall Master and the other first-rate families’ heads were surprisingly unanimous and didn’t mention
anything about what happened that day.
In fact, Ouyang Tian was killed right in front of their eyes, and so was Ouyang Hongyu! They didn’t even have the time to react.
That person didn’t care about anyone else at all.
He could just kill him!

Even though the few of them were dissatisfied, the situation at that time was truly strange.
The Ouyang family was in the wrong.
Not only did they take the forbidden medicine, but Ouyang Tian even attacked at the
last moment.
They couldn’t blame anyone else for their deaths! Naturally, the Hall Master didn’t really want to care about this matter.
The purpose of holding this contest for the guardian position was to add another
spot besides those of the first-rate families.
Now that the Ouyang family was unexpectedly defeated, it saved him a lot of effort.
It could be said that it was a surprising gift.

The decline of the Ouyang family certainly shocked the other masters.
Anything could happen overnight.
They might still be all-powerful one second ago, but they might lose everything in the next! The masters of
those families were destined to be more cautious in the future, and the Hall Master had consolidated his power.
The balance of the few families taking power together in the past finally started to change at this
moment! And all of this was directly or indirectly because of Yun Feng’s arrival!.

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