Chapter 634 Meeting (2)

“Get out of my way! Don’t get in my way!” The girl who was holding the baby of the Magic Beast shouted loudly.
Yun Feng stood in front of the girl steadily and watched her hold the baby of the Magic Beast.
The baby was already on its last breath.
Its little body hung in the air weakly and kept swaying with the girl’s movements like a powerless puppet.

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
“Let it go.” What Yun Feng said stunned the girl.
Then, she realized that Yun Feng was talking about the cub she was holding.

“Let it go? Are you crazy? Get out of my way! Luochen, Zhong! Get rid of this crazy woman! If that Magic Beast catches up with us, we’ll be doomed!” roared the girl.
The boys on both sides nodded nervously and attacked one after another.
Yun Feng only sneered!

The three level-5 brats wanted to chase her away!

The ferocious punches and kicks of the two young men came at her and Yun Feng instantly disappeared.
Both of them were a bit startled.
The girl thought that Yun Feng had run away in fear and immediately rushed forward with all his might.
In the next second, a gentle wind slid past her.
The girl only felt that her wrist suddenly became numb and the cub in her hand had already been taken away!

“My Magic Beast!” The girl screamed as her expression changed drastically.
The breeze blew and a figure slowly stood aside, carefully protecting the Magic Beast cub in the girl’s hand that was already on the verge of death.

Yun Feng’s expression was cold.
The baby in her hand had obviously been taken away by the three people in front of her right after it was born.
Its body was cold and it was covered in amniotic fluid during childbirth.
It had already been taken away when it was just born! Yun Feng laid her warm hand on its cold body.
The lightning element energy was emitting from the baby of the Magic Beast.
Even though it was extremely weak, Yun Feng could feel that she might be able to help with the lightning element.

She put her hand on the cub’s body and the lightning elements slowly spread out from the center of Yun Feng’s hand and penetrated the cub.
The cub, which was gradually turning cold just then, was now warm.
Its limbs, which had already stopped moving, were twitching slightly.
Yun Feng’s eyes glittered.
It was still alive!

“Give me back my Magic Beast!” A delicate shout sounded.
Yun Feng didn’t even lift her eyes as she focused on protecting this fragile creature in her hand.
Seeing that Yun Feng ignored her, the girl couldn’t help but blush.
“Are you deaf? I said, give me back my Magic Beast!”

Sensing that the little thing in her hand was already safe, Yun Feng slowly raised her black eyes and looked at the three people in front of her carefully.
They looked a few years younger than Yun Feng.
They all had energetic faces, looking a bit young and immature.
The girl standing in the middle was quite pretty, but she was just an ordinary person compared to Yun Feng.
One of the two young men next to her had fair skin and a pretty face, but the clothes on his body were obviously inferior.
The other one looked ordinary, but he was dressed very luxuriously.

The three of them were all at level 5 and weren’t worth mentioning at all.
There was a huge difference between level 5 and her current level!

The two young men couldn’t help but blush when they looked at Yun Feng.
After all, Yun Feng had exquisite facial features and was much more beautiful than this girl.
The girl noticed that the two young men on the side were a bit absent-minded and couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.
“What are you looking at? My Magic Beast has been taken away!” The two young men finally turned around.
The handsome young man among them was still blushing slightly.
He looked at the cub in Yun Feng’s hand and a hint of heartache flashed through his eyes.
“Caihua, I don’t think we should keep that one.
After all, it’s just born…”

“That’s my Magic Beast! Mine!” The girl shouted indignantly.
Yun Feng suddenly sneered.
The little cub in her hand had already opened its eyes with a confused look.
It stared at Yun Feng with its big beautiful eyes full of curiosity.

“Yours?” Yun Feng glanced at the girl coldly.
The girl was so shocked by her aura that she couldn’t say anything.
“It’s… mine… What’s wrong?” The girl’s voice trembled as she shouted desperately.
The lightning elements in Yun Feng’s hand continued to flow into the cub’s body.
“In terms of shamelessness, you’re at the highest level.”

“What did you say?” The girl blushed.
The ordinary-looking boy next to her said, “We caught this Magic Beast.
It’s naturally ours!” The girl snorted.
“Did you hear that? Give me back my Magic Beast!” The girl shouted word by word as she glared at Yun Feng.
At this moment, a low roar sounded and a black shadow suddenly jumped out.
“Roar…” A furious and sad roar shook the sky.
The beautiful cheetah with purple spots appeared.
Its purple eyes were full of fury.
When it saw the cub in Yun Feng’s hand, it roared furiously!

“Give… Give it back to me!” The girl suddenly took a few steps back when she saw the Purple Electric Leopard.
The two boys immediately stepped forward to protect the girl.
The Purple Electric Leopard and Yun Feng looked at each other.
The Purple Electric Leopard didn’t dare to move forward easily.
Even though it was extremely angry in its mind, its instincts as a Magic Beast was reminding it that it couldn’t provoke Yun Feng!

“Roar…” The low roar was telling Yun Feng to let go of its baby in her hand.
Yun Feng smiled.
This Purple Electric Leopard was at level 6.
It was already a miracle that the three of them didn’t get injured while capturing the baby!

She slowly put the little thing in her hand on the ground.
The cub was a bit unwilling to leave.
It scratched Yun Feng’s arm gently with its little claws, and Yun Feng pushed the little guy’s body with a smile.
The cub stared at Yun Feng with its big eyes, and then slowly turned around.
It stepped on the ground with unsteady limbs and walked towards its mother.

The Purple Electric Leopard was obviously a bit surprised.
When the baby returned to its side, it suddenly raised its head and stared at Yun Feng with its beautiful purple eyes.
Yun Feng chuckled.
Take your child with you.”

The Purple Electric Leopard caught the cub in its mouth and disappeared into the depths of the forest in an instant.
The girl didn’t dare to say anything just then.
When she saw the Purple Electric Leopard leave with the cub in its mouth, she suddenly screamed, “My Magic Beast! You let my Magic Beast go!”

“With your level-5 strength, you were truly lucky to be able to take that cub away from the level-6 Purple Electric Leopard,” said Yun Feng casually.
The girl was still not letting it go.
Even though it was the truth, she felt embarrassed after being exposed so easily.

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